Passionate Kiss of Joo Won in Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 36

Episode 36 of Ojakgyo Brothers was such a turning point for Detective Hwang Tae Hee’s life (played by Joo Won). He confessed his love AGAIN to Baek Ja Eun (Uee) in the end of episode 34, but in the opening of episode 35, Jae Eun just gave a blur answer of “Yes…(let’s) go.” [“Ye…Kayo”] and then left to see her boss, Kim Jae Ha (Jeong Seok Won), who came to meet her in the farm. That unclear answer had been driving Tae Hee crazy for the next two episodes.

After following his little brother’s advice of “pull-and-push trick to win a woman’s heart”, Tae Hee just couldn’t hold it anymore when finding out Jae Eun was going to the movie with Kim Jae Ha. Tae Hee insisted Ja Eun to leave with him immediately, but Jae Ha was so reckless by attempting to give Ja Eun a hug! That resulted the bed-tempered Tae Hee puched him down. Ja Eun left the theater first and Tae Hee tried to catch up with her.

Tae Hee demanded a clear answer from Ja Eun. He said he just understand a clear “yes” and “no” while the “Yes…(let’s) go” was something he couldn’t understand. It drove him crazy. Ja Eun told him that she couldn’t describe her feelings with a mere “Yes” and “No” since the reason she decided to go back to the farm and forgive Aunty Bok Ja (Tae Hee’s mother) was him! That’s when Tae Hee kissed her. Ja Eun pushed him away as the first reaction, and then took a step back everytime Tae Hee step forward to her. Until Tae Hee said, “freeze” and then he got to her and kissed her again.

Viewers could see how passionate the kiss was. It’s the first time for the cold Hwang Tae Hee to fall in love with a girl. I think Joo Won expressed the liberation of Tae Hee’s emotion quite well. But most people talked about Ja Eun’s eyes open, which some people think it decrease the romanticism of the kiss. But in my opinion, putting ourselves in Ja Eun’s position, it was a shock expression that Tae Hee “attacked” her twice…But finally she closed her eyes and replied the kiss with sincere heart.

Could you imagine how many takes those many-angles-scenes required?   :mrgreen: :oops:

[by Rizz]


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