Protect The Boss Episode 11 Summary

As we know in the previous episode at the ending, Moo Won suddenly appeared when Ji Heon was talking about going to Eun Seol’s environment.

Ji Heon responded to Moo Won quickly, “You’re commiting a foul. Don’t just cut in and talk things out.”

Moo Won and Ji Heon then argued who had to leave first, but Eun Seol cut them off. She was too sick of the suffocating situation.

She went crazy that she suddenly attacked Ji Heon and hit him down saying, “Did you say you want to live in our environment? You think you could live her just after a few days being a part-timer?”

Eun Seol said okay JI Heon could live in their environment because Republic of Korea is a free country. “But make sure you don’t depend on me, otherwise…I’ll kill you!”

Moo Won thought he would be safe, but Eun Seol attacked him too.

“What? Are you surprise seeing me like this. Fine, this is who I really am, always being nasty and violent, didn’t you know??”

Eun Seol complained about her situation where the two bosses made her simple life complicated. She was about to hit his face, but he’s still the Moo Neu Nim for her that she hesitated.

“But I can’t hit this boss,” she said, “why? Because I’m the worst. I should’ve figured this out earlier…”

Then Eun Seol just blaming herself and then punched her own face!

And right after that, she acted like someone suddenly got sober up after being badly drunk.

“Did I hit both of you?” She was so scared and confused. Ji Heon and Moo Won were more confused.

Eun Seol said sorry for everything and then ran up to her house. so she was just imagining that tantrums. :lol:

Moo Won was about to leave but Ji Heon dragged him to have a talk. Ji Heon said that he would invest his money as much as Moo Won needed. Of course the cousin refused the pity, but Ji Heon told him his intention.

“It’s all for Noh Eun Seol. She has so much sympathy for others, so if you’re too pityfull she’ll pay too much  attention to you,” said Ji Heon.

Moo Won still refused the offer, but Ji Heon said he’s not gonna make things easier either. He would make sure Moo Won gave him a good profit on the investment.

And then Ji Heon proposed to make a cease-fire agreement with Moo Won.

He said the reason why Eun Seol looked tired and worried these days was actually about Moo Won’s issue, and they both knew it well.

Ji Heon turned to be sincere and sentimental, saying, “Form now on, just call out for me when you need anything.”

Owww. And then hilariously he said, “I…Ouuugh…I want to do this.” He gave Moo Won a big hug! :D They’re so hilarious. Of course Moo Won pushed him away right away and fled.

Moo Won got home and asked her mother if she had done anything dirty behind Chairman Cha’s back.

Madam Shin denied it at first, but after a little push she finally confessed to her son that she had made Manager Park her spy and some other men inside Chairman Cha’s circle.

Ji Heon just arrived home and saw his father being a good son to the Grandma.

Then he was talking to Eun Seol model when his father burst into his room accusing him as a pervert by keeping such a model in his room and talked warmly to it.

What his father wanted to talk about was actually about he became a stronger person and be interested in the management’s rights since Ji Heon had had his permission to date Eun Seol.

Neither Eun Seol nor Na Yoon could sleep well that night. Na Yoon complained about sleeping on the hard floor, then she moved up to Myeong Ran’s bed.

While Eun Seol was having a troubled mind because of the two bosses.

Na Yoon said it’s all because of the monogamy rule. Then she tried to imagine a scene like in the movie “Gloomy Sunday” where a woman could live happily with two men.

Eun Seol was imagining the same scene too, but then she remembered what her father told her.

She then made up her mind, “I’m gonna stop here. I’m gonna stop being a coward and live seriously my life the way I want it.”

Eun Seol came to the Cha Residence in the morning like usual.

She had made up her mind and found Ji Heon was sleeping on the couch instead of on the bed. Waking up and seeing Eun Seol there, Ji Heon told her some thoughts he had the night before. He said he would make her into the Poop-head Noh Eun Seol again. The Noh Eun Seol who has a crazy energy and personality.

“I would stop liking you to make that happen.” He was back to be the annoying boss who had alot of demands and very precise.

“Now go, i’m taking a shower.” Eun Seol was surprised. “What? Do you want to see me changing?” challenged Ji Heon.

“There’s nothing to see either,” complained Eun Seol while leaving.

Ji Heon then looked at himself and said, “It’s a sad reality…” :D

Moo Won was in the same elevator as Chairman Cha. He apologized for what his mother doing (back stabbing him) and for being rude to him the other day.

But because of Chairman Cha’s declare of war and had no intention to step back, he had no choice but to fight him back.

And Moo Won was very serious about that. He started to work things out together with his secretary and his mother.

Chairman Cha invited Eun Seol for a coversation that afternoon. The conversation in the office was about keeping his promise to her by giving her the bonus for her good work.

And then they off to have a conversation outside the office. Manager Park joined Chairman Cha and Eun Seol in the elevator.

Manager Park was warned by Madam Shin that the Chairman might have known about his betrayal.

Chairman Cha showed his care for Manager Park saying that he along with Secretary Jang was his right and left arms.

He then talked about faithfullness and asked what Eun Seol thought about it in their “gangster-like” lives.

“But there are those who betray,” said Chairman Cha.

“Of course,” said Eun Seol, “I’ve punished those type of guys severely before.”

“Oh of course,” said Chairman Cha. “You need to punish them severely.”

Hearing this brought an uneasy feeling to Manager Park.

After he got off the elevator, Eun Seol asked if Chairman Cha somehow thought that MAnager Park betrayed him and whether or not he punished him severely.

“Am I crazy? Do you want me to end up doing more community service?” said Chairman Cha.

But then when was about to leave the elevator first he said something that Eun Seol thought as more scary: “I won’t touch him now. I’ll make him wither by himself.”

The panic Manager Park asked Secretary Jang if there had been a talk about him lately by Chairman Cha.

“Of course,” said Secretary Jang. “He said we’re his left and right arms.”

But he then said that the Chairman talked about a severe punishment for a traitor.

“Our body will be pulled apart by hosrses and our family and in-laws will be annhilated. But don’t worry. He only said that while watching sageuk (Korean historical) drama.I don’t think The Chairman will do that… Only somewhat similar to that degree.”

Like the chairman like the secretary…they both wacko. :D

Chairman Cha treated Eun Seol a lunch. Eun Seol showed him the best way eating the cold noodle.

Chairman Cha finally told her about she’s going to be part of the family.

“I have accepted Ji Heon dating Secretary Noh,” said the Chairman.

Eun Seol was surprise.

But Chairman Cha said that in order to correct her image in front of their environment, he would wash up her background by sending her to study abroad.

All she needed to do was keep standing on Ji Heon’s side, helped him recovered from agoraphobia and convinced him to want to be the Chairman of the company.

Eun Seol said even though she hadn’t officially accepted his acceptance, she would help Ji Heon but she had a condition.

“whether or not i’m going to date the Director, after he recovers, I want to be transfered into another department. I don’t think it’s a good thing for me to keep being Director Cha’s secretary.”

Chairman Cha understood that Eun Seol was thinking about Moo Won’s feeling if she’s together with Ji Heon.

There’s an annoying customer at the coffee shop and the part-timer guy who called Ji Heon “ajeossi” was on the front line.

Ji Heon stepped forward to help him, but the customer acted like a gangster asking to meet the boss.

“I’m th highest position here. Do you have a smartphone? Search for Cha Ji Heon.You’ll find me right away.”

The part-timer used his phone to search on the internet and was surprise about the truth more than the customer.

The customer then threatened to expose this to the internet, but Ji Heon said, “Go ahead. People had known me as the National Papa’s boy, and my father is the national gangster chairman.I’m just going to tell on you to my father.””

The customer finally gave in and apologized to the part-timer. The part-timer was surprised finding himself as the only person who didn’t know Ji Heon’s real identity.

Noh Eun Seol came to check on Ji Heon and saw all this.

They went out for a talk. Eun Seol gave Ji Heon some reports he needed.

As Eun Seol was talking, Ji Heon just stared at her without a rest.

Eun Seol just found it and made a sudden funny gesture of covering her face with her hair saying, “Stop staring!”

Then Ji Heon murmured, “I have a promise to keep to Moo Won, but I think it’s okay to break it a little.”

Then Ji Heon kissed Eun Seol’s forehead very gently…

When he made a face of a probability getting it further, Eun Seol warned him not to.

Ji Heon then said, “I have a patience. I’ll be waiting.”

Ji Heon was so happy that he could even hugged the part-timer guy without any fear.

Na Yoon came to see her mom at the gallery. The teary Madam Hwang thought she came because she missed her very much and was about to come back home.

But Na Yoon came to ask her mom to give a full support to Moo Won.

And just about the right time Moo Won came to talk about the same thing to Madam Hwang, though he did it in a more “threatening” way.

Na Yoon praised him for being cool, threatening her mother like that.

She told him that he got her full support in all this business war whatsoever and also be his friend.

She asked if he had seen Eun Seol lately. Moo Won said that he’s afraid of seeing her. He was afraid of being rejected, though he kind of knew he’s not winning the game anyway.

And when Na Yoon was leaving, her heel stucked into a hole and Moo Won giggling helped her out.

The Grandma couldn’t stay quiet watching her family was about to torn apart. She summoned everyone for a family dinner and accepted no excuse. She told Chairman Cha to stop his mess and decided to help Madam Shin in the funding.

Ji Heon told them the he had given some investment to Moo Won as well.

“Yes he did,” said Moo Won, “but in a very small amount.” :lol:

And then Grandma asked Moo Won to drop the lawsuit against his uncle. So then the two families could avoid any blodshed.

Moo Won was playing around in Ji Heon’s room with Ji Heon put his eyes strictly on his cousin. Moo Won was interested in some of cartoon characters Ji Heon had.

Ji Heon was a bit unsincere, but he agreed to give them to Moo Won. But then Moo Won just asked for more, and that triggered Ji Heon to protest.

Surprisingly, Moo Won gave a punch to Ji Heon’s abs,asking, “You broke the rule, didn’t you?”

I was expecting for another crazy fight, but Ji Heon put his hands up and said, “Hit me!”

Moo Won was so upset and was ready to leave. But he stopped and back to give Ji Heon a hard kick on the ass.

Na Yoon saw Eun Seol bringing some groceries on their way back home. They live together, so they went to the same home now.

Na Yoon fooled around and that caused some fruits rolling down the road.

Eun Seol told Na Yoon to hit her instead of making the expensive fruits rolling down the road if she hated her so much.

Na Yoon then said that Eun Seol should tell her if she like some fruits. Na Yoon had been a very good housemate…

With the family war was settled down by the grandmother, Moo Won finally announced it to public.

He held a press confrence.

Ji Heon and Eun Seol held a meeting with the workers at the coffee shop.

They need to make a presentation about coffee business and Ji Heon decided to pay more attention in the workers’ welfare, the permanent and especially the part-timers.

Ji Heon was thinking of giving a scholarship to the part-time workers and going to propose this to the board on the next presentation.

Yeah, that up coming presentation.

Eun Seol had to make sure that Ji Heon was ready and there would be no more teleconfrence.

He had to be able to overcome his fear and stood at the front. Ji Heon worked hard practicing.

Moo Won kept looking down even though business tend to be back to positive. His mother noticed it and guessed if it was because of Noh Eun Seol.

Moo Won didn’t deny it and it made his mother felt uneasy, “Why do you have to be so honest to me? You should lie to me about it.” What a mother…telling her son to lie to her. :D

Ji Heon was ready for the presentation.

Eun Seol said when he started to feel the fear, all he needed to do was just remember all the hard work they had done to reach that far.

Ji Heon than asked to look into her eyes for some moment before he had to look at many eyes at the meeting.

Everyone was nervouse when Ji Heon was already standing at the front for presentation.

Chairman Cha was about to back him up when Ji Heon started to speak.

He recalled the memory of his hardship in training with Eun Seol.

And the presentation went very well and the proposal was praised by almost everyone.

Chairman Cha looked so proud of his son.

I like the spontanious small celebration when Ji Heon came out of the room to meet Eun Seol. They made hi5 and hugged each other cheerfully.

But too bad Moo Won had to see all that and looked more down.

Moo Won got the news from his secretary that Eun Seol had applied for a transfer.

He then asked Eun Seol to go out after office.

Ji Heon was taking Eun Seol home but she told him that she had an appointment.

At home, Ji Heon was so surprise when his father asked him about reviewing candidates for his new secretary.

Ji Heon had no idea that Eun Seol was going for a transfer. He just rushed out to Eun Seol’s place.

Moo Won asked Eun Seol to drop her application.

He said he had known the result but he didn’t care, all he needed was to have Eun Seol around, even if it was just as a friend.

He would try his best or even pretend that he could care for her only as friend, he didn’t care what it took as long as she didn’t go anywhere.

He said in his condition right now he didn’t know if he could be strong without her.

Moo Won drove Eun Seol home. Eun Seol couldn’t promise him anything but said she would think about everything. Before he left, Moo Won asked a permission, “If it’s just once, it’s okay isn’t it?”

Eun Seol just stood stiff staring at him and let Moo Won hugged her.

And of course Ji Heon was there watching Moo Won hugged Eun Seol.

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