Nice Guy (The Innocent Man) Episode 1 Quick Summary

A young doctor was running on the hospital corridor, Kang Ma Ru. Then he stopped because a news report interested him. No, not the news, but the reporter, Han Jae Hee. He’s making comments to the reporter appearance.

He’s with his fellow medical students and doctors checking on patients with their supervisor doctor. Then suddenly Ma Ru asked a question to his supervisor about why he never give him any questions just like he always gave the other fellow medical students or seniors. Then he got a case to find out what really happen to a young boy patient. He was having a hard time with his supervisor. Ma Ru argued with his supervisor about what really happened with the patient and ended up giving up by saying sorry to him. But later that night, the patient came back again to the hospital and the supervisor admitted that he was wrong. He asked his subordinate to contact Kang Ma Ru.

Going back to his simple home after a hard day at the hospital, Kang Ma Ru went home bringing his younger sister a chocolate, but found his younger sister was so sick. He was about to take his sister to the hospital when he got a phonecall from “Jae Hee Noona.” Jae Hee was asking for help, she’s depress and was talking about dying and someone was killed. Kang Ma Ru’s sister prevented him from going because she felt really ill, but Ma Ru promised his sister to come back after meeting Jae Hee. He just went out leaving his sick sister alone at home. When he arrived at Jae Hee’s place, he found a man bleeding on the floor and confirmly dead, and Jae Hee crying in the corner of the room.

Jae Hee kept saying she didn’t kill that man and crying. But Ma Ru tried to assure her that it’s just a self defense because he was trying to do something bad to her. But Jae Hee was too afraid to report this to the authority because if people knew, her career as a reporter would end. She had given so many things to reach the position she had now. Then Jae Hee was trying to kill herself, “I don’t have any reason to live anymore. I don’t have any reason.” Ma Ru tried to stop her and accidentally cut by the glass Jae Hee was holding. “Can’t I be the reason for you to stay alive? After all these years, can’t I be the reason?”

Jae Hee was about to report it, but Ma Roo suddenly kissed her passsionately then started to clean everything. “I’m the one who killed him, not you. You should go out now.” Ma Roo was giving up his own future as a doctor over Jae Hee’s dream as a reporter.

At another place, a young and rich woman was interrogating her employee in a harsh way. She’s driving carelessly with the employee on the passenger’s seat, kind of threatening him to make him speak the truth. She’s not the kind of lady-like rich young woman, but the bad temper one with bad personality. She’s indifferent, bold and cursed on people.

After making both of them almost killed, She stopped her car in front of a house and saw a woman standing in front of the main door. Later a man came out. That woman knew the man, he’s her father. She saw Jae Hee was giving something to her father. Jae Hee was trembling and called him “Mr.Chairman”. It seemed that what happened to her was related to the mission that Chairman had given her related to that file.

Kang Ma Ru stayed waiting for the police to come get him. He called his sister, saying sorry that he couldn’t go back. He’s sentence guilty, 5 years in prison.

6 years later.

In a hotel room, Ma Roo was with a girl. The current Ma Ru was a cold man. His relationship with the girl was money, but the girl seemed to fall for him sincerely. Ma Ru said he believed in her, but he was saying it with a flat face.

In another room in that hotel, the bad temper woman was having a problem related to work. This sassy woman Ms. Seo Eun Gi was going to fix a problem related to a cosmetic complaint from a customer.  Ms. Seo got a male assistant, and that assistant seemed to get very use to his bitchy sassy boss.

Apparently they’re in Japan. Seo Eun Gi’s cosmetic’s costumer was a Japanese lady. She had a facial problem after using the cosmetic. At first Eun Gi treated that Japanese lady nicely and even gave her some compensation money. But turned out that Eun Gi was setting a trap to that lady to prove that she’s just a liar. She’s not even a real Japanese.

Ma Ru was making out with her girl under a tree when he saw from a far a woman suddenly dropped on her knee. Seo Eun Gi felt dizzy. She was feeling something in her chest. Jae Hee came and worrying her. Apparently she had become her step mother and had given a birth to a son for Chairman Seo. Eun Gi disliked her so much and also didn’t admit her little brother as her little brother.

Ma Ru, our cassanova, finally finished his love business with his girl. He’s there with his friend, Jae Gil (our lovely “giraffe” Lee Kwang Soo) who was kind of a manager for him. They shared Ma Ru’s money from the girl.

Then they’re on the plane back to Seoul. Ma Ru was waiting for the lavatory and when the woman came out, she just leaned on him. Ma Ru thought the woman must have liked him so much, but soon found out that the woman was very sick and then fainted.

But Ma Ru just left after some stewardesses came to help her. Ma Ru just went back to his seat and put on his headphone, ignoring the announcement that they needed a doctor for Eun Gi. Ma Ru didn’t intend to help at all, but because his friend nagged him continuously, Ma Ru finally got up and checked up on her.

When he asked about the patient guardians, there came a very familiar face: Jae Hee. He’s shock, especially after hearing Jae Hee said that she’s that woman’s mother –though not birth mother, but she’s her father’s wife. And Ma Ru also saw the little boy, Jae Hee’s son. Ma Ru immediately helped Eun Gi. He injected her but she coughed a blood. He asked Jae Hee what really happened to Eun Gi because it would determine what he would do and it seemed that Jae Hee’s illness was serious. Jae Hee couldn’t tell him anything because she seemed not to know anything about Eun Gi’s condition. So Ma Ru continued on what he’s doing. Jae Hee tried to prevent him, “Just stopped it Kang Ma Ru, you’re not a doctor!”

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Our cute boy Song Jung Ki…Oh gee…he has turned to be the cynical man with such a face! And Moon Chae Won…her character surprised me actually. I thought I was going to find it weird seeing Moon Chae Won saying those curse and do bitchy things, but she does well.

Where ever I find a story with antagonist leading role(s), I like it. So far I like Song Jung Ki’s work on his challenging character and Moon Chae Won as well. And love it that Song Jung Ki pairs with Lee Kwang Soo, our Running Man’s men :)

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  1. You yet again surprise me with your super fast recap that no other site wiuld comeout with.
    Thanks for recap

  2. Wow! you’re as fast as a lightning! Amazing!

    –love your quick recaps!

  3. thanks for the recap..i haven’t watched it yet since i want to start watching it when ep.4 aired already..hehehe’it’s really a quick recap..can you elaborate some scenes next time? or when you write ep 2..well its just a small favor..thanks again.

  4. What happened to Ma-roo’s sister? Did she die or what? Just askin. Because I’m still confused as to what happened.

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