Rooftop Prince Episode 5 Summary

Actually I don’t like this episode of Rooftop Prince, to much coincidence here…yeah..I know it’s just a drama, but i think…mmm…i don’t know, maybe when i watched this episode my mood wasn’t good…sorry..

For a while Grandma believed on Lee Gak’s confession. Tae Moo was getting frantic because he knew that guy wasn’t Tae Yong. He believed that Tae Yong had already dead two years ago.

Se Na talked to Park Ha that she didn’t want her true background revealed especially in front of Tae Moo. If Tae Moo knew that her mother wasn’t a professor in London but just a seller in fish market, and Park Ha is her step sister, it will ruin her plan to marry him. Because of that she wants Park Ha to go back to US soon.

Park Ha back to rooftop alone since Grandma brought Lee Gak home.Park Ha looked so sad, maybe it’s because of Se Na’s words. But thankfully there were still the guys. It seemed they really happy after washing their long hair. Looking at those long hairs, Park Ha had an idea to cut their hair tomorrow morning, but their response was really exaggerate. They resit that plan. They said they’d rather die than have the hair cut. :lol:

Oh yeah for Joseon noblemen, their hair was the same as their dignity.

On Tae Yong’s room, Lee Gak got conclusion why he jumped into modern days. He believed he came for replacing his reincarnation, Tae Yong, maybe Tae Yong who called him. But is Tae Yong really died???

Lee Gak asked to Grandma to buy Park Ha’s rooftop. Lee Gak thought Park Ha planned to leave Seoul because she’s kicked out from the rooftop, so if Grandma bought him the rooftop, Park Ha wouldn’t go to US. Grandma agreed to buy the rooftop, but she had one condition, he had to cut the hair..of course it became a dillema for the prince…

Park Ha was packing her belongings when Lee Gak came. Lee Gak and the buddies didn’t want Park Ha to leave. Park gave them back their Joseon clothes and Yeong Seol’s sword.

Lee Gak apologized, he realized his curse that night made Park Ha hurt, he said he didn’t know that her business ruined. Park already forgave him, but she still decided to leave Korea.

Park Ha was still curious if Lee Gak was really the grandma’s grandson or not. Lee Gak replied without a doubt “That’s right!”

Park Ha handed over the embroidery to Lee Gak. He was surprised because the butterfly on that embroidery is back because as he knew that butterfly had flown out from the embroidery. It was so weird…

Hearing about the butterfly suddenly Park Ha remembered about thr sketch on the postcard. She opened the can and saw the sketch, but Becky and Mimi came to her room in a rush. Mimi dropped the can, and the goods inside were scattered. They were shocked Park Ha would leave Korea.

The prince announced to his servants that they have to cut the hair. For the first time the servants were against his will. The prince explained that was the way for them to blend on this era and also to save the rooftop. The servant was getting crazy, even Yeong Seol planned to commit a suicide. :lol:

Mimi was back to her room, but then she realized that she took the wrong phone. She thought it belonged to Lee Gak since there was his photo on that phone.

Tae Moo was still had a tactic to get rid that guy. He asked grandma to take DNA test for that guy, to prove that he was really Tae Yong. Grandma finally agreed. But when the nurse wanted to get some sample from his body, Lee Gak got confused and anxious and he became frantic until he dropped the cell phone. Aunty Wang picked up the phone and she saw Tae Yong and Grandma’s faces on that phone. Grandma ordered Tae Moo to call Tae Yong’s number, then the phone was ringing…Yeah it’s clear for them that he was really Tae Yong, (thanks to Mimi) ;)

Too bad for Tae Moo if that phone was really Tae Yong’s so it meant that the evidence of his crime was still there. Actually he worried, if the guy was really his causin, Yong Tae Yong???

Thanks to Aunty Wang who wanted to know what happened two years ago in US, they decided to see the data in Tae Yong’s phone, but the phone was secured by password number. When they asked Tae Yong, of course he just said “I don’t remember it”
Se Na said that the phone could be unlocked in the service centre. Grandma asked Tae Moo to accompany Tae Yong there. Tae Moo was really scared if his crime would be unveiled. In the car he let Lee Gak forgot about the phone and eventually got it in his hands and turned it off. Lee Gak had no idea about that. He lost the phone, so nothing to be unlocked.

The mother came to Se Na’s apartment,asking her to help Park Ha by lending her some money. Se Na refused mother’s request. She never thought of Park Ha as her sister. Actually Se Na didn’t like her mother coming to her apartment without notice. And when Tae Moo called her that he was on the way to her apartment, Se Na forced her mother to leave immediately, until mother forgot her bag.

Se Na pretended that she was still outside, so Tae Moo came alone to her apartment. Tae Moo planned to break the phone with a stone, but just one hit he could do because suddenly Se Na came back. To hide the phone, he dropped it inside the mother’s bag.

When Tae Moo was back to Se Na’s apartment the bag was gone because a few minutes before, Se Na’s mother came back to take that bag. Se Na told him that the bag was on the trash, Tae Moo relieved hearing that. He didn’t bother anymore about that phone.

Park Ha had packed her belongings, just left the radish doll in her arms.

Lee Gak finally invited his servants to Tae Yong’s house. Grandma and aunty Wang thought they were artists due to their long hair, and eccentric style. They four confused with the dinner dish, the steak. They didn’t know how to eat with knife and fork. Finally Yeong Seol used his sword, and it made Grandma and Aunty Wang freaked out. :lol:

Lee Gak explained to his servant that on this era he was no longer the Crown Prince. He must become his reincarnation, Yong Tae Yong. It’s for the sake of the crown princess’s reincarnation. He got some conclusions  that he thought Yong Tae Yong disappeared in this era connected with the crown princess’s murder in Joseon era.

When Lee Gak came to Park Ha’s apartment he saw Park Ha almost jump off the rooftop. He grabbed her body and hugged her tight…actually Park Ha didn’t want to jump, her ornament dropped and she was trying to reach that.

Actually Lee Gak came to treat Park Ha soju and whipped cream. It’s his treat for that night and also because the Prince really liked the sweet taste.

Then Park Ha asked him if he was really Tae Yong then how old he is. He just said that he didn’t remember. Park Ha sighed that she also didn’t remember about her life. She had no good memories especially about her parents.

She said every time she had hard times she always imagined that one day she would go for vacation to the place with palm trees. She showed the tropical beach scenery on her phone to Lee Gak.

Then she talked about her ornament which came from palm seed,that thing like a charm for her, can bring the money, love, and health. She gave the ornament to Lee Gak. She thought Lee Gak needed to make a wish with that thing.

Lee Gak begged Park Ha to stay in rooftop. She said she had to go since she had no bussiness in Seoul any more.

On Tae Yong’s house. Man Bo, Chi San, and Yeong Seol planned to hold a ceremony for Man Bo’s mother memorial. They changed their modern clothes to Joseon clothes. Chi San had a duty to find some fruits for altar, but when he was searching for the fruits in the refrigerator he found chilli sauce. He just knew that it was for omurice. Since he was crazy about the omurice  he ate that souce from the bottle..but grandma came to kitchen and found Chi Can with mouth full of sauce…he looked like a vampire…the terrified grandma fainted. :lol:

Then Yeong Soel had to find the table. He asked aunty Wang on her bed. Aunty Wang freaked out because she thought he was the grim reaper..”don’t take me, i can’t die!” then she also fainted. :lol:

But when the ceremony was held, the housekeeper came with her masker face. The three thought she was Man Bo’s mother spirit…this time they’re the ones who fainted. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Grandma borrowed Lee Gak and the buddies a car and a driver to the office, but the buddies who used to ride with Park Ha’s truck chose trunk instead of passanger seats.

They four came to the office to find the crown princess’s reincarnation (Se Na) but they failed because they’re banned to enter to the building because of their long hair.

Therefore there is no other way than to had their hair cut. The servants went hysterical but the prince already decided.

When Park Ha waver, Lee Gak and the buddies came. Park Ha thought they came to stop her, but Lee Gak said “We came here to take one last memorial picture”. Then Park Ha took photos of them…they looked so cute like a family.

They went to a hairstylist to have their hair cut.It’s hard at first but finally Lee Gak decided to be cut first, with teary eyes the servants followed the prince.

With new hair, Lee Gak rushed to rooftop, but Park Ha was already gone. He chased the bus, but almost hit by the truck. He was shocked. But then he saw the board on the truck. It was the tropical beach scenery like the picture on Park Ha’s phone. He forced the driver to sell it to him, and with his unlimited black card he did not only manage to buy that board, but also got the driver to catch up Park Ha’s bus.

Park Ha was surprise seeing Lee Gak chasing her. Then finally Lee Gak could stop the bus and got in to it. He scolded Park Ha who go without permission. Park Ha thought that their last memorial pictures was their way to say goodbye to her. Lee Gak said “We planned to had out hair cut, so it was memorial picture for us” So it was their way to say goodbye to their long hair. :lol:

He said she could’t go anywhere. She even got her tropical beach. Then Lee Gak grabbed Park Ha’s hand to drag her out from the bus.

Park Ha gave up on leaving Korea for US.
Then finally she realized Lee Gak’s new hair..Lee Gak looked shy.

Then they both sat in front of the beach board. Lee Gak said that from that time she would create good memories. Park Ha just smiled.

Park Ha almost fell because she was surprised by a horn. Thankgoodness, Lee Gak immediately grabbed her body, yeaaah..they embraced each other again..

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