Protect The Boss Episode 18 Summary (Final)

What Ji Heon just did was causing another chaotic situation in the company.
But he took Eun Seol for an escape. He tried to fix his relationship with her.
Eun Seol said he should say it all wasn’t true about her as the informant and now still dating him.
“I WAS dating you. It should be in the past tense.”
Ji Heon had Moo Won to take care of the problem in the office, so he had nothing to worry about…even facing Eun Seol.
“I didn’t say anything wrong, nor a lie. Unless you reveal who’s the real informant, no one will believe you. So just say it’s true that you’re the informant, don’t you think it’s cool? And for our dating…I never stop dating you, even for once. We ARE dating, but now we’re pretending that we are not dating.”

Meanwhile back in the office, everyone of course suspected Madam Shin as the person behind the chaotic to make Ji Heon’s image turned bad again because she’s after the permanent position as Chairman.
Moo Won warned her and yes it happened.
Whe she held the board meeting to discuss the matter, Chairman Cha burst in and assumed it’s her doing right away.
Even the grandmother thought it was her too and that made her called Madam Shin angryly and told her to step down the chairman position right away.

Madam Shin was mad and accused MAdam Hwang who was behind it all because she wanted to get a revenge because MAdam Shin broke up their friendship at first.
The two madams ended up having a girls’ fight of pulling each other’s hair.
This scene was hillarious that I didn’t even see it coming. I have to give the writer and director a two thumbs up for this idea of having two old ladies pulling each other’s hair.
thankfully Na Yoon came and called Moo Won.

Moo Won sending his crying mother home and told her to get some sleep right away to save her skin.
“Aren’t you going in too?”
“There’s another lady who’s crying other than you, mom.”
“I told you that you cannot be with Na Yoon!”

But Moo Won went consoling Na Yoon. He told her not to worry because her mother said she’d prefer death other than,letting her marry Moo Won.
Moo Won continued, “You said even during the time of war there was love. And we’re in the middle of that kind of war and we can still continue doing what we’ve always done.”

Chairman Cha summoned both Ji Heon and Eun Seol home.
He scolded Ji Heon for not keeping his promise. Ji Heon said he did, but it went just as far as getting back to the headquarter office, not to be the Chairman.
“Is it because of Noh Eun Seol? Did she ask you to give up everything?”
“No. And I was the one chasing her because she was mad at me.”
“So you’re chasing a girl who doesn’t like you?”
“No, Chairman, I like him,” Eun Seol made a surprising confession. “And I did tell him to do whatever he wants, that’s probably why he consider to do this.”
Then Chairman kicked them both out of his house.

They went to Eun Seol’s place and that made the tired-of-your-pretense,-Eun Seol-and-Ji Heon! Myeong Ran to sleep at Na Yoon’s place.
Na Yoon and Moo Won was being romantic.
She asked him to sing her a lullaby.. He was in the middle of his singing when he suddenly read another shocking news on the internet.

But that night there’s an update news about Eun Seol’s past.
The news were getting nasty,talking about Eun Seol being school’s punk, trouble maker and even saying that she act like a gangster in the office bullying the other collegues.
From all the news, only one thing that made Ji Heon disappointed on her: her high-school’s hairstyle. :D
So that night Ji Heon slept over at Eun Seol’s place.

The next day Ji Heon had to face the board director.
They asked him to step down his position. But it’s not that bad because Ji Heon remained the biggest stakeholder. And most of all, he’s happy.

But it’s kind of making Eun Seol as the company’s biggest enemy.
Everyone couldn’t help staring Eun Seol and gossiping about her.
Even Na Yoon had to step forward facing a couple of secretaries who were staring at and speaking bad about Eun Seol.
The war seemed to be tiring for the girls, and that inspired her, “I think we need to go on vacation together this weekend.”

They went for a double date that weekend.It’s so fun watching the pairs hanging out together, leaving all the burdens behind for awhile.
They went cycling, taking funny pictures, and having nice dinner together.

This time it was Madam Hwang and Madam Shin’s turn to be on the spotlight.
Someone leak the DN Group’s slush fund information to the press, but this time Madam Hwang was dragged along because the slush fund was related to her gallery business.

The leak was none other than Manager Park. He did that to ask forgiveness from the Chairman.

Chairman Cha was busy with his community service, but Eun Seol came right after Manager Park.
She also begged for forgiveness and asked for his blessing for her relationship with Ji Heon.
Chairman Cha kept saying no and sending her away, but it wasn’t Noh Eun Seol if she gave up easily.
She tried many ways to get Chairman Cha’s approval.

The two madams were also doing community service. Na Yoon was sticking at them asking for approval for her relationship with Moo Won.
It’s funny that one minute she’s saying “I will treat Moo Won nicely” to Madam Shin and another minute saying, “Moo Won is a good man, mother,” to MAdam Hwang.

Meanwhile Ji Heon was trying his best to beg for approval from Eun Seol’s father.
He’s having a hard time with Mr. Noh. Eun Seol came to help him begging.
At first she did it in a cool way that she challenged her father for a battle, but then…she ended up whining like a little girl “Daddyyyyy…” :lol:

Na Yoon was struggling when Moo Won said he’d come over.
She had to clean up her messy place and then tried to cook some food, but she ended up making another mess in the kitchen.
Moo Won came and saw what happen in the kitchen. It was so heart-melting when hearing the comment coming out his mouth was, “Did you hurt yourself?”
The innocent Na Yoon just startled and said no. “It’s fine, then,” said Moo Won.
Then he showed off his secret hobby to his girlfriend: cooking.
It was quite a jaw dropping scene :D.

I think the two couples are very interesting. In Ji Heon-Eun Seol side, it was more likely to say that Ji Heon was the one who gets so lucky to have Eun Seol.
This woman changed his life in a very positive way. And above all, she was a superhero woman.
In Na Yoon-Moo Won side, of course it was Na Yoon who gets so lucky to have an almost perfect man like Moo Neu Nim.
He’s unquestionably handsome, wealthy, smart, built body, and voila! he’s also good in cooking!
God, if only there’re more Moo-Won-like men out there, please bring them to us… :D

Ji Heon had a serious father and son conversation with Chairman Cha. He asked like an adult to his father to give him a permission to marry Eun Seol.
He gave some time for his father to think everything over, saying that he would only lose to his son at the end eventually.
Chairman Cha had a thought, and at the end he finally gave his blessing.
It was a touching moment when Ji Heon hugged his father tightly and Chairman Cha hugged him back.
“Thank you, father.”

Ji Heon had a romanctic dinner with Eun Seol, planning to propose her.
Eun Seol right guessed it and it upset Ji Heon, but he proceed on his plan.
He made the 3 times combo of saying “I love you, Noh Eun Seol” : the tea cup, the nut and the dooly doll.

But it didn’t end there. Ji Heon sang her a song to express his love to her.
The proposal went right after he sang.

“Noh Eun Seol, when we marry, let’s do it for love.”
And then there went the rings and Ji Heon asked for the answer.
“Isn’t it enough?” Eun Seol got up, kissed Ji Heon and then hugged him.
“It’s more than enough,” said Ji Heon.

And then the wedding day came.
A pickpocket was making a scene by grabbing Na Yoon’s purse.
But Eun Seol stopped the pickpocket by kicking a soda can towards him. Her biggest concern was their wedding rings.
It turned out that the wedding rings were no where to be found because Na Yoon forgot to bring them.

They held a simple but beautiful wedding ceremony.

Eun Seol narrated: “What will tomorrow look like for us?”
Then we could see the progress of Manager Jang’s blind date that would probably work out at last.

Ji Heon narrated: “Some of us will face an unexpected event.”
We could see Manager Park’s life after DN Group. He ran a small but successful bakery.
And the part-timer boy looked fine with his life.
“Some others will leave their destructive lives.”

Myeong Ran was going abroad for a wrestling championship. She avoid Na Yoon and Eun Seol following her to the airport because it was going to be very hard for her.
So she just had Secretary Kim to drive her there.

The two madams are still good friends and planning for being greddy by discussing the way to make Moo Won as the Chairman.
Meanwhile the grandmother enjoyed her life like she always had.
And finally Chairman Cha was back to the office as the company’s chairman.

All those happiness pictures walked along Ji Heon and Eun Seol walking on the altar.
They finally took their vows, but they had to subtitute their wedding rings with a decorative small wires…thanks to Na Yoon.

Ji Heon ran a happy successful life outside DN Group. He had been giving lectures in universities about how to be a good manager.
In a TV interview he said that the key was to find a good person to love. This way some one would think to do the best to make his/her partner love what he/she does and wont be embarassed by his/her wrongdoings in business.
He added, “I was so lucky to have met such a great person.”

Meanwhile Na Yoon and Moo Won are joyful as always.
It’s so funny when Na Yoon asked Moo Won when they’re getting married. “I’ve grown up a lot,” she said.
But then Moo Won set a certain height for Na Yoon’s height to meet that requirement to let them get married.
This couple is so funny.

And Eun Seol and Ji Heon finally wrap up their story with a beautiful ending.

Oooohhh I’m gonna miss this drama. Surely i’m going to get the dvd when they come out.
Thank you for following this summary.
I’ll see you again soon in the next project ;)

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