Princess’ Man Review So Far

KBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Princess’ Man” has drawn many viewers’ attention for its beautiful fusion of history and fiction, very touching story, and of course the effort made by the actors to present a very convincing acting.

Without really plan it, I end up watching this drama too. This drama could be so tiring for too much tears, but anyhow the interesting historical and tragic situation always keep my eyes to the screen and watch it comfortably till the end. :)

Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to write the summary for this drama..

Anyway, Park Si Hoo’s character as Kim Seung Yoo was probably the most interesting one in this drama. He used to be a charming and lovely man who knew how to have fun in life, but fate has pushed him to the limit. He lost his family, being cast away and experienced the near-death situation several times, found out that his very best friend (Shin Myeong) contribute in the bloodbath war…and the worst of all, it was the father (Grand Prince Suyang) of the girl he loved (Se Ryeong) who mastermind everything.

After succeeding to come back to the city alive, his only aim in life was to get a revenge. Even though he knew that his girlfriend was very miserable, he planned to use her as a mean to avenge his family. On the day of Se Ryeong wedding with Shin Myeong, Seung Yoo kidnapped her.

Prince Suyang together with Shin Myeong and a troop ran after them. Seung Yoo lured Prince Suyang to the mountain with Se Ryeong as his hostage. Seung Yoo shot him, but Prince Suyang had prepared everything that he wore an armor under his shirt and pretended to die. Shin Myeong aimed to shoot Seung Yoo but to everyone’s surprise Se Ryeong covered her body to take the shot.

Seung Yoo’s feelings has been in a great dilemma since then. At first he put away all his love for Se Ryeong and focus on his revenge, but then having Se Ryeong saved his life… Se Ryeong even asked him to run away together with her to a remote area…

This drama tells about tragic story and I think I predict an unhappy ending. But seeing the actors deliver the emotion very well…all of them: the character of Kim Seung Yoo, Se Ryeong, Shin Myeong, the Princess, and Jong…I think viewers could feel their emotions. We could feel how desperate Seung Yoo’s mind, especially when he turned a bit lunatic in the prison…that was a very cool acting of Park Si Hoo in my opinion. Se Ryeong’s tough character also has her charm. Shin Myeong great dilemma and heartache…ohh, viewers have to figure out themselves about what actually in his mind.

Generally, in my personal opinion, in comparison with another KBS’s weekday night’s drama, Spy Myeong Wol, this one is better. I watch that one, too actually, just for the sake of my curiosity. The story, the actors, the conflict…well, it’s my own opinion.

I really hope they can continue giving us good drama till the end. I don’t care whether it’s gonna be a happy or tragic ending, as long as they give us a beautiful story…we won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Did you watch Queen In Hyun’s Man?
    I wish to read your review about this drama.thanks

  2. I am re-watching it right now. it is amazing how Se-ryung threw herself into the arrow to save him even though she was bound and gagged. thats true love. they dont really make these types of dramas anymore.

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