Rooftop Prince Episode 3 Summary

For me Rooftop Prince is like cotton candy, so pretty and fluffy to look, and so sweet and light to taste.

Of course Lee Gak didn’t know Tae Yong’s grandmother, he pushed grandma, until she fell. Then he called Yeong Seol to finish up Tae Moo, grandma fainted, Park Ha and others went inside, but Tae Moo who was in pain asked them to just go away. They left the house in a mess.

Park Ha was very angry with what they had done. They are always troublesome for her. When Lee Gak said he wanted to rip her mouth because this woman was too fussy, Park Ha  was getting angry and gave him an ultimatum. If he’s being rude again to someone else and use banmal (informal speech) then he will be unforgiven.

Instead of disappointed, grandma felt sad because Tae Yong, her beloved grandson, didn’t recognize her and being rude to her. She thought Tae Yong was suffered, living a misserable-traumatic life for two years until he didn’t know himself anymore. She forced Tae Moo to bring that man on red track suit back immediately. She also asked her secretary, Se Na, to find that guy. Actually Tae Moo was shock that the guy really looked like his cousin.

Park Ha redress the cavemen with ordinary clothes. Since people around them said that with those rainbow tracksuit they looked like a traffic light.  She grabbed some clothes, pants, and shoes from drop box for used-things (usually the Korean collecting the used-things on those boxes, for re-use for someone else for free).

Then she told them to use rest room on the near by building to change their clothes.
But they didn’t go to the rest room (because they couldn’t read hangeul -not yet invented-), instead they got into an elevator. And of course the crazy things happened. The door opened on each floor, so many people (mostly women) watched them almost naked…from the women in gym class to school girls who thought they’re perverts. :lol:

Tae Moo believed that the guy on red-track suit wasn’t his cousin, but he ordered someone to investigate  Park Ha secretly, because he think Park Ha was related to that guy and (especially) his cousin.

When they passed Chonduk Palace, Lee Gak forced Park Ha to stop  the car, absolutely Park Ha rejected his request. But finally, Park Ha mada a deal with him, if he being nice and help them to clean the shop together, she will take him to Chonduk Palace. Lee Gak accepted that deal, he worked hard, the prince held the broom  for the first time, the buddies looked worry but its for the sake the Chonduk Palace.

Actually, Tae Moo has already across Park Ha’s shop, he watched them from a far.
The prince had got a small cut in his finger. The buddies were panic looking at the blood on prince’s finger. They asked the prince to raise his hand to stopped the bleeding…really, this technique was so silly. But the silly prince practiced the technique, but Park Ha had a much better modern idea>> band-aid.

After Park Ha went to the pharmacy to bought band aid for Lee Gak, she met Tae Moo (Tae Moo made that meeting as a coincident). He tried to get close and make friend with Park Ha, that the only way to him to dig up information about the guy on red-track suit.

Tae Moo asked her about that guy, he said he got suspisious about that guy because he came alone to house, Park Ha just replied that he was her employee, he came alone to the house because she asked him to go inside while she searched the boxes and robes on other places. Then Tae Moo said to Park Ha if someone asking her about that guy, just tell them that she didn’t know that guy, Tae Moo said because those people will ask her about compensation fee for the mess in his house.

Before leaving, Tae Moo handed over a VIP voucher with a hugh nominal for Park Ha.

Park Ha was little bit confused because that day, so many people asked her about the guy on red-track suit, even Se Na. But Park Ha remembered Tae Moo’s words about compensation fee so she just said that the guy only her temporary-employee, she hired him just for that day.

Actually, this couple, Se Na and Tae Moo, dishonest towards each other. Tae Moo keeps his dirty secret about Tae Yong, while Se Na said to tae Moo that her mother lives on London. To be sure Se Na couldn’t answer when Tae Moo asked her to got vacation on this summer to London to meet her mother.

Back to rooftop and the colorful tracksuit, Park Ha continued to give them some lesson. This time about the modern Korean alphabet. They were really serious following the lesson.

As the deal, Park Ha took the prince to Chonduk Palace. On that place Lee Gak recalled about his beloved wife. Park Ha didn’t know the reason but she felt sorry when she saw Lee Gak cried at Bu Yong pond.

She gave him a coffee but Lee Gak hate the bitter taste, made his eyes water he said.

Park Ha forced Lee Gak to come with her to a village. There was something they had to do there
On the train, Park Ha who still curoius about his tears asked him why he cried in the palace, but Lee Gak dodge, he said it was because the bitter drink (the coffee) his eyes get teary. But finally he begged Park Ha never to tell his servants that she saw he cried. Park Ha take his beg as the deal. For that secret she ordered Lee Gak to use chondaemal to other people when he speaks. So, Lee Gak obeyed,  he used chondaemal when he ordered the snack to the attendant, but actually he wasn’t only used chondaemal, he also put the aegyeo on his speech…suddenly Lee Gak became so girly here. :lol:

Actually they came to that village to get the half-price strawberries, but with condition, they had to picked the fruit themselves. Park Ha worked alone, because Lee Gak refused to help her. Park Ha threatened him that he would be kicked out from the Rooftop, but Lee Gak just left her alone.

Lee Gak walked around the village and found the hanja calligraphy  (the ancient letter), but when he got closer to touch, the board, fell and broke.
The villagers asked him to be responsible, he must make a new calligraphy. Since he’s the joseon Prince, that punishment was too easy for him. How shocked the villagers were when they saw his calligraphy, really was beautiful.
And because of his precious hand, finally the villagers came to the field to help Park Ha picking the strawberries.

Park Ha brought Lee Gak to amusement park, Lee Gak really hooked on cotton candy, he thought it was sweet and delicious. And they both ended on a doll grab-and-go-machine. With their cooperation finally they got the radish doll.

The funniest thing happened when Park Ha said in that the floating one (balloon) was sweet air if he inhaled. She know that Lee Gak really like somethings sweet. So willingly Lee Gak inhaled the air in the balloon with his mouth, then….his voice getting high, you know like the voice of the chipmunk in the movie…Park Ha’s revenge  success. :lol:

Another crazy thing also happened when the buddies looked prince’s face on smartphone, they gave the bow while Lee Gak bewildered with that technology.

On the train back to Seoul, Lee Gak finally let Park Ha leaned on his shoulder to let her sleep, under the glare of an elder couple across them. Earlier Lee Gak pushed Park Ha’s head away roughly.

Park Ha brought the mother to buy present for her birthday. She wanted to use the voucher. But while they were looking around, there were  also Se Na and Tae Moo on that place.

Tae Moo greeted  Park Ha. But before Tae Moo saw her mother, Se Na managed to drag away her mother from that place.

Finally the family member gathered in a restaurant. The mother was really happy that her step daughter really loved her. She gave her so many presents and even reservation on that place to celebrate her birthday.

The mother asked Park Ha to accompany her to the rest room and left Se Na alone. But actually mother just wanted to ask about the guy on red-track suit, she said that Se Na’s boss really wanted meet that guy, Park Ha had to help Se Na. Without notice, suddenly Se Na left that place, she just said she had got an important matter.

Finally, Park Ha brought Lee Gak to Se Na’s office, but she let Lee Gak inside alone, telling she would pick him up later and not to move a bit before she got there.

Tae Moo met him first, absolutely he wanted to made this guy disappear before meeting the grandma, but too bad for him, grandma’s sister, came and immediately brought him to grandma.

In front of the grandma he introduced himself as Lee Gak who’s looking for his crown princess. And when he was asked about what happened two years ago, he said he didn’t remember anything (before that meeting, Park Ha gave him directions, he banned to talk about joseon things, if he did it well she would make omelet rice for dinner). Then he said to grandma that he wasn’t her grandson, he was someone else.

Grandma got sad looking at him. Tae Moo looked worry, but finally he relieved that mystery about the guy on red-track suit has solved, he wasn’t Tae Yong.
Lee Gak refused the taxi fare from Tae Moo. He chose the yogurt and walked away.

Lee Gak ended on fashion show event. He’s shocked looking at the female models in bikinis. But he became more shocked when he looked the woman behind the stage, she was the woman who look like the princess, Se Na. He dropped the yogurt and shouted “Princess!” Then he ran approached her and hugged her.

Se Na shocked and slapped him. The guards dragged him from Se Na, while he was crying and  kept shouting  “Princessssss!!!”

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