Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 7 Quick Summary

Ma Ru was calling someone with Jae Gil’s phone. He was asking to meet that person related to Jae Hee.

And then we found out that the person behind the coincident discovery of framed-picture was actually Secretary Ahn. It’s his idea to let Eun Gi know about Jae Hee and Ma Ru’s past. When Ma Ru came out of his house, Eun Gi hid the picture from him.

Looking the tense in Eun Gi’s eyes, Ma Ru asked if there’s something she wanted to say to him. Eun Gi said there’s nothing. Ma Ru was about to leave, but he was back to check if Eun Gi was really okay, if she got a fever or something. Meanwhile Eun Gi was recalling the moments when Ma ru first met Jae Hee in front of her and the way Jae Hee was upset knowing her relationship with Ma Ru.
Eun Gie tried to convince Ma Ru that she’s fine. And as soon as Ma Ru left, Eun Gi dropped on her knees. She soon checked on the file Attorney Park gave her.

Attorney Park told her that the person who saved her on the plane was actually Ma Ru and he’s been investigating the relationship between Jae Hee and Ma Ru. Something wrong with Eun Gi that she put on too many sugar on her coffee but she looked just fine drinking it.

MA Ru was meeting a man, who definitely knew Ma Ru’s pass including the news that Ma Ru killed someone. That man was the person who looked for Jae Hee. Ma Ru warned him not to look for JAe Hee anymore.

Attorney Park told Eun Gi even the story of Ma Ru killed someone 6 years ago and because of that was dispelled from school. “Is that all? Have you finished now? So what? I like that man, Kang Ma Ru.” Eun Gi even warned Park not to touch Ma Ru.

Ma Ru was still trying to be nice to Jae Hee’s bro until that man offended him. Ma Ru started to be violent and gave him a very strict warning.

Attorney Park was discussing the plan about Eun Gi’s returning to work and he looked so worried. “Mr.Chairman, I think Eun Gi is crazy.”

Jae Hee called Ma Ru and accused him for being the man who summoned her brother. But Ma Ru didn’t say anything. Then Jae Hee was summoned by her husband. Mr.Seo looked sad hearing the news about Eun Gi, but he didn’t say any detail to his wife. He just told Jae Hee to get Eun Gi back home and took care of her.

Eun Gi bought 10 cans of beers. On the way back to Ma Ru’s house, she met Ma Ru. They sat on the hill together and Ma Ru’s effort to prevent Eun Gi from drinking the beer failed. “Ma Ru promise me when you’re about to get married,you must send me the wedding invitation.” Ma Ru just gave her a look. Eun Gi said,”What? Don’t tell me you even think about marriage with me.” Then they have a conversation which didn’t sound good. I think their relationship is about to be over soon.

Eun Gi went back alone, with unstable steps. In the middle of the way, she met Jae Hee. But Eun Gi suddenly fainted. JAe Hee brought Eun Gi back home.

Meanwhile Kang Ma Ru was also back alone. Right in front of his house, someone suddenly hit his head. He was beaten severely by two men. They’re actually Jae Hee’s men because one of the man got Ma Ru on the phone with Jae Hee on the other side of the line.
Jae Hee told him to go far away, to got on the plane and leave from her life forever. Eun Gi seemed to hear everything, but she looked so sick.

Another day came. Jae Gil made a phonecall to Ma Ru saying that he would take care of Choco as he asked. Jae Gil brought Choco out of Seoul, saying that it’s for vacation. Jae Gil told Choco not to worry or even think about his brother for awhile.

Eun Gi fell seriously sick. Attorney Park came to Seo Mansion bringing Eun Gi some herbal medicine. But his main agenda was to meet Mr.Seo. Apparently, Mr.Seo also knew about the cctv scandal of Jae Hee kissing Secretary Ahn. “So you already knew about it too?” asked Mr.Seo. “Then why haven’t you told me anything about it??” Then he asked Attorney Park to keep it a secret between them two.

But Secretary Ahn already got an alert warning from his second guy about Mr.Seo asking for the cctv video and Attorney Park had also seen the tape before.

Eun Gi took off her IV and took out from inside her bag a medicine bought by Ma Ru. That night, when they were drinking beer, Ma Ru gave the medicine to Eun Gi. He’s saying goodbye to Eun Gi and Eun Gi was really leaving too.

No one knew about Ma Ru’s condition. He’s at home because his shoes were there, but he’s been not responding anything from the outside world.

Eun Gi was going to leave home,but Jae Hee said she’s not allowed to leave the room and under strict surveilence 24 hours. Eun Gi told Jae Hee that she heard everything that night, about what she had done to Kang Ma Ru. Jae Hee’s excuse was everything for Eun Gi’s best. Eun Gi thought Jae Hee was just lying about she’s being locked, but it wasn’t a joke that Eun Gi was really locked inside her room.

Jae Hee got a phone call from her brother again. She finally found out that Ma Ru had nothing to do with his comeback.

Eun Gi recalled memories when Ma Ru treated her sweetly. It was raining outside so no guards on the yard. Eun Gi escaped through her balcony. She went to Ma Ru’s house, under the rain with bare feet. She rang the bell and knocked on the gate,but no one answered. She stood there and waited. When she’s about to leave, Ma Ru went out. He looked terrible. Eun Gi said the kiss, the feeling of happiness and having someone said “Seo Eun Gi, I love you”…everything was the first experience in her 29 years of life. It was all thanks to Ma Ru. So she said she wanted to be by his side, see his face and love him everyday from now on. Ma Ru didn’t say anything and just reached out for Eun Gi and hugged her. And Jae Hee was watching from afar. As Ma Ru saw Jae Hee was watching, he hugged Eun Gi more tightly.

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I was quite surprise. Honestly didn’t see it coming the way Eun Gi ran back to Ma Ru and accepted the ugly truth about that man. And now the question is, has Ma Ru’s feeling also wavered? The preview showed a confusing images about Ma Ru’s feelings between the two women.

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  1. thanks for your quick summary :0

  2. Thanks for the quick summary! I can’t seem to get enough of Moon Chae Won, she is such a great actor. I didn’t even realize that she was in the Korean Movie “War of Arrows” or sometimes called “Arrow, The Ultimate Weapon”. On top of it all, she is in the Korean Drama “The Pri ncess’ Man”. That Kdrama is sooooooooooooooooooo good.

  3. silvia-indonesia

    Thank you, KDRAMACHOA for the updating summary… I do enjoy this drama. Song Jung Ki acting is very good. But I think we need someone with no-baby-face looks ^_^

  4. so sad..hurm…kang ma ru was serious…MY HERO..

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