“Secret Agent Miss Oh” Episode 1-2 Summary

I think it was a very good idea for me to give “Secret Agent Miss Oh” a try.
It is a very entertaining drama. Lots of laughs, guarantee!

After getting dumped by her boyfriend, Mansu, Oh Ha Na’s misfortune continued by being suspected to have any connection with criminal organization. She was dragged to the NISA office to be interrogated by Go Jin Hyok. Ha Na comically bumped her face to the table for assuring Jin Hyeok that she had no idea what he’s talking about and she had no connection to whatever he suspected her. She just as simple as got dumped by her boyfriend ater 3 years of dating. Finding nothing, Jin Hyeok finally decided to release Ha Na. For Jin Hyeok, it was just a little stumble in tracking the drug criminals he’s been chasing, but for Ha Na, her interrogated by NISA resulted 2 weeks detention.

Off the job means no money. And money comes before everything for Ha Na.
She promised her mother to make them move to a better apartment.
Like mother like daughter, they both characteristically disturbed.
Something’s really wrong with the way they think, especially when it comes to money matter.

Being suspended from her work, Ha Na wandered around and stopped by the loan shark dude. There she met a new comer, Geun Bae, playing card with the loan shark dude. Ha Na didn’t really pay any attention to what both guys talking about, all she cared for was how to tricked them both to pay her some money from the healthy drink she gave them.

Ha Na was seeking for her mother in a nightclub for the wallpaper money.
She had given the money to her mother to renovate their rent house’s wallpaper, since the old lady who rent the place kept nagging and threatened them by the words “I’m thinking about moving out.” No rented room means no money for them, so Ha Na burst out to the night club to avoid her mother from spending the money for unnecessary items she’s fond to buy from strangers.

The mother was actually meeting Geun Bae to buy diet pills from him. Her friend introduced her to him. When Ha Na finally found her mom, stupidly she was surprised by Geun Bae’s presence and asked innocently, “Hey Geun Bae, what’re you doing here with my mom?” I mean, what the?? is she a real police woman? When Ha Na finally knew that the man had took the money, she burst out of the room to seek for Geun Bae.

In the same time, Jin Hyeok and his team was setting a trap for a drug dealer in the same nightclub. Ha Na, caught Geun Bae and threathened him that the cops were around and ready to bust him if he didn’t hand her the money. Geun Bae refused and fought Ha Na, then fled. Geun Bae reported to his boss that cops were all around the place. That boss was Jin Hyeok’s main target that night. The NISA even had a woman agent disguised as a dealer. The agent’s life at stake after Geun Bae’s report.

And here we are again, having Ha Na caught at the scene by jin Hyeok once again. Interrogated by him once again. Coincidence sounded very unconvincing for him, but there he was again, finding nothing that related Ha Na and the drug dealer. That time, Ha Na’s mother was also interrogated by Jin Hyeok. It was so much of a dejavu for him when Ha Na’s mom bumped her head to the table to prove her innocence.
In a cool way Jin Hyeok said, “that won’t do you anything. all of our furniture here are cushioned.”
In a very innocent expression Ha Na’s mom asked, “Cushioned? Why?”
“To avoid people doing this kind of thing,” said Jin Hyeok, learning very well from Ha Na’s action previously.

It was so funny when the mother-daughter were released by NISA, they both gave fists to Jin Hyeok and his boss. What a gut those women had!

Oh Ha Na was messing with Man Su in his engagement day. She was struggling to fight the securities when Jin Hyeok saw her. So there she was running from both securities and Jin Hyeok. It was so hilarious when Jin Hyeok entered ladies room, thinking Ha Na had to be there, but found out only an old lady.
While actually Ha Na was hiding in the men room…

Ah, yeahh in episode 2, Ryu Jin finally showed up!
He’s a rich guy here…i think his character proud of his good look so much.
Well, he IS good looking anyway…but he didn’t have many scenes yet so far.
And i’m looking forward to seeing him more often.

Oh Ha Na was strongly suspected to have a relation with Geun Bae and the criminal organization. But Ha Na kept on lying that she didn’t know Geun Bae, never met that guy before the nightclub scene. And again, the NISA couldn’t find enough evidence to run a further investigation on her.

Ha Na was late for her disciplinary hearing and that could cause her losing the job. In the same time, she made a promise to her mom that she’d get the money back. So she tracked down Geun Bae’s house and finally found him…just the right time Jin Hyeok busted both of them on the scene.

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