Protect The Boss Episode 14

Oh I don’t really like this episode…the illegal business scandal is quite tiring. But thankfully, oh we probably only get it in this drama, we still have small things that bring big smile in our faces and even a small laughter.

We’re going to Na Yoon and Moo Won first. After Na Yoon let out her hear to Moo Won about she wanted them to get back together, Moo Won just couldn’t say anything. He didn’t reject her literally, but didn’t say yes either. Na Yoon was broken hearted and asked if it was because of Noh Eun Seol. Moo Won said no, it wasn’t. “It wasn’t because of her but still you can’t come back to me,” said Na Yoon.

She left and asked Moo Won not to follow her, but she bumped into a couple and got scolded by the boyfriend. She said sorry three times but the boyfriend just continued being harsh to her. Moo Won came to save her and made the angry boyfriend said sorry.
He offered Na Yoon a ride home and asked her to wait for him getting a car. While waiting for Moo Won, Na Yoon hid at the side of the bus shelter fixing her messy make up because of her tears. And when Moo Won came and found Na Yoon wasn’t around and also didn’t pick up his phone, he just left for thingking that Na Yoon must have left.
“Cha Moo Won, I haven’t left!” cried Na Yoon…but it’s a useless effort. :lol:

Na Yoon came home and cried for Myeong Ran. She hugged her like crying to her mom. But Myeong Ran told her that she had wet her shirt. Na Yoon suddenly stop crying and remember to do something. Since they didn’t have the eye masker, she had to use the cold spoon to avoid her eyes for being swollen in the morning. Myeong Ran said no at first, but Na Yoon beg and just put the spoons into the fridge.

Let’s go to Eun Seol and Ji Heon now. She asked Ji Heon if she really wanted it, could he drop everything away and come to her neighborhood. Without even hesitate Ji Heon said he could.
“Was it you who said ‘how would you survive? don’t come to my neighborhood’?”
Eun Seol said that it’s confusing her because sometimes she like it that Ji Heon was a CEO of a company, but sometimes she thought it’d be better if he left behind all the business and live comfortably.
“But the most important thing is how Ji Heon wants to live his life.”
Ji Heon smiled and told her not to worry about it. He would think about everything well. Then he asked her what’s going on and not to tell a lie. Ji Heon knew she still had a troubled mind. Eun Seol finally told him that there’s something bothering her mind lately and it’s difficult for her to tell him right then.
“I’ll tell you later. Just wait a little more time.”

Ji Heon than held her tight and started kissing her.

But Eun Seol burst into laughter “It’s funny because you’re trying to look cool.”
It made Ji Heon stop and upset, and he turned his body around. Remember the first time Ji Heon kissed Eun Seol and begged her for forgiveness soon after? This time Eun Seol who begged for forgiveness and let Ji Heon hold her and kissed her again.

The couple really looked like a newlywed and that just made Secretary Kim couldn’t help but to tease them. They’re on the way back to Seoul and Ji Heon was sleeping on her shoulder when she got a text from the Citizen Group guy, Ahn Yeong Sam.

The Grandmother couldn’s stop thinking of what Eun Seol told her earlier. He asked Secretary Jang, but this guy’s mouth was sealed very closely.

Chairman was curious about his mother’s strange behavior, but he soon forgot it when Secretary Jang told him that his community service was about to finish.

Madam Hwang told Madam Shin that she would bring down Cha Bong Man and the company. Her husband, Chairman Seo was interested in one of DN Group companies and he didn’t like to have a strong competition, so Chairman Seo was planning to buy the shares of DN Group. Madam Shin was so surprise with the news and felt uncomfortable, but she couldn’t say anything.

And without Madam Shin knowing, Manager Park was surely working for Madam Hwang.

Eun Seol called Ahn Yeong Sam from the payphone.
She told him not to call her directly anymore and someone was intending something very evil using her name to contact him.
She said she’d protect her bosses and the company.
“If someone call you with myname, please record everything and call me from payphone. If someone send you something under my name, please give it to me.”

Eun Seol started to write down everything. She was making a list of possible traitors, from Manager Park, Madam Shin till Madam Hwang.

Ji Heon was thinking about what Eun Seol talked about when they were bed together at the SmartWorks campus.
Then he came to his father to have a conversation. He said he hadn’t had a settle mind yet about the company’s succession, but first of all he didn’t want to embarass himself in front of Eun Seol.
Chairman Cha asked, “What are you talking about?”
Ji Heon said, “Just in case you do something illegal behind my back,how embarassing would that be for me in front of Noh Eun Seol? So you must NOT do that.”
Chairman Cha was about to argue with Ji Heon, but Ji Heon was rushed back to his room. “Anyway, I believe in you, Father.”

Na Yoon discuss her confusion about her feelings for Moo Won to Eun Seol.
Eun Seol was giving herself as an example to Na Yoon about how she didn’t attracted to Ji Heon in the first place, but after having Ji Heon kept saying he liked her over and over again, she started to like him little by little.
In a shorter and simpler words, Eun Seol tried to explain: “My point is…ahh.I didn’t know that time, but now I know.”
What she meant was Na Yoon didn’t know how much she’d hurt before so she just dumped Moo Won like she did, but now she knew she’s in misery.
Then Eun Seol said she felt sorry for Moo Won because he always did well everything by himself, so everyone tend to leave him alone, including her.

So she suggest Na Yoon to let Moo Won do something that he always wanted to do but never be able to do: playing.

The next day, Na Yoon straightly applied the strategy. After the business talk, he told Moo Won to cancel his schedule for that day to come with her.

Secretary Jang and Eun Seol was trying to figure out who’s behind the scheme of involving Citizen Group.
But they both ended suspecting each other. When they finally made an agreement that they’re on the same boat, Secretary Jang promised her that he would be the one to tell the Chairman. And Secretary Jang also avoided Eun Seol to tell anything to Ji Heon, considering Ji Heon and Chairman relationship that’s just getting better nowadays.

Chairman Cha was preparing for his last day community service which was giving a speech to some juvenile delinquency kids under rehab. He asked Eun Seol for some advices because she’s kind of an expert in this matter considering her past as a school punk.
Eun Seol told him to talk in an intimate way like talking to friends. And then she added, “Just show them how simple your life is. That you live your life honestly, unlike other chairmans who do illegal things.”
And that words just made Chairman Cha felt very uncomfortable.

Eun Seol caught Manager Park talking on the phone in a fishy gesture. She decided to tailed him to the men’s toilet, but Ji Heon got her.

He demanded her to tell him the truth about what’s going on. Eun Seol tried to lie, but it made Ji Heon more upset because he thought she treated him like an idiot. Eun Seol finally gave up, but asked him to be patient just a little more time.
She hugged him saying sorry, but he pushed her away….a little too hard that her butt bumped into the corner of the sofa that it hurt.

Ahn Yeong Sam received a package of document from an anonymous.
As soon as he opened it, he found out it’s an important evidence about DN Group’s slush fund.

Meanwhile Chairman Cha was having a hard time facing the troubled teenagers.
The kids refused to listened to his speech.
When Chairman Cha was about to explode, “Do you know who I am?? I’m Cha Bong…” He suddenly got a control of himself and calmed himself down. “Anyway, don’t live like me.”

Na Yoon brought the super busy Moo Won playing around the city. They went to eat ice cream, to an open concert and the book shop.
Then Moo Won felt impatient and asked her to sit down and speak things out.
Na Yoon just told him about the “I didn’t know then, but I know now” theory.
“I think you’re still unsure about your feelings too right now,” said Na Yoon.
“You still don’t know whether you like me or not, can or cannot live without Noh Eun Seol. Am I right? So I will keep pursuing you this way.”

Ji Heon walked Eun Seol home and then argued about Eun Seol making her wait to know the truth. During their argument, Na Yoon and Moo Won came.

The girls hurriedly went into their house, while the boys sat out side for awhile.
Ji Heon said that Moo Won should just go back to Na Yoon.
Moo Won said the timing wasn’t right.

Chairman Cha was reflecting his dark past. He imagined his relection in the mirror as the old him who came out to mock him for being the bad father to his son.

Chairman Cha finally got suspicious about Secretary Jang’s strange behaviour lately.
Secretary Jang had no option but to tell him the truth. Secretary Jang told him that Eun Seol had found out about their illegal business document.
Besides that, he also told him that Eun Seol was going to Citizen Group.

Chairman Cha failed to reach Eun Seol’s phone so he called Ji Heon.
They ended up argue and Ji Heon just cut off his phone.

Meanwhile Eun Seol met Mr. Ahn because he wanted to show her the evidence he had.
Eun Seol begged him to wait a little while, and it seemed that Mr. Ahn could tolerate that.

Eun Seol was out of the cafe ready to say goodby to Mr. Ahn in a bleak expression.
Coincidently, Ji Heon passed by the cafe on his way to work out side the office.
He stopped for a while to check on Eun Seol from afar. He saw Eun Seol and Mr. Ahn, and then left.

Eun Seol met Chairman Cha on her way back to her desk, but Chairman Cha made her came to his office to find out how much she knew about the Chairman’s illegal business.
She asked for apology, and then told him to turn himself in right away in order to lessen his punishment.
Chairman Cha asked why. Eun Seol innocently said that the documents were gonna be sent to the prosecutors soon.
Chairman Cha got this news the wrong way. He didn’t want to listen to Eun Seol’s explanation and thought that Eun Seol had betrayed him, so he was furious…sending Eun Seol away from his office.

Eun Seol passed by Manager Park on her way out of the Chairman’s office.
She dragged him into a quite place and cornered him.
“It’s you, isn’t it? If you do this for justice, I could probably forgive you a little bit. But I don’t think that’s the case here, because your wouldn’t do this to me instead. Therefore, I won’t leave you alone. If you run away, I will hunt you down.”

Back to the Chairman’s office. He said one stern sentence, “Don’t let Ji Heon know…remove Noh Eun Seol.”
Uuggh. Thankfully Secretary Jang had an excuse to make the Chairman let this matter to him.

Moo Won got the bad news from his mom. Madam Shin told him about Madam Hwan and Manager Park’s scheme, and about her own position.
Madam Shin wasn’t really agree about the plan, but she had no other choice but to be dragged along.
She told Moo Won to pretend not knowing anything. Moo Won was upset, but he couldn’t do much so far.

Moo Won came to warn Madam Hwang about her evil plan. Na Yoon was there talking to her mom about her plan getting back with Moo Won, and was very surprise about the situation.
However, Moo Won didn’t tell her anything.

Ji Heon was still made with Eun Seol for making him waiting too long to know the truth.He dropped her out of his car in the middle of the way.

Ji Heon was getting more curious and upset when he got home and found his dad telling him to break up with Eun Seol.

And the next day was a nightmare for Chairman Cha.
Prosecutors barked in his office, doing their investigation of all the company’s documents.

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