Protect The Boss Episode 16 Summary

The heartbreaking words by Ji Heon in the previous episode of Protect The Boss made me hesitate to continue watching this episode.
But like I said before, I have to get through it to make it to the end, just like Eun Seol and Ji Heon.
Two more episodes to the final…Oohh, keep fighting everyone!

Actually Ji Heon tried to make the breaking up smoothly by giving an introduction speech.
But it was Eun Seol who cut it that way. She was just so cold and surprisingly (for Ji Heon) she just said, “Okay, I get it. I guess we really do have to end it here.”
She left just like that and it made Ji Heon very upset.
But then the two came back again to have a longer argument.
Well, Eun Seol wasn’t that cold. She told him her reason why she thought it’s time for them to give up their relationship.

Eun Seol didn’t say anything to Na Yoon and Myeong Ran.
She’s just crying while watching a documentary about penguin.

Na Yoon told Moo Won (who was already in Ji Heon’s house accompanying his mother meeting the Grandma) about Eun Seol’s strange behavior and he just got it.

He asked Ji Heon what was Eun Seol’s fault that he had to treat her this way.
Ji Heon was being cold and refused to talk to him. But that night, the poor Ji Heon was bearing the pain all by himself in a dark corner of his room.

The next day Eun Seol was ready for the transfer. She’s saying goodbye to fellow secretaries and Moo Won.
She bid a goodbye to Ji Heon’s room, recalling some sweet moments she had shared with Ji Heon in that room.
But her incidental meeting with Ji Heon in front of the elevator was awkward, but they ended up standing in their place staring to an empty wall: Ji Heon in front of the elevator and Eun Seol inside the elevator.

The board of directors held a meeting to decide who’s gonna lead the company while Chairman Cha undergoing his sentence.
The Grandmother who lead the meeting decided to let the two Cha cousins to have a fair competition.

That night the girls were helping Eun Seol packing her things.
Na Yoon was the one who cried first and asked for apology for her mom’s wrong doing.

Apparently, Eun Seol was kicked out to a the DN Group’s logistic office in a quite remote area.
There’s not much administration work to do, so she decided to go down to the labour work helping the other workers.

Na Yoon now only had Myeong Ran to hang out with.
They’re shopping for Na Yoon’s new place when suddenly Na Yoon saw Moo Won supervising the mall then she said goodbye to Myeong Ran hurriedly.
Moo Won was reluctant to play with her at first, but Na Yoon always got what she wanted.

She finally made Moo Won came by her new apartment.
She started to have a wild imagination, but Moo Won got her back to the reality.

Eun Seol’s father found a newspaper and read the news about what happened to the Chairman and his son.
He rushed to Seoul and found Myeong Ran was alone at home and his daughter was sent away to a remote area.
Chairman Cha was sitting on his wheelchair giving a public apology when Eun Seol’s dad suddenly came out of nowhere yelling at him, which made Chairman Cha provoked and stood up.
But Secretary Jang could made him calm again.

Meanwhile Ji Heon was trying to make himself busy to avoid thinking about Eun Seol everytime.
He had Secretary Kim as his secretary again, but this time their relationship was better than before.
Ji Heon made a visit to the Smart Center and the place had many sweet memories for him and Eun Seol.

Chairman Cha had to be back doing the community service.
Since the chairman’s position was empty, the board of directors had to something with it.
Chairman Cha was so shock to hear that Shin Sook Hee would replace him as the Chairman and it was his own mother’s idea.
“It’s not a Chairman,” said the Grandmother, “It’s a temporary chairman.”

Moo Won and Ji Heon’s relationship had now was getting better.
However, when it came down to one name, they’re not really getting along.
Moo Won said he’s going to meet Eun Seol and Ji Heon still suddenly being cold everytime he heard her name.

Ji Heon was giving himself sometimes alone in the office, checking on his tablet to see Eun Seol’s transfer letter.
Then he found a file which was Eun Seol’s recording when she bid goodbye to the room.
She left a message for Ji Heon to remember his training everytime he felt uneasy.
Eun Seol even sang the antheme song of their training session, the one she learned from the counseling class.
Watching the song…Ji Heon finally realized that he missed her so much. He started to cry.
He decided to go to Eun Seol’s new office.

Eun Seol got a guest. She hoped it was Ji Heon, but it actually Moo Won.
Well, it’s okay. At least she knew that she still had someone who really care for her in every kind of situation.

Ji Heon was looking for Eun Seol when he saw Moo Won saying goodbye to Eun Seol.
He watched her from a hiding place.

He was about to leave when apparently Secretary Kim had left him in purpose.
So Ji Heon had no option but to appear in front of Eun Seol.
She acted cold, but still let Ji Heon stayed overnight in her tiny simple place.

Eun Seol and Ji Heon kept acting awkward and cold when both of them were still awake.
She told Ji Heon that she didn’t care about him anymore since she’s no longer his secretary, so Ji Heon had to help himself and trying to sleep.
But when one of them closed his/her eyes, it felt like nothing really change between both of their feelings.

Eun Seol was delivering some logistic to Seoul and she’s agreed to give a lift to Ji Heon.
When they arrived in the capital city, Eun Seol still cold to Ji Heon who tried to break the ice.
He told her that he wasn’t okay with what he said (about breaking up with her) and asked her if she’s really okay with everything. Eun Seol said yes and that just upset Ji Heon .

After Ji Heon got off the car, Eun Seol started to complained herself, “What was I talking about? Fine? What is fine with everything now?”

She dropped her head and it accidently hit the horn.
Ji Heon heard it, turned around and then started to smile.

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