Nice Guy (Innocent Man) Episode 9 Quick Summary

This episode of Nice Guy is sad, very sad. I’m warning you if you haven’t watched.

It started with Ma Ru and Eun Gi were sitting on the beach and were having conversation we heard at the end of previous episode. Ma Ru then asked since when Eun Gi knew about him and Jae Hee’s past. Eun Gi asked if it’s important. She continued that what matter for her is her feelings not his.Ma Ru said the woman he’s after was Han Jae Hee, not Eun Gi. But he’s not giving up on her. “Did you fake everything you did and said to me all these time?” asked Eun Gi. “Maybe,” said Ma Ru indifferently. “Even your saving my doll?” asked Eun Gi. “Maybe,” said Ma Ru again. “Why did you risk your life for Han Jae Hee? What if while you’re trying to save me and the doll you fell and died?” said Eun Gi. “Let’s just run away me.” Of course, Ma Ru refused and it hurt Eun Gi’s feelings so she decided to leave.

Han Jae Hee came to her husband in his study. She handed the hidden files she had been keeping all this time. It’s Taesan’s bad secret, I guess seeing from Mr.Seo’s reaction. She said she’s been keeping those files just in case this kind of event happen to her. He’s the man she’s been giving her live to, so she thought she deserved to get what she wanted. Mr.Seo got an attack and Jae Hee hid his medicine while begging for him to give her what she wanted.  What Jae Hee didn’t know was, Mr.Seo just had a call with Attorney Park talking about Eun Gi’s birthday, and that phone call was not finished yet. Han Jae Hee was in panic situation seeing Mr.Seo lost his consciousness. She was about to call an ambulance, but Secretary Ahn prevented her. He asked her to think about Eun Seok. So they let Mr.Seo died. Attorney Park recorded the whole conversation.

Eun Gi was driving when she got a shocking message. She almost got an accident. But Eun Gi braced herself soon and continued on driving. She turned back her car and got into a tunnel. Ma Ru was coming from the other side of the tunnel, watching this crazy car was doing a suicidal action. Eun Gi drove her car straight against Ma Ru’s car, and strangely Ma Ru seemed to embrace the impact.

Jae Hee’s brother saw news on TV telling the story of Seo Family tragedy. Mr.Seo passed away, while the crown daughter went out missing leaving her severly broken car in the tunnel. The company has been spreading flyer of “Missing Person” to look for Eun Gi. This condition brought Han Jae Hee to the top, and of course Secretary Ahn was on her side.

Back to that tragic night, after making sure Mr.Seo was dead, Secretary Ahn found the mobile phone and called back Attorney Park.
Secreatry Ahn didn’t afraid at all to the fact that Attorney Park had heard and recorded everything. He challenged PArk to go to the police, but he reminded him that he had ruined two people before (one was Eun Gi’s mom), so it wasn’t hard for him to deal with Park.

Han Jae Hee got down to business soon. She had a meeting with another business woman, a leader of another company to make a business deal. At first that lady seemed friendly, but it was just a fake. In the toilet when they’re alone, that lady scold her and mocked her that Jae Hee had been taking the advantage of Eun Gi’s accident.

A street magician was having a performance and another geeky man as one of the audience. The magician used a cheating trick and Ma Ru managed to reveal it to the public. The person Ma Ru was after was the geeky man. He seemed to need that person’s service and Ma Ru threatened that man with his bleak past. Ma Ru looked so casual and full of smile in front of other people, but in the toilet he was sick that he threw out.

A male student came to see Ma Ru to demand him to be responsible of what happened to that student’s father. The father seemed to be in the hospital for something Ma Ru had done in the past. Ma Ru didn’t deny anything and showed himself as an ass. He even challenged the student to gain his strenght to go for a revenge in the future. Hearing those thing, Choco was upset.

Jae Gil tried to talk to Ma Ru, he’s worrying Choco and also Ma Ru, actually. “Do you really want to die? If you want to die, just go die fast, don’t do this. Think about Choco.” But Jae Gil worried about Ma Ru’s life above everything. He’s his only friend and he asked Ma Ru not to do what he’s doing. Ma Ru just lied flat-face on the floor and then sleep.

Jae Hee just arrived home when she saw her brother had been waiting for her in front of her house. She told her brother to leave her live. I think she’s losing her mind. She went to Eun Gi’s room and ordered the maid to clean up everything in that room. Jae Hee said they had been doing everything to look for her for the past one year, but the result was nothing.

Ma Ru was up in the middle of the night, watching Eun Gi’s face on the “Missing people” flyer. Eun Gi’s speeched came back to the surface of his memory that night.

Jae Hee came to see the lady who mocked her the other time. It’s revenge time for Jae Hee. She threatened her with the picture of her and that lady’s husband. She forced the deal.

Choco was in her part time job at the coffee shop when she remembered her brother and then cried. At that time, Jae Gil came and tried to make her laugh. He said his father just passed away. It’s sad,but he still smiled to brace himself well. So Choco had to do the same. “Our trusted Ma Ru will comeback, don’t worry.”

Two ladies come to the neighborhood, Ma Ru’s neighborhood. One is Eun Gi’s old secretary and another one was Eun Gi. The secretarty left Eun Gi in the neighborhood alone. Eun Gi saw a couple of children and she joined them coloring a wall. Eun Gi was trying to write “Kang Ma Ru” properly but she failed that even the kids teased her. Ma Ru walked pass that alley and heard his name was mentioned. He stopped and saw Eun Gi. He took the black crayon and write down his name.

Eun Gi recognized Ma Ru immediately, but her face was so bright seeing him. “You are Kang Ma Ru. I know you.” Apparently Eun Gi lost her memory, everything from her past was erased. It’s even hard for her to remember her name again. Everything about her past had gone, but one thing, the trace of Kang Ma Ru. She only had her camera with her and the only pics left were their “happy” pics in Japan. “Our relationship was…love relationship, right?” asked Eun Gi innocently. A tear dropped from her eye. Ma Ru just stood there in front of Eun Gi also with teary eyes.

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Why dearest writer has to make Eun Gi’s character to have such a pity life??? It also broke my heart watching the last scene and imagining myself to be Ma Ru…it must be hell in his heart, seeing Eun Gi had been through such a period in her life  T_T

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  1. Hi. I just wanna un-lurk and say thank you so much for your very fast and clear recaps. Been lurking on your site week after week to get the summary of the latest episode. Thank you so much!

  2. This drama hits the right spot…the way eunki’s face lights up upon recognizing maru is just so heartbreaking…and I think maru is also in love with eunki just that he doesn’t admit it…if no one kills jae hee by the next episode,please let me do the honors,i’l be glad to carry out the mission of killing her….oh,eunki hang in there,your happy days are just around the corner!!FIGHTING!!!

  3. please kang maru forget about jae hee and live happily with eun gi. i don’t care if they can only be together in the last episode, as long as maru will be with eun gi.. please scriptwriter!!!

  4. thank you very much for the summary! i couldnt wait to watch the subbed episode so i just went with the RAW , but i have no idea what they talkin bout. your summary really helps me a lot! thank you very much!

  5. the good way to enjoy watching drama is without read or watching review for next episode, but i did for this drama because i am too curious about the next episode… huhuhu… thank you for sharing… ^_^

  6. please i want this a happy ending with Kang ma ru and Eun Gi.. i hope this drama end happily. not sad ending..

  7. I love this drama and hope a happy ending too,thank for the summary. Can’t wait to see next episode….

  8. Wow, thanks for the quick summary of episode 9! The ending of this episode made me cry. I never expected this to happen. I hope that Ma Ru and Eun Gi stay together until the end.

  9. Well, i can’t wait to see the last episode. what the hell i can’t even wait till next week’s episode. it’s too much of excitement for me.

  10. It wouldn’t be a Korean melodrama without a character loosing her memory… Seriously writers, AGAIN??!! But I still enjoy this show :p

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