Protect The Boss Episode 17 Summary

After hearing the horn Ji Heon ran back to Eun Seol. “You’re not okay, aren’t you?” asked Ji Heon opening the door.
She’s trying to flee, but Ji Heon managed to persuade her to got off the truck to argue.
Ji Heon said that he regretted it all, about their break up, that he couldn’t get her out of his mind.
Eun Seol was still defending herself at first, saying that she’s okay, but finally exploded.
“Do you know how I really feel this whole time? I don’t really know how it felt when the convicts were exiled during the Joseon dynasty, but I’m feeling like them. I’m upset and scared.”
Ji Heon then hugged her and said sorry.

Ji Heon decided to help Eun Seol with her work that day.
When they finally had time to really sit down and talk calmly, Ji Heon told her that he wouldn’t give up on her.
He also said that he would take her back into the office.
Eun Seol said that she hadn’t agreed on anything yet.
Ji Heon said, “You will soon open up (your heart).”

Secreatry Jang called Eun Seol to ask for Ji Heon. He’s telling him about Chairman Cha, so Ji Heon had to leave.
“Let’s meet again here in the next 3 hours. I’ll be waiting for you,” said Ji Heon.

Meanwhile Eun Seol decided to visit Myeong Ran and Na Yoon.

Chairman Cha was actually suffered from a tumor, but it’s not a cancer yet. Ji Heon got the explanation from the doctor.
When Ji Heon met his dad he got scolded for meeting Eun Seol again at this state.
He was forbidden to meet Eun Seol for the same reason as the first time Chairman Cha told him.
But this time is getting tougher because Moo Won was taking his place and his father thought the he might not be able to rest in peace if Ji Heon couldn’t get his position back.

Eun Seol waited for Ji Heon for along time. And when he thought that he wouldn’t show up, Ji Heon finally came.
Eun Seol was upset and about to leave when Ji Heon held her and said, “Please wait for me a little more time.”
He didn’t told her what’s really going on, but he said that he had to be a good son first, so he’d return to her soon after that.
Eun Seol avoid his hugging, but Ji Heon was too sad to let Eun Seol go just like that.

Each of them run their separate lives eventually.
Eun Seol said she wouldn’t be waiting, but ended up counting the days that turn into weeks then months of the time she’s waiting for him.
But Ji Heon never showed up, not even a call.
Eun Seol was too desparate that she halucinating Ji Heon was finally there.
She beat him down by hitting and kicking…but that’s all just her imagination.
Eun Seol finally decided to move on. She quit her job and quit waiting for Ji Heon.
Meanwhile Ji Heon had been working hard as the Smart (one of the subsidiary company of DN Group) CEO.

Cha Moo Won drown himself to his works as MAnaging Director. He stayed 3 hours overtime everyday.
Na Yoon demanding his time and his confirmation of what she’s for him, but Moo Won was crazily busy…and just couldn’t put his feelings into words.

Manager Park begged for Madam Hwang to save him and gave him a much better job.
But Madam Hwang dumped him.

Then Na Yoon came to meet her. MAdam Hwang told her to stop meeting Moo Won since her realtionship with Madam Shin is breaking up.
She told Na Yoon to start blind dating with Madam Hwang’s reference, and surprisingly Na Yoon just agreed.

Na Yoon cry out like a baby with her friends. She had Eun Seol and Myeong Ran slept over.
She asked Eun Seol if she had to stop caring for Moo Won, Eun Seol said no.
And then she asked if she had stopped caring for Ji Heon, She also said no.

The next day Eun Seol got a phone call from someone who said wanted to scout her.
Eun Seol was suspecting the lady was fraud by “someone” to give her a job.
The lady said that she knew Eun Seol was Cha Ji Heon’s secretary from DN Group.
He was an infamous back then but she managed to put up with him, that’s her reason.
Then she brought her into her office, which was actually DN Group’s department store.
Eun Seol guessed it was Moo Won’s work, but the woman said it was not.
Eun Seol didn’t see it coming when it turned out to be Cha Ji Heon in front of her.

Eun Seol was very angry and tried to use violance like she always imagined.
But this time, the real Ji Heon managed to avoid her every violance attempt on him.
He said he was sorry for making her waiting too long.
Eun Seol then coldly said he was too late that she had closed her door for him.

Ji Heon tried to catch up Eun Seol. He finally told her that his father was sick and he had promised him not to get in touch with her.
That’s why he never called, even when he missed her alot. He said that he could only watched her from afar without her notice.
So part of Eun Seol’s imagination was not really imagination.
Eun Seol asked if the Chairman was fine. Ji Heon said yes.
Then Eun Seol coldly said, “You’re coming back too late. I don’t care about you anymore.”

Chairman Cha had been doing well. To pay his gratitude, he checked on his “before I die” to do list and started to make some actions.
He was planning to get Secretary Jang remarried. And he also wanted to be a good son by getting his mom a boyfriend.

Madam Shin told Moo Won that Na Yoon was having a blind date just then.
Moo Won hurriedly went to where Na Yoon was meeting the man.

Na Yoon’s blind date was a weird man. He dressed up like a punk, but surely he’s a chaebol…a weird chaebol.
This man was obnoxious and Na Yoon just couldn’t stand him, so she decided to go.
The man chased her, but Moo Won showed up just in the right time.

Na Yoon was upset because she couldn’t get what Moo Won’s thinking.
Did he really like her or not?
With that trademark smirk on his face, Moo Won said, “Why do you keep blaming me? Am I seeing another woman?”
Na Yoon said no.
“Have I done a blind dating?”
Na Yoon said no again.
“I told you I was very busy. And when I told you so, you begged me to meet, did I spare my busy time to go down meeting you?”
Na Yoon said yes.
“Is there something wrong with your brain or something? Why you still don’t get it?”

Ji Heon didn’t give up on Eun Seol. He came to Eun Seol’s part-time job and bought all chiken worth Eun Seol’s 5 hours working time to persuade Eun Seol to come back working as his secretary.
But Eun Seol stayed in her first decision.
That made Ji Heon stop? of course not. He followed Eun Seol everywhere she got a job interview.

Ji Heon talked to his father to bargain about having Eun Seol as his secretary again.
Chairman Cha went against it at first, but Ji Heon made a good point when he said “I would just stop working then.”
His father finally let him take Eun Seol back, with two conditions: he had to beat Moo Won and helped his dad got his position back.
“But Noh Eun Seol as your secretary, nothing more.”
Ji Heon smiled saying, “We’ll see.”

Eun Seol finally agreed to get back her old job as Ji Heon’s secretary.
They’re setting up boundaries where personal feelings shouldn’t be involved.
Ji Heon agreed.

Eun Seol was welcomed by her fellow secretaries and also Moo Won.
She started her day just like the old days when she had to clean her boss’ room every morning and prepared him his breakfast.
Ji Heon praised her as upgraded. “But it’s not only your hardware that needed to be upgraded, but also your software.”
“Pardon me?” asked Eun Seol.
Then a stack of papers ready for her to work on. Ji Heon made her summarized all that.

Myeong Ran helped Eun Seol that night. I like it when she said, “Do you know what, I think you two are putting on a show.”
Yeahhh, I think she’s absolutely right.

It wasn’t yet days of Eun Seol was back as Ji Heon’s secretary, a rumour suddenly spread on the media.
“Director Cha Ji Heon is dating the company’s informant secretary!”
Moo Won told his secretary to warn Eun Seol about the reporters that must have been waiting for her in front of the office.
But it’s too late. Eun Seol was already facing the hungry-for-the-breaking-news reporters.

Eun Seol kept saying no when she’s asked if it’s true that she’s the informant and she’s dating her own boss.
But then Ji Heon came and said they should talk to him instead of her.
So the reporters asked him the same questions.
To everyone suprise, Ji Heon just casually cheerful said, “That’s true. Don’t you think she’s cool? That’s alot of guts to speak up against what’s not right.Don’t you agree? That’s why I fell for her since the first sight! Boom!!”

Aaahhh, one more episode, everyone…Fighting!

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