Rooftop Prince Episode 2 Summary

Rooftop Prince previous episode was just introduction, and in this episode the wacky things happened. I think i’m gonna stuck on this drama for a while, they are too cute to be ignored.

The Prince and buddies were bewildered when they looked at the modern Seoul at night. They got confused with those light.

They think it was a dangerous place. They asked Park Ha, whom they think as a witch, to sen them back to the palace.
Park Ha finally drove those crazy guys with her truck. For Park Ha they were just youths who got in trouble and confused. After driving them to Chandok palace’s front gate, Park Ha left them.

Of course Chandok palace in present is different with Chandok palace in their era. Police officer came to ban them to get closer to the gate and asked them to go home if the filming was over, because he thought they’re just sageuk actors. :lol:

But these noblemen were getting confused and dazzled with the city, because those things are new for them, the car, the trafic light., those things made them overwhelmed.

The Prince was separated from his guards. He was staring some girls who were eating the noodles. Then he went inside to the shop and  forced the shop girl to give him the same noodles, he’s really hungry.

Of course the girl called the police, and turn out the (same) police came alongside with Prince’s buddies, the officer just gave them a warning. they were just the very hungry noblemen.

But when the officer arrived in the police office he’s surprised that those silly guys finally ended behind the bar, apparantely the other police officers caught them because they forced to entered the Chandok palace without tickets. :lol: They just wanted to go home.

The police officer asked their ID, but their answers made the officer getting confused. He thought these guys were just playing with him and just wanted to made him mad.

The officer said they can be released if they mention their guardian. After the police explained who is guardian and how to contact the guardian. Song Man Bo, thanks to his detective-instinct, remembered Park Ha’s car number.

Park Ha delivered some groceries to Se Na’s apartement, Se Na wasn’t there, but mysteriously the door was opened, finally she came inside. But she was startled because there was a guy who was just wearing a towel, it was Tae Moo. At the same time, Se Na came, and Park Ha left them.

At the parking lot, Tae Moo just reliazed that the girl whom he just met at Se Na’s apartement was the same girl whom he met in New York city, the apple girl. And he thought that she would become his trouble in the future, because it’s realted to the missing Tae Yong.

Back to the Jeoson guys behind the bar, Song Man Bo didn’t know how to spell Park Ha’s car number. So based on his memories he drew them. And in the morning, those guy were already in front of Park Ha’s apartement.

Finally Park Ha let them to come into her room because they were so hungry, for two days without meals. She made them omelet, they really love that dish.

And when Park Ha met some new people from the same flat as hers outside, the ancient guys were making chaotic in her room. They broke the television and rice cooker, burned the curtain, and slaughtered the teddy bear..her room became messy. Those guys thought those things were threats for the Prince because they thought there’s evil inside those “speaking” things.

Because of them, Park Ha didn’t let them leave because they had to pay for those damages. They must clean the mess. After re-dressed them with  colorful trainingsuit, since Park Ha didn’t asked their name, she called them, Lee Gak, the prince, as Red Man, Song Man Bo as Green Man, Woo Yeong Seol as Blue Man, and Do Chi San as Yellow Man :lol:  Actually their colors remind me of mask hero…you know, Power Rangers. :D

To pay their debt (the television, the rice cooker, the curtain, the teddy bear) they become Park Ha’s slave. They must go with her to deliver the groceries, and help her in the market.

Tae Moo asked Se Na about Park Ha, but Se Na ,who always jealous to Park Ha, get wrong, she think Tae Moo has a feeling for Park Ha.

So, Se Na asked Park Ha to meet at cafe. Se Na warned Park Ha to get out of her life and her mother, since they weren’t blood sister.  Park Ha was shock to hear that, after coming back from US they’re the only family she had. She’s really sad.

Meanwhile, the Prince outside the cafe saw Se Na. Her face really looked like his wife, the Princess. He chased her but too bad, he didn’t know there was a glass-wall in front of him, he hit the wall and fainted.

Park Ha brougt him to the hospital, his nose was injured, but before he got scanned the nose, the stubborn Prince ran away to look for the crown princess. He believed Se Na was really the crown princess. Park Ha managed to made him comeback to  hospital.

But while he was waiting, Tae Yong’s grandmother looked him. The grandmother searched for him but he’d gone.

Based on her vision at the hospital, the fact that Tae Yong ignored her told her that it was just her imagination. The grandma started to reduce her emotion and accept the fact that Tae Yong had really gone, since almost two years he is missing. Then she also agreed when Tae Moo wants to replace Tae Yong to live with her. It was a big step for Tae Moo. He’s closer to the gold.

The prince couldn’t sleep, he remembered the Princess. And Park Ha couldn’t sleep either because Se Na’s words. Then both of them ended on Park Ha’s bench, having the alcohol and whipped cream. When Park Ha got drunk and her face became red. Then the Prince held his face with his cool hand to made her cooler. Hohoho..they both were so cute. Park Ha asked the Prince if he really did come from 300 years ago, the Prince said yes.

In the morning, Park Ha taught the guys so many modern things:  brushing teeth, and flushing the toilet (which made Song Man Bo regreted something, he put the water into his mouth to extinguish the fire in the curtain the day before) :lol: .

They also learned how to using the microwave, turn on the stove, studying the traffic light. But they took off their shoes when they got into the bus. :lol:

And the most hilarious thing was when they bowed to 10.000 won when Park Ha taught them about daily trading. On that money was a printing of King Sejong’s face. :lol:

Se Na’s mother asked some help from Park Ha to help Se Na moving someone’s belonging with her truck. Since Se Na’s mother was good to her, Park Ha couldn’t refuse her request.

Apparently, it was Tae Yong’s  house and the things she had to remove was his belongings. She came with the four guys, but left the Prince alone because she and the three other guys had to search for some the boxes and rods.

The Prince, who was alone, was admitted into the house. As an innocent guy, he just walked in to the house and ended at Tae Yong’s room. He was surprised when he saw Tae Yong’s picture, it’s his own face!

And the grandmother suddenly came to room, and she startled because she looked her beloved grandson, Tae Yong, and the Prince was just speechless when grandmother hugged him.

Park Ha and the buddies came back, but they lost the Prince. But Park Ha finally met Se Na and Tae Moo.  Se Na looked unhappy meeting her, while Tae Moo felt uneasy. He worried if Park Ha recognized him. But thank goodness for him, Park Ha, didn’t realized it.

And inside, Tae Moo got a surprise. His grandmother brought a big news: Tae Yong has comeback. Both the Prince and Tae Moo were startled when they saw each other.

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