Protect The Boss Episode 15 Summary

Protect The Boss Episode 15 started backwards to the night before the prosecutors stormed into the office to investigate all the company’s document.

Ji Heon  finally found out the reason from his father after a little push.

Chairman Cha said, “I couldn’t do it cleanly. Secretary Noh found out about it and leaked the information.”

Ji Heon was very disappointed to both his father and Eun Seol.

He stayed away from his mobile that night, kind of ignoring Eun Seol calls. Actually, she’s calling from outside the gate…

That morning Eun Seol was officially kicked out of the company because there’s a box on her desk already.

She was trying to explain everything to Ji Heon when the prosecutor burst in.

The most important thing in that short explanation was that Ji Heon knew Eun Seol was framed by someone.

He would believe her, wouldn’t he?

And soon it became a national news, with Mr. Ahn held a press conference.

Ji Heon was still very upset about everything that he finally found out that his father and the highers in the company had been dealing with this matter for a long time, while he as the so called successor gonna be knew nothing about it.

However, good thing is Chairman Cha actually didn’t believe it that Eun Seol was the one who leak the information.

He kind of smell it at another person. Chairman Cha had to be hospitalized again, no matter it’s just for an acting or for real.

Everyone in the company heard the rumour about Eun Seol as the informant.

Ji Heon defended Eun Seol in front of everyone, but keep acting cold towards her.

And everyone had to face the reporters.

Na Yoon and Moo Won finally got a confirmation that Madam Hwang was the person behind the chaos.

Moo Won was desperate that he had to bear the fact that his mother was involved.

The two talked about this matter to figure out what they could do for Ji Heon and Eun Seol.

Eun Seol met Moo Won on her way out of home since Moo Won just drove Na Yoon there.

ever since he had known the truth, Moo won was awkward in front of Eun Seol. She asked him if his mother was involved.

Although Moo Won said sorry for not be able to answer that question, Eun Seol knew that her chance to clear her name to the Chairman finished there.

Ji Heon was actually downstairs, watching them speak, but he couldn’t really hear their conversation.

When Eun Seol held him from the back and asked for forgiveness, Ji Heon said she’s not the bad person in their issue, it was him.

“Because I’m the one who makes you cry.”

Ji Heon was about to leave alone, but Eun Seol came along to have a further talk.

Ji Heon kin dof knew that Eun Seol bear everything for his sake and that just made him think that he must be a very unreliable boy friend.

He told her that he wasn’t upset because of her. For him it didn’t matter whether she’s the leak or not, because he’d been through this kind of situation quite many times before.

He was upset because without Eun Seol he couldn’t be what he’s today, but the fact that he couldn’t do anything for her was the most upsetting thing.

So he asked her to stay with him to get through this, until he figured out what he really was for Eun Seol.

Then it came the day when everyone was interviewed by the prosecutor.

Everyone’s mission was to make Ji Heon innocent in front of the prosecutors and the that’s just the fact.

During her interview, Eun Seol said to the prosecutor that they just had no evidence about Ji Heon’s involvement and hoped by digging some information from her they would get a little clue that Ji Heon was involved.

But they really got nothing.

Outside the police station, while Ji Heon was facing the reporters with his head up and put on a stern face, Eun Seol saw and overheard Manager Park was talking to someone on the phone talking about Chairman Cha being interviewed.

Eun Seol followed him in a very close distance that she could recorded everything.

She busted Manager Park and threatened him.

Moo Won threatened Madam Hwang that if she kept dragging in everyone for her sin, he would blow up her secret funding and play Na Yoon’s heart.

Na Yoon overheard it and got upset. But Moo Won said she misunderstood and her being like was kind of new to him.

He finally got Na Yoon an apartment that she asked before. She felt uncomfortable to continue living with Eun Seol.

Eun Seol was breaking into the guarded vip room where Chairman Cha was hospitalized. She came to apologize, but at the same time Ji Heon was there talking about her with his father.

Eun Seol overheard from outside the room when Chairman Cha insisted Ji Heon to break up with her.

He told Ji Heon that he didn’t think Eun Seol as the traitor, but that’s not the case.

He still blamed her for causing the trouble, that she was framed by someone because she knew the things she shouldn’t.

And then Chairman Cha had a hunch that he had to give up his position and wanted Ji Heon to be his successor.

In order not to make Ji Heon more ridiculous in front of the board, he couldn’t be with Eun Seol.

Ji Heon said,”Really? Should I break up with her?” And Eun Seol left the room without hearing the rest.

The rest of Ji Heon words were these: “No, I couldn’t do that. Even if I have to break up with her, it’s gonna be for a very different reason.”

Eun Seol met Na Yoon and Moo Won at the hospital. And before she left she asked them, “Can I bully your moms for once?” I finally have something to laugh about in this bleak episode!

Moo Won said “As much as you like,” but Na Yoon asked, “But you won’t hit her, right?”

“I don’t know,” said Eun Seol’

So she really came to face the two madams by bringing along Myeong Ran.

She didn’t hit them because they’re the mothers of people she liked, but she threatened them that if they repeated the same evilness ever again, she wouldn’t care anything about whatever. She would bring them down with her streght.

Before she left, she made them promised one more thing, “You guards are not less skillful. It’s just…we’re not ordinary, so don’t fire them.”

Then Ji Heon asked for a date. Both of them knew it’s gonna be their last time together, but they enjoyed the moment.

Eun Seol showed off her beauty this time but putting make up and dress nicely.

They went picnic out of town to the horse barn.

When they’re back into town, Ji Heon brought her to the place where he always went when he’s running away from home.

He finally speak up the word, “I want to break up with you.”

Everyone was ready when Ji Heon finally said those words, even I was ready for that.

Episode 15 and 16 are very tiring. Frankly saying, I dislike them sooo much.

You know it’s the moment when conflict reach its climax. Just like in any other stories, this moment is full of emotion.

I was reluctant to watch episode 16 after episode 15, which was the first time I reluctant to watch Protect The Boss so far.

But heading to the final episodes, I know I have to get through it and pray for the best.


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