Protect The Boss Episode 12 Summary

After settling her matters with Moo Won, Eun Seol didn’t feel relieve. She looked very sad.

But then she found Ji Heon standing on the stairs asking if she had cleared things out with Moo Won.

Eun Seol just nodded.

Ji Heon then asked her to drop the transfer application.

The next thing he asked was a dinner.

Eun Seol immediately called Myeong Ran. She prepared a huge bowl of Bibimbap for three  of them.

Ji Heon refused to eat it at first, saying that the food was messy and gross.

But Myeong Ran made him swallowed a mount-like-spoonful Bibimbap.

Na Yoon just got back home when she had a problem with her heels again and lean on Moo Won’s car.

She thought Moo Won was just a stranger, but as soon as she found out who he really was, she get herself into the car immediatly.

Moo Won tried to send her away with several yellings, but then Na Yoon understood the situation.

“I don’t know how to comfort you,” said Na Yoon innocently.

Moo Won refused to be comforted, but Na Yoon remembered about the drinking-singing-dancing for a brokenhearted Eun Seol and Myeong Ran taught her.

She got the idea of making Moo Won do that too.

After the terrifying dinner for Ji Heon, he and Eun Seol had a talk on the veranda. Eun Seol asked Ji Heon if he really didn’t want to be the Chairman’s successor. Ji Heon said he didn’t.  no want the company

The conversation then led to a good mood and they were about to have a kiss…

But Myeong Ran suddenly came out and freaked out.

“I think I should by you a fluit, so you can blow it first before you do something that I shouldn’t see,” she said.

Na Yoon and Moo Won ended up in a karaoke place.

She sang whole heartedly but out of tone here and there…you can know from Moo Won’s expression how bad Na Yoon’s voice  :lol:

and when it’s time for Moo Won to sing…Aaahh, You couldn’t be more charmed.

Even Na Yoon couldn’t hold her jaw from dropping.

Moo Won was terrible with alcohol. After just a few bottle he was really drunk.

Na Yoon had to call Ji Heon for a help.

On their way home, the drunk Moo Won leaned his head to Ji Heon’s shoulder.

Ji Heon tried to get his head away, but it kept coming back to his shoulder.

Then Ji Heon gave in and let his cousin leaned on him, like Ji Heon wanted to easen Moo Won’s heartache.

Ji Heon leaned his head to Moo Won’s and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

Oohhh this is a very romanticly touching scene.

We could see how much Eun Seol’s words are true that the boys need each other more than they need Eun Seol. They had no sibling, so they only have each other.

And even though they, especially Ji Heon, always present their childish side, inside they’re grown up men with a mature mind.

Just have a look at how Ji Heon look at Moo Won after he put him on the bed: that’s a brother’s love.

Chairman Cha was so happy about Ji Heon’s successful presentation.

He couldn’t stop saying how much he’s proud of his son to his mother.

I always love to see this mother and son relationship.

The scary Chairman Cha in the office was actually a mommy’s boy at home…everyone really has a flaw :D

Na Yoon was upset to Eun Seol for what happen to Moo Won.

She was mean to her in various way, but ended up kicked out of the house by Myeong Ran.

Na Yoon couldn’t go anywhere so she’s just crying outside until Myeong Ran told her to get back inside.

Ji Heon brought Myeong Ran to work as a part timer at the coffee shop since he wrapped up his “boss undercover” project.

Since she was promoted by Ji Heon himself, everyone then suspected her as Chairman Cha’s illegitimate daughter.

Eun Seol was brought to the mall by Chairman Cha.

He bought her so many dresses and they did the “trying dresses” scene.

I think this idea was so creative that we usually see a lover do this.

But this drama presented us a father-slash-chairman with son’s-girlfriend-slash-secretary.

The scene of course could be easily mistaken by anyone who didn’t know their relationship.

Other people could just easily think that the boss did date the secretary and he was buying her lots of nice dresses.

And that’s exactly what happened when Currator Hwang incidently saw them at the mall.

She was strangely very upset that she even called out Madam Shin to share her troubled mind.

Madam Shin said that Madam Hwang might still have a feeling for Chairman Cha because she used to like him when they’re young.

The Grandma came to the office to make real her words when she said she was going to help Moo Won and Madam Shin with funding.

After signing papers with Moo Won, she asked him for a date.

Moo Won refused at first, saying he’s busy.

But Grandma understood his brokenhearted situation and insisted him to accept her offer of a date.

It’s very romantic that Moo Won took the grandma to have a walk in the park.

He even rode a bike with Grandma on the back.

When they’re having a break, Moo Won told the grandmother that he was serious when he told Eun Seol about changing their environment.

No matter whom Eun Seol ended up with, Moo Won said he would change they environment.

During his date with his grandmother, he kept recalling his dating memory with Eun Seol.

Na Yoon was summoned by her mother because Madam Hwang wanted her to move out from Eun Seol’s place.

She bought her a villa, but Na Yoon was thinking about bringing along Eun Seol and Myeong Ran to move there.

Madam Hwang was upset and took back the key and then left.

Na Yoon met Moo Won for business.

But when Na Yoon was trying to comfort him about his personal matter Moo Won kept his guard by acting cool.

It’s a funny reality for him that when he broke up with Na Yoon, it was Eun Seol who comforted him.

And then when he broke up with Eun Seol, it was Na Yoon who comforted him.

Na Yoon was upset with Moo Won’s coldness. She pretended to play hard by refusing Moo Won’s offer for a ride home.

But she finally gave up when she found no taxy to take her home.

Ji Heon insisted Eun Seol to have a date.

They ended up eating pork belly at small restaurant near by Eun Seol’s house.Ji Heon was very upset, especially because Myeong Ran was about to come along.

But then they cleaned each others food-on-lips with their hands. Ji Heon then said that he would make Myeong Ran ate a lot and fast and then sent her back first.

But on her way home, Na Yoon saw Myeong Ran and called her out.

So the three ended up joining Ji Heon and Eun Seol having dinner together.

“What’s on earth is happening here??” Ji Heon was the most objected party. But Eun Seol thought it was fun to have everyone sit together having dinner.

“Okay, you all just eat everything and then leave soon,” said Ji Heon.

It’s funny when everyone freaked out when Moo Won was about to pour a beer onto his glass.

So everyone already knew how bad he was with alcohol. Moo Won then had cola instead of beer.

Then Myeong Ran realized that it looked like a double date while she was put aside because she was alone and no one care for her.

So she had an idea of calling Secretary Kim out to be her boyfriend in that dinner.

The image of six of them sitting together enjoying dinner and a nice conversation look very sweet and touching.

I really like their friendship.

Early in the morning Eun Seol got a summon phonecall from the Chairman.

Her education was about to start. Chairman Cha had put her to study all the necessary things about being part of a chaebol family.

She learned how to do flower decoration, play cello, table manner and many things…

Meanwhile, Ji Heon had no choice but to go with Chairman Cha who introduced him to their partners in illegal business.

Ji Heon was against it. He checked on Eun Seol, finding out that she was having a hard time.

The only reason Eun Seol played along with all that was because Chairman Cha had paid everything, so it’s gonna be a waste of money if she just quit there.

Eun Seol met Moo Won on her way out of the hotel.

Apparently it was Madam Shin’s hotel and Moo Won just finished his business with his mother, discussing about how he wanted to eliminate the illegal business sector since he had promise someone and his grandma that he would change the environment.

They enjoyed tea together as friends and Eun Seol looked comfortable talking about what she had been through the whole day.

The next day, Chairman Cha was producing booklets for the director boards of “How to talk in court when you are asked about illegal funding.”

He ordered Secretary Jang to burn the rest of the document before he left the room for -probably- toilet.

Eun Seol was coming to his office and Chairman Cha told her to wait for him inside his office.


Apparently Secretary Jang hadn’t cleaned up the documents and Eun Seol unpurposely found out what’s written in the booklets.

Secretary Jang was very nervous cleaning up everything from the table and tried to deny everything when Eun Seol asked him questions.

But then Chairman Cha came into the office and everyone looked tense.


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