Protect The Boss Episode 2 Summary

Moo Won insisted on Ji Heon keeping his secretary, while Ji Heon kept firing her. It turned to be a director wars and Eun Seol tried to stop them by saying that she needed the job and she’d do her best.

That night Eun Seol pitty her life together with Myeong Ran. Eun Seol said that she got a wrong pray. All this time she prayed to all Gods.

Before get the job she prayed in a church, in a temple and even in a mosque, she prayed “Please let me be hired”,

But after she got the job with the pervert Boss (episode 1) She prayed “Please let me work in a decent company..”

And she thought she missed the points. The pray shouldn’t only to work at a decent company but also to meet a decent boss and not to get fired. But then after she got Ji Heon as her Boss, she corrected her pray, “Please help me to survive and not to get fired”

Ji Heon surely didn’t give her an easy life at work. He gave a lot of conditions to Eun Seol, including to give up her poop head because he said he’s still traumatic with the poop-head-woman.

Ji Heon started being so annoying by ordering her to go here and there, do and buy this and that. And when the orders arrived, he’s rejecting this and that.

Weary after a long day become Ji Heon’s slave, Eun Seol and Myeong Ran went to the sauna, They talked about that devil boss. Myeong Ran and Eun Seol ended up promising each other to kill Cha Ji Heon at the end. : D

This condition was so reminded us, even Eun Seol, to the movie The Devil Wears Prada. And yes, this devil also wears Prada. As they’re speaking, Eun Seol got a call from the boss and she hurriedly answer the phone, but the phone fell into the water …oops ..

In the morning, Ji Heon scolded Eun Seol for not answering his phone last night, then Eun Seol banned to go into the sauna again.

Ji Heon kept busy with his unimportant business in a meeting while Moo Won kept shining. Ji Heon just didn’t care, even when the others were giving him a bad review.

This condition made Chairman Cha had an idea for the new secretary. She was given a permission to come to their mansion. The mission was to wake up Ji Heon every morning with all force and to make him go to the office as early as possible. Eun Seol got a month trial, before she’s kicked out if she fail.
At beginning, Eun Seol didn’t want to accepted that task, because she thought her boss was special, so the task was very hard for her. But Chairman Cha convinced her, since he knew about Eun Seol’s past life as Bosamdongryu’s legend.

Eun Seol came to Cha’s mansion and met the grandma. However, she’s mistaken the grandma as one of the workers, but the grandma didn’t say anything and just let the misunderstandings. Eun Seol said that living in a huge house like that seemed nice, but she didn’t envy the wealthy. In her opinion the wealth is a poison for the owner.

Getting into the room, Eun Seol couldn’t avoid seeing Ji Heon’s funny underpants.

Ji Heon was shock finding his secretary at home.

While waiting for Ji Heon, Eun Seol looked around his room. She found the faceless model that reminded her to herself. But she didn’t realize it until she saw her own shoe and recalled about her poop-like hairstyle.

Ji Heon caught her with the shoe but Eun Seol abruptly took it off by saying it didn’t fit her foot. She then shaped her toes in a funny way.

Ji Heon said that he was keen to find the owner of that shoes, he’s still upset with her. Ji Heon even made the faceless model as board of dart. It’s so funny when Ji Heon’s throwing dart in that model, Eun Seol seemed to feel the pain too.

Seol Eun trying to make softer Ji Heon’s heart, she asked Ji Heon to forgive a bit..just a bit…that woman, obviously Ji Heon refused. Ji Heon even asked Eun Seol to help him to find that woman, if she is successful then Eun Seol was to become his permanent employee … hahahaha ..

Going to the office, they coincidently met the chairman on the way. Chairman Cha and Ji Heon did the usual father-disciplining his son in the elevator. Chairman Cha’s secretary told Eun Seol that they should work together to cover the cctv. But Eun Seol decided to protect her boss instead. The result was harsh. Chairman Cha was about to slap his own son, but the slap landed so hard on Eun Seol’s face. “Father, you’re so in trouble!” cried Ji Heon.

Chairman Cha paid medical cost for treating Eun Seol’s wound because of the slap. Eun Seol rejected it. She had another request, If one day Chairman Cha knew something bad about her, Chairman Cha must forgive her .. hahahaha.. Eun Seol’s still trying.

But eventually she accepted the money, Ji Heon told her to go to the hospital immediately, but Eun Seol declined, she said the wound would heal with her saliva.

Ji Heon was touched by Eun Seol action of defending him from his father. He then overheard the bullying Eun Seol had to endure. The two secretaries made Eun Seol washing the dishes and that just upset Ji Heon. He told Ji Heon to quit washing things other than his order. He also said that her rubber gloves making her spreading the bacteria in the room. Eun Seol didn’t get his true intention at first, but then Ji Heon explained, “You know that bacteria is so easy to spread. They don’t choose place and time. They can spread here,” he appointing one of the secretaries with his gesture, “and here!” then he jumped into in front of another secretary’s desk.

Ji Heon made Eun Seol cleaned the desk with the true intention of showing her the aidbox.

Eun Seol didn’t take her bruise (for the slap) seriously, and that made Ji Heon decided to help her apply the medicine on her cheek and when they realized the situation their face had already too close to each other.

Then Ji Heon decided to apply the medicine this way:

Ji Heon got a phonecall from his old secretary saying that he needed a recommendation letter for his new job. He told Ji Heon that he already found out who’s the girl from the night club incident. Eun Seol heard about it and then rushed down the building to find the old secretary.

She then used harm to threaten him not to let Ji Heon knew anything about her and she would take care of his recommendation letter as the compensation.

Ji Heon had to make a visit to the shopping mall. Initially he refused, but Eun Seol managed to convince him by saying “I’ll always be beside you,supporting you fully”.

After the event at mall, Ji Heon asked for a water, Eun Seol didn’t have it in her hand so she left immediately without notice. But then suddenly Ji Heon found himself in a big trouble. A troops of students were coming his way and he knew he’d get the attack soon. He cried out desperately for Noh Eun Seol.

When Eun Seol finally came, Ji Heon was already weak on the floor. He collapse in Eun Seol’s arms.

But after he’s conscious, Ji Heon pushed Eun Seol and scolded her for leaving him without permission, and forbade her to stay away from him.

That night, Ji Heon tried so hard to forget how Eun Seol held him and sooth him. He was more than touched I guess.

At home, Eun Seul’s trying to find out about the attacks that had been suffered by Ji Heon. She’s worried about her boss, she felt her boss had a problem. In the morning, at the office she also found the medicine inside his drawer.

Moo Won cheered up Eun Seol, because he knew it’s not easy to deal with his cousin.

Moo Won’s secretary gave some report to him. She said she had read the medical records Ji Heon and that boss is suffered from panic disorder. Hearing the info, Moo Won had a plan to knock out his cousin this time.

Moo won made the board agree that Ji Heon should be the one who delivered a speech on the company’s event. Ji Heon rejected, but Chairman Cha force him, he even pursue Ji Heon get to his room to ensure Ji Heon not disappoint this time.

After Chairman Cha left, Ji Heon brooding, Eun Seol watching her boss from the outside. he felt sympathy for Ji Heon.

Ji Heon was so nervous but he practiced so hard. After being sent away several times, Eun Seol finally got a permission to help him made a good speech.

But the illness stayed the same and nothing could change that. Ji Heon already stuttered in front of the audience in the beginning of his speech.

And then it got worsen by the presence of a woman on the far corner of the room. Ji Heon decided to leave the stage and told everyone that his secretary would do the rest of the speech.

The enemy was winning. The dad was disappointed again. And the secretary still had to finish the speech.

Eun Seol found Ji Heon alone playing game in his room. She just sat there beside him and joined the game. Ji Heon wondered why she didn’t say anything to sooth him while that’s the reason of her coming.

Eun Seol just asked him back, “Do you need to be consoled?”

Chairman Cha came into the room and let out his anger to his son. Ji Heon had embarrassed him in front of so many people. Chairman Cha scolded him and asked the reason Ji Heon stop the speech at that moment, but Ji Heon felt there was nothing to talk about that, eventually Chairman said “Get out of my house right now!” Ji Heon immediately left.

Eun Seol told Chairman Cha that Ji Heon definitely have an acceptable reason for to do that.

It seemed that Ji Heon had a serious past with the woman and ended up bad. He was so cold to that woman whose name was Seo Na Yoon. Apparently she knew Moo Won from the old days, but she said “…I will be able to return to Ji Heon’s side”


Eun Seol loyally followed him and that made him annoyed that he yelled to her to stop following him. But as soon as he realized that Eun Seol was gone, he went freaked out and cried out her name. Turned out Eun Seol didn’t go anywhere. He asked Eun Seol to stay because he didn’t bring his phone nor money.

Eun Seol offered Ji Heon to take a bus, but he refused it. Then she had to check on her ATM to see how much money she got to help them get a taxi. Turned out that her balance was as low as 13,800 Won. Ji Heon was so amazed by the number.

They did take a taxi but Eun Seol brought him to her place since Ji Heon didn’t go to hotel. She told him that she lived with a friend.

Ji Heon was just starting to give a sincere gratitude when he finally saw the pair of blue shoes! Eun Seol went panic and flew herself across the room to take the shoes out of Ji Heon’s sight.

So far, I found this drama so hillarious and interesting.
Although they offered us a cliche basic of the story, but it still feels fresh to watch the show.

This time is a collaboration work between Blossom and I. And we found it a bit hard since every writer has her won style and ego. But we like to try it and give the best.


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