Protect The Boss Episode 5 Summary

The teleconference was Eun Seol’s idea. She got it when her dad video called her early in the morning to ask her about an article published on newspaper that contained her picture protecting her boss from the press.

Eun Seol came in a rush to Ji Heon’s room, made him out of bed and brought him to an office near theirs. Then she asked some help from Myeong Ran and Secretary Kim (Ji Heon’s old secretary) to set up everything needed for the teleconfrence while she went running to the meeting room.

Ji Heon’s presentation on making the netizen as their priority market target impressed the board. His father was the happiest man in that room. He’s proud of his son, maybe for the first time after a long time. The only person who looked so upset was of course Madam Shin, Moo Won’s mom.

After the meeting, Eun Seol couldn’t help herself to run back to her friends and boss. She hugged them one by one, but when it came to Ji Heon, they felt something awkward so they abruptly let go of each other.

However, there’s no celebration for this because Ji Heon had to attend the executive gatherings. Ji Heon told Eun Seol to go home and take some sleep as soon as she finish cleaning up at the office.

Moo Won found the cheerful Eun Seol alone washing dishes in the office’s pantry. He asked her out for a meal.

To Eun Seol he let out his burden after being scolded by his own mother. He said he thought he’d been a very good son, so he had no idea how to work harder than what he’d done. Then Eun Seol got an idea of letting him be in the dark side for just once.

They went to several places like clubs, but Moo won just worried so much about his reputation. So they just watching an open concert and drink some beers at the park.

Moo Won ended up badly drunk, so Eun Seol had to call Ji Heon (who had been trying to send the ‘night checking’ text to her) for a help.

After sending Moo Won home Ji Heon sent Eun Seol home. He couldn’t help himself to ask her if she like Cha Moo Won. Instead of answering him, Eun Seol couldn’t help herself to get a confirmation about something, “Director, do you really have me in your mind? Do you like me?”

Ji Heon said that he must be crazy, and she’s ugly and clumsy…But Eun Seol ask again, “So just answer me, do you like me or not?” Ji Heon then cutely confess “Choa.” (“I like you”).

When Ji Heon asked her to tell him how she felt, she just said, “Go back to your sanity, please.” She said she care more about her work and other people’s opinions that wouldn’t be any benefit for both of them. She said she was a selfish person, even though she knew Ji Heon’s heart was hurt. But for her, keeping the professional relationship was more important for their both’s sakes. She threatened him that if he continued on trying to lure her, she’d resign from her job.

Ji Heon was so broken hearted that night that he felt his heart was aching.

The rest of their week they both acted strangely. Eun Seol kept her spirit and tried not to be in touch with Ji Heon very often, until Ji Heon figured out that Eun Seol didn’t really mean her threat.

Ji Heon suddenly told his father that he needed a break from the work for awhile.

Manager Park was officially Madam Shin’s spy. He kept reporting things Chairman Cha and Ji Heon did.

Meanwhile, Na Yoon’s mom got someone tailed Eun Seol and got more information about her. She got many pictures of Eun Seol with Moo Won the other night, and Eun Seol’s father’s whereabout.

Na Yoon called Eun Seol to tell her not to get close to Ji Heon out side of work. Eun Seol confirmed her that she had no that kind of feeling towards Ji Heon and she said she would support Na Yoon.

Chairman Cha felt hopeless about his own son and aknowledge Eun Seol’s achievement so far. That’s why he summoned her to ask her to keep doing her best as Ji Heon’s secretary to help him. He’s relying on her to change Ji Heon to be a proper person.  Eun Seol felt proud and burden in the same time.

Eun Seol was sexual harrassed on the bus by a pervert guy. She hit him bad and they ended up at the police station. Myeong Ran called Ji Heon to set things up with his money. When the pervert guy smugly thought he won, outside the police station, Ji Heon gave him a punch. And when the pervert guy punched him back, Eun Seol hit him down with a single hard punch.

Ji Heon agreed without any hesitation when Eun Seol told him that she would consider accepting his heart with a condition that he would do a training to overcome his disorder to become a proper person.

The grandma lost her car and figured out something like the last time happened with her shoes.

Yes, Ji Heon took her car and gave it to Eun Seol. He said it’s a company property and she needed it for work. Eun Seol refused it, but Myeong Ran just took the key car. And then Ji Heon made Eun Seol drive him back to his house.

Na Yoon’s mom showed the pictures to Moo Won’s mom. But this time they already got the ones that Ji Heon and also Eun Seol was hitting someone.

Ji Heon told Eun Seol that he would give her all the references he got about the panic attack disorder. He gave her so many books to read in his room.

At another place, Na Yoon showed Moo Won the pictures she got and told him what her mother’s doing and what his mother might have known.

And then he sent her home. Na Yoon was upset about herself and Moo Won tried to console her. But she said she wouldn’t fall for his seduction once again and instead would continue on fighting to win Ji Heon’s heart back. She said it’s only Ji Heon who could love her unconditionally. Then Moo Won told her that if she fail in the future (of winning Ji Heon’s heart back) she could come to him. He would accept her. Yeah, he surely like her, but hate the fact that Na Yoon’s heart was only for Ji Heon. Then he leaned and they kissed.

Back in Ji Heon’s room. Eun Seol was reading about a difficult explanation on the book and then made a cute expression. Ji Heon couldn’t help it but to kiss her! :D

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