You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) Episode 15 Summary – Final

We’re here at last, the final episode of You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings) :( . I’m gonna miss watching Yong Hwa and Min Hyeok and their music on small screen every Wednesday-Thursday… But CNBLUE guys will be busy preparing their concert on September. And I’m also gonna miss watching Shin Hye’s acting for awhile, really looking forward for her next project.

anyway, let’s just start this final episode…

Shin insisted on lying about his injury to Kyu Won, who had figured out that Shin’s hand might be injured when he tried to catched her from falling the other day. Suk Hyeon and especially Yoon Soo were worried too. Shin wasn’t just an ordinary man, he’s a guitarist. If something happened to his hand, it’d be a lifelong nightmare.

Kyu Won was informed that she’s going to UK as soon as next month. She need to learn so many things there, from musical to get a training in vocal, jazz dance and ballet. The training would last 6 months and after that she’s ready for her debut. The recording company thought that it’d be better for Kyu Won to drop out school, but Kyu Won thought that’s not a wise idea. She’s just gonna have a one year leave.

Meanwhile Shin found out his hand got a serious injury. The injury was reaching the nerves. The doctor suggested a surgery as the best way. Shin asked if after the surgery he could still play guitar. The doctor couldn’t promise him anything because the after effect was different in each patient.

Kyu Won gave Shin her passport photograph. She asked Shin to hold it well. Kyu Won said she’s sad everytime she thought about leaving Shin for quite a long time. But Shin said today they have internet and video calls. He pretended that he’s not that sad to be apart from his girlfriend.

Suk Hyeon and Yoon Soo were also leaving as soon as the next day morning flight. They’re visiting important people to give them their last greeting.

The doctor told Shin to have as early surgery as possible in order to avoid the injury getting worse. He suggested next week schedule, but Shin asked for next month. The doctor thought that wasn’t a good idea.

Apparently Shin didn’t want to run the surgery while Kyu Won was still around. She could change her mind and refuse to go to UK.

Suk Hyeon called Shin for a meeting. He was suspicious about Shin’s hand injury. Shin told him everything, including the surgery schedule, but asked him not to tell Kyu Won.

Shin went for a date with Kyu Won. He dropped the ice cream bowl. Kyu Won was getting suspicious, especially with Shin decided not to perform at Catharsis for awhile.

Kyu Won met the producer saying that she’s not going to England. She was giving up the whole thing because she knew someone needed her to be on his side. Then she told Shin about her giving up her career opportunity.

Shin asked why she did it. Kyu Won said, “Aren’t you unwell? How can I leave like this?”

Shin said his hand was fine. And then surprisingly, shin decided to break up with her. Kyu Won asked for his reason. Shin said that they’re having different vision and their heart might change as well. “I don’t think I can wait for you.”

But look who cried that night…

Shin undergo the surgery without Kyu Won knowing anything about it. She left for england with a hard feeling because Shin dumped him, not because she knew Shin was hospitalized. Shin had told anyone, even his mother, not to tell Kyu Won anything.

A year had passed…

Kyu Won started her career as soon as she came back to Korea. And now a year later she became a famous musical singer. Her musical album was successful.

Shin’s condition was getting better. But he’s back to his gloomy days. He’s been pratice playing guitar again, but still couldn’t perform at Catharsis. Everyone was expecting him and The Stupid on stage again.

Shin’s mom was promoted to be the Chief Editor and she asked Kyu Won’s dad to work for her in the magazine.

I forgot to tell that in the previous episode, Jeong Hyeon showed her interest in traditional music. Apparently she became Lee Dong Jin’s student and got very serious involve in formal trainings.

Suk Hyeon and Yoon Soo came back to Korea. Soo Myeong told them that he’s with Sa Rang. However, besides his improvement with Sa Rang, nothing else in his life had changed. not even the broken car.

Hee Joo’s mom never lost her faith on her daughters. After being disappointed by her eldest daughter, she started to push her youngest one, Han Yeong Joo to go on auditions and undergo a strict diet. Tae Joon got the news about Hee Joo’s younger sister was going for the audition and he’s still the same as always. He’d do everything that would please the Madam.

After a year Kyu Won turned out to be like Hee Joo a year before in terms of dancing ability. She’s so great…and looked sexy. Suk Hyeon came by to visit her and offered her a role in his new project. Kyu Won asked who’s gonna be incharge for the music. Suk Hyeon told her he wanted Lee Shin to do it and asked if she’s okay with that. Kyu Won said she’s okay.

Suk Hyeon asked Shin if his hand was getting better. Shin said his ability in playing guitar was not as best as in the past, but he’s still practicing. He also asked Suk Hyeon not to never mention about his surgery to Kyu Won because it didn’t matter anymore. They’re all over.

Suk Hyeon offered him the musical project and told him he would probably work together with Kyu Won for this project. The musical title was “Naughty Love.”

Everyone came to the reunion with Suk Hyeon and Yoon Soo. Those who’re involved in the last year’s performance came, except for Kyu Won and Shin. With Sa Rang already with Soo Myeong, her two loyal followers got a new member, a girly boy. Hee Joo was obviously with Joon Hee. While Gi Yeong…looked like he’s still single. What a waste… :mrgreen:

Kyu Won was looking for a poem book on her book shelves when she saw Shin’s dad’s album. Then she decided to give it back to Shin herself.

Shin juts took the album and said, “Just go home” after that before he left. But again, look  who ended up crying alone…

Shin gave Suk Hyeon the music but he said he wouldn’t take anypart at the project. Though he denied it not because of Kyu Won, Suk Hyeon kind of knew the truth. Shin said the guitar sound wasn’t perfect and he’s not ready to listen to people’s criticism.

But he’s back to the Stupid practice room. His band mates were so worry for him. However, they still couldn’t perform at the Catharsis yet. Shin wasn’t confident yet about his guitar playing.

Kyu Won asked for a meeting with Shin. She asked him to participate regardless their bad history. But Shin told her he’s not participating not because of her. He then coldly asked her not to call him anymore.

Kyu Won was badly drunk at Catharsis after Shin’s harsh rejection. She’s still broken hearted. Bo Woon decided to call Shin to pick Kyu Won up. But apparently it was Kyu Won’s dad who came. He told Bo Woon that Shin told him about her call.

But Shin waited in front of Kyu Won’s house looked so worry. After sending Kyu Won to bed, Kyu Won’s dad came out to talk to Shin. He said, “It seems like you still worry about her. Can’t you two start all over again? I don’t want the two of you regret it in the future, just like what happened to me and your mom.” He said it only needed one of them to be brave and take the first lead. Shin didn’t say anything and just left.

Suk hyeon gave Kyu Won the music for the project without telling her it’s from Shin. When she asked who wrote the song, Suk Hyeon just said “A stupid kid.” She listened to the song and all of the sudden the past memories she had with Shin burst out on the surface of her mind.

It’s too late to regret now/ It’s too late to beg you to stay/ already used to havign you by myside/ though not knowing this is love.

Cannot call out to you again/good bye/ leave behind this lie.

Let’s get along as friends…

Kyu Won finally figured out that the song was written by Shin. She went to Suk Hyeon for confirmation. And Suk Hyeon just couldn’t hold himself anymore not to interfere. He finally told Kyu Won the truth and everything that happened to Shin in the past year.

Kyu Won passed by the Stupid practice room and saw Shin was practicing. She couldn’t hold herself and went in. “Yah, Lee shin. You jerk! Why didn’t you tell me anything? I left to UK with my heart hating you. Now i’m going to continue hating you for more.” And then she left.

Kyu Won went to places where she had memories with Shin. And apparently Shin also did the same. They went to the place where they waited for the rain when Shin was broken hearted for Yoon Soo.

Kyu Won also went to the woods where Shin took her away when the scandal spread out at campus.

And look whom she met in the middle of the way.

At first Shin still looked cold and hesitate and full of doubt. But look who made the first movement and embraced the other? Shin held on Kyu Won tight, saying  “I missed you.” Kyu Won said, “Me too”.

Then Shin looked her in the eyes and said, “I love you.”

And then they kissed…

And went to Catharsis together. The Stupid made their first come back and had Kyu Won sang the soundtrack song.

As the closing, Shin sang the anthem of “You’ve Fallen For Me” for Kyu Won and everyone.

In short sentence, it’s a happy ending. :)

Thanks everyone who’s been reading my summaries. We’ll see again soon in the nex project. I’m still considering what drama I should make summary about. If you have any suggestion, don’t hesitate to tell me. ;)

Once again, thanks.



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  1. i like reading ur summary..

  2. Thank you so much Rizz!!! Boo huhuh sori im so teary it s just dat ill miss this drama 4eva!!!

  3. It’s too late to regret now/ It’s too late to beg you to stay/ already used to havign you by myside/ though not knowing this is love.

    Cannot call out to you again/good bye/ leave behind this lie.

    Let’s get along as friends…

    What is the title of that song?
    thanks before..^^

  4. Hey Val,

    that’s definitely Noh Won Bin’s “Not Just Friends” from Heartstrings’ OST Special.
    you can find the song here in our page


  5. Nice work, rizz!
    I like your summary. Its not boring to read, love the picturess.

  6. What is the name of the song when Lee Gyu Won gives Lee Shin his album? It’s really beautiful :(

  7. It’s too late to regret now/ It’s too
    late to beg you to stay/ already used
    to havign you by myside/ though
    not knowing this is love.
    Cannot call out to you again/good
    bye/ leave behind this lie.
    Let’s get along as friends…
    *What is the title of that song? It wasn’t the same with not just friends lyrics so i’m quite confused about it? please help me I really really like to download the song ;(

  8. this is so great i love this show

  9. Hello!! I thank you for sharing such a wonderful drama… :) I enjoyed your summary a lot :)

  10. Will you ve reminded of me ? Anytime, anywhere
    when you meet someone of my name,
    when you listen to songs we listened to,
    All the while I breadth, I will think of you…

    Anyone know the title of this song? It comes after Gyu Won returns Sin his father’s album…. I really want that song…

  11. I really love dis film ,its wonderful.pls I wnt to knw d name of d music dey usd in d film,who

  12. I really love dis film ,its wonderful.pls I wnt to knw d name of d music dey usd in d film,who knws d title of d song shin sing wn he kissd gyu won first .

  13. I love reading your summaries its really nice now I felt like I have watched already

  14. I love reading your summaries its really nice now I felt like I have watched it already


  16. Intresting!!!!Love is sweet for dos woo live in love!!!!!gr8 job

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