Protect The Boss Episode 13 Summary

Eun Seol accidently saw the board directors’ instruction of what to say if the prosecutors ask about illegal funding.
Chairman Cha came in when Secretary Jang was trying to convince Eun Seol that she had to forget what she just had seen.

Chairman Cha asked Eun Seol what happened with her troubled expression.
Eun Seol hesitated, but then talked about something else.
She talked about a permission to quit the chaebols’ brides education with many excuses.
she even complained that she and Ji Heon had no more time to go dating.
And when Chairman Cha asked her what else she wanted to talk about, Eun Seol was surprise. Chairman Cha kind of knew her well.She started to say something, but we never new the rest of the conversation.

Secretary Jang dragged her to have a private conversation. He told her to seal her mouth and forget everything she saw.
“You are a secretary. I’m a secretary, too. Our basic duty is to protect our bosses’ secrets.”
But Eun Seol said she hated wealthy people did illegal things to make them getting richer. It made her feel much poorer.
Secretary Jang kept convincing her that she should forget about everything she saw to protect their bosses and the company.

Manager Park overheard the conversation. Moo Won caught him snooping, but when he asked him what’s going on, Manager Park just told him that Eun Seol was scolded by Secretary Jang for something.

When Eun Seol was about to head back to work, Moo Won asked her if there’s something wrong. Eun Seol said no and then leave.
But Moo Won looked curious.

Back to the office, Eun Seol found Ji Heon was busy playing games with Secretary Kim and the part-timer.
Eun Seol was thinking to just leave, but Ji Heon hurriedly sent the boys away.
He called Eun Seol to come closer but stop at some distance.
But Eun Seol grabbed his suit and drew him closer. She held him tight…
“Fine, I was looking forward for this.” He held her back and asked, “Is there something wrong?”
Eun Seol shook her head, “Just you’re beautiful.”
“shouldn’t you say I’m cool?”
“No, I’m the cool one.”

Na Yoon felt miserable of eating all by herself, as always. She missed Moo Won and missed the time when she and her friends had dinner together.
She then gave in her lunch and went for a meeting with Moo Won.
After their business talk was over, Moo Won asked Na Yoon to ask Eun Seol what’s bothering her today.
Na Yoon was upset. She told him to stop being miserable and face the reality that he was rejected by Eun Seol.
Moo Won said he’d been trying and getting better.
“Do you like me?” he then asked Na Yoon all of the sudden.
Na Yoon lost her words for a second, but then said,”I did like you in the past.”

Back to Eun Seol and Ji Heon. The newly couple just couldn’t hold their skinship.
Ji Heon just couldn’t stand being alone in the elevator with Eun Seol but couldn’t even hold her hand because she’s worried about the cctv supervisor.
Ji Heon took her to stand under the cctv so they could do whatever without being worried someone’s watching.
He was holding her when the elevator opened and Chairman Cha got in.
Ji Heon spontaniously pushed Eun Seol away but he was pushing her too strong that she bumped into Chairman Cha :lol:

They’re so awkward that Chairman Cha got what the couple was doing and burst into laughter then left them alone.

The couple continued their romantic business but then the elevator opened up again and some employees hesitated to get in, but Ji Heon told them to just came in.
Ji Heon and Eun Seol could still hold each other’s pinky fingers.

Chairman Cha was praising Eun Seol in front of Secretary Jang when Manager Park ran into them.
Chairman Cha asked what’s wrong with him with the troubled face and herbal plaster on his neck.
He then suggest for the three of them having a short holiday together for a deep sea fishing.
Secreatry Jang emphasis the offer by saying, “Yes, it’s a nice idea. It’s peaceful and no one is around. So if something happen no one would no.”
Manager Park was trembling for fear.

Eun Seol and Ji Heon were having a real date together.
Eun Seol said that since their’s age is around the same, outside the office she could talk to him casually and drop the honorific.
Ji Heon agreed. Then they started to call each other’s name without the “-ssi”.

Ji Heon brought Eun Seol to a fancy restaurant.
Eun Seol said it’s a nice to thing to have a rich boyfriend and even nicer to think that her boyfriend’s dad was also rich.
But she told him that they should have this fancy date just this once because more than that would be just tiring.

Ji Heon then asked her if something bothered her today because he could feel that the up-spirit poop head Eun Seol was not around.
Eun Seol said nothing’s wrong with everything.

After sending Eun Seol home, Ji Heon went somewhere else instead going straight home.
In the same time, Moo Won was thinking about facing the reality that he’d been rejected by Eun Seol.
It turned out that the cousins was thinking to meet each other.
So when Moo Won just got out of his home to meet Ji Heon, his cousin just arrived there in his car.

Eun Seol and Na Yoon were both having a troubled mind.
Then Eun Seol suggest an activity to easean their mind, “A walk of fury. Do you want to come along?”
So the three of them went exercising around the neighborhood.

But when Eun Seol’s mind was a bit better, Na Yoon just kept sighing and complaining.
“Stop it!” said Myeong Ran. “What is actually happening to you?”
Na Yoon dropped down and said, “That…uuuugh…I keep thinking about Moo Won”. huh? :lol:

On the other place, the boys were also having some sport match where Moo Won always outran Ji Heon in baseball, basketball, athletic…

Then they laid down on the grass field and started to have a heart to heart conversation.
“You can’t win in everything. That’s make someone a fool. Not me, but Eun Seol, for falling for a loser like you,” said Moo Won.
“I intentionally let you win in this whole thing to win one thing, Noh Eun Seol,” said Ji Heon.
“Okay, I let you win in this whole thing and you can win the rest,” said Moo Won.
Ji Heon was so touched by Moo Won that he even held him tight, “Ohh you’re such a pretty little rascal. Thanks.”

But Moo Won told him that he’s doing this for Eun Seol. “I feel like i’m bothering her.”
Then Ji Heon remembered about Eun Seol bleak expression whenever she thought Ji Heon wasn’t looking.
Moo Won said it’s not because of him, there’s another reason.
Ji Heon asked him if he knew something. Moo Won said no.

As usual Eun Seol had to stop by the Cha residence in the morning before going to work.
But this time Chairman Cha was so nice to her that he even offered her a breakfast.

She woke Ji Heon up, but when she was drawn closer to Ji Heon, she said, “You have eyecrusts.”
Ji Heon went panic and sending Eun Seol away. He said he wanted to keep the cool image in front of her.
But Eun Seol was trying hard and even did a very cute thing, “Even your eyecrusts are cute…” But then she couldn’t stand herself and burst into laughter, “I must be crazy.”

After having breakfast with the whole family and waiting for Ji Heon to get ready, Eun seol had a talk to the Grandma.
“Chairman Cha is a good person and he’s too good to me. But Grandmother, what if even the good person actually do something really bad? And what if I somehow found out everything, what should I do?”
The grandma was about to ask her what she was talking about, but Ji Heon came out.

Ji Heon saw Secretary Jang made a gesture to Eun Seol and he got suspicious.
On their way to the office, Ji Heon asked Eun Seol to make a promise to him that she would tell him everything that bothers her mind.
“I know you could solve everything by yourself, but you should tell me anyway.”
Eun Seol just jokingly said, “Forget it!”

Madam Shin was in the beauty salon with Madam Hwang when Manager Park kept calling her.
Madam Hwang asked who was that and Madam Shin told her about the spy she’s been talking about.

Manager Park told Madam Shin that he caught the big fish that could bring Chairman Cha down, but he still wasn’t sure when to use it.
He asked Madam Shin to save his life because he had a bad feeling that Chairman Cha would kill him soon.

As soon as Madam Shin left, two guys approached Manager Park. Someone wanted to talk to him. Manager Park freaked out thinking they’re Chairman Cha’s people.
But they’re not. Madam Hwang was waiting for him in the car.

Na Yoon was told by Eun Seol that she should do her way to get Moo Won’s heart back.
So after having a meeting with Ji Heon and Moo Won and Ji Heon left them alone, Na Yoon gave Moo Won an invitation.
She wanted to watch a play together with him. Moo Won said he couldn’t promise her anything but he’d go.

Na Yoon was so happy that she burst in to Ji Heon’s office and embrace Eun Seol.
She said she was thrilled and so happy. “Should I go to the hair salon now?”
It’s funny how she was cold to Ji Heon but so excited with Eun Seol.
“You don’t need to interfere,” Na Yoon said to Ji Heon.

When Na Yoon off the office, Ji Heon ran after her to ask if her mother did something to harass Eun Seol.
Na Yoon said she didn’t know but so far nothing happen to Eun Seol but she told him that she would keep her eyes on this matter.
Then she complained about Ji Heon was making a business trip excuse to have a 2 days 1 night trip alone with Eun Seol, because Ji Heon never dared to do that when he’s dating Na Yoon.
“You seem to have grown up a lot.”

Chairman Cha was told by his collegue that there’s a rumour about his son messing around with his secretary.
That brought Chairman Cha exploded saying that his son was not a kind of kid who’s messing around with girls, and the girl wasn’t such a girl they could talk about badly.

Eun Seol suddenly received a phonecall from someone.
This man told her that he’s a from the Citizen Group…I think it’s something like an NGO that concern about people’s economy.
Eun Seol took a picture of him and record their conversation.
Eun Seol threatened him to confess to her about who’d sent him to her because she never called him like he said.

The man was actually true about him from Citizen Group that the internet had information about him, and he also said that he received a phonecall from her saying that she had an important information about a chaebol.
Eun Seol said she didn’t know anything.

Eun Seol freaked out and asked Secretary JAng if it was him who sent that guy.
Secretary Jang was more panic than her. He made sure she didn’t and wouldn’t tell anything to anyone.
But Eun Seol insisted that she would tell one day, but also tell the Chairman to stop doing the dirty things.
Secretary JAng insisted that she couldn’t do that, it’s for everyone’s sake.
But Eun Seol was so desperate that she imagined Ji Heon had to sit in the wheelchair and went through the hard situation like his father before.

Na Yoon waited for Moo Won at the teather, but he didn’t show up.
Na Yoon was so disappointed and had to watch the play herself.
Moo Won didn’t do that in purpose. He caught in a meeting and forgot his promise.

Ji Heon and Eun Seol went out of Seoul to have an inspection on the company’s campus before it opened for new students.
Earlier in the weekend, he had made Secretary Kim to pretend that after the inspection something came up to him that made him have to go back to Seoul.
He was a lame actor, but Ji Heon made him leave anyway.

Moo Won didn’t show up until the play finished, but he eventually came after everyone’s leaving.
He asked her how’s the show, but she couldn’t answer it.
He’s giggling to fact that Na Yoon felt asleep during the show.

When they came out of the studio, Moo Won asked her casually, “Seo Na Yoon, do you want to get back to me again?”
Surprisingly for Moo Won, Na Yoon said, “Yeah… Can’t I do that?”

Ji Heon and Eun Seol went to separate room just next to each other.
They’re so nervous and couldn’t even go to bed.
Then Ji Heon who made the first move by calling her to come to his room.
“I couldn’t sleep. This is a new environment for me. Don’t think anything weird. I just want you to give me massage just like before,” said Ji Heon.

Eun Seol came to Ji Heon’s room and gave him the palm massage.
Ji Heon really enjoyed it that he couldn’t stop smiling.

And then they laid on the bed in the baby-in-the-womb position.
“Is this too?” asked Eun Seol.
“This is, too,” said Ji Heon.
“Okay, then let’s stay in this position till we fall asleep.”
“And this one might work for me,” said Ji Heon. He kissed Eun Seol.

Then Eun Seol told him about the things they’re talking about long ago.
“About you going into my neighborhood…What if that’s really what I want, could you throw away everything like being the successor of the chairman to come to my neighborhood? Could you do that?”

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