Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 8 Summary

Choi Eun So fighting Geun Bae and Ha Na could finally clear the misunderstanding between Do Hoon and her. After Do Hoon leaving her, Ha Na rushed to Eun So to give her some help. However, instead of making things easier, she made Geun Bae fought Eun So back and caused Eun Seo bumped her head to a bid stone, bleeding and unconscious. Geun Bae managed to meet up with Do Hoon and asked him to leave the place immidiately.

Ha Na was crying for help and there came Jin Hyeok. He rushed Eun So to the hospital…and left Ha Na there behind. Even though i hate him doing that without even asked her if she’d be okay to be left alone, Jin Hyeok looked back through the rear mirror.

Geun Bae handed an important key to Do Hoon. He was sent to meet Do Hoon for that. I think that’s a key that’d lead us to see the dark side of him.

Eun Seo had to stay in the hospital. The injury on her head seemed to be quite serious and i think that injury brought a new thought to her about Jin Hyeok. Just when Jin Hyeok about to leave, she asked him to stay.

Everybody seemed to forget Ha Na. Jin Hyeok was anxious staying in the hospital and finally got a chance to leave. Do Hoon was back to the office when he saw Ha Na’s phone and bag. They both finally rushed to pick up Ha Na. Do Hoon beat Jin Hyeok this time. And can’t you see some jealousy in Jin Hyeok eyes when he saw Ha Na went with Do Hoon?

Even though Ha Na had had dinner with his police-fellow-ajuhssi, Do Hoon took her to have another round because Ha Na said she hadn’t had anything for dinner. I like the way Do Hoon showing care for his secretary. He worried about Ha Na still waiting for him, but said that he’s back for sake of the diamond necklace he lent Ha Na. He also booked the whole luxurious Japanese restaurant for them.

Meanwhile, Jin Hyeok left anxious all by himself. He kept waiting for Ha Na to come. When Ha Na finally showed up, he burst out his emotion to Ha Na, about how much he’s so worry for her. And then they went for Ha Na’s 3rd round dinner…

So it seemed that everyone in the team had noticed Jin Hyeok special feeling to Ha Na, but only one person: Jin Hyeok himself. Earlier when he left the hospital, he ran into Chief Shin who advised him that he shouldn’t endanger the whole operation for keeping a special feeling for Ha Na. Eun Seo also talked about this matter. And all of that then caused Jin Hyeok to be in deep thinking the whole day. He tried to restracted himself by doing…house work? That just brought more questions to his team.

Go Jin Hyeok finally decided to draw a thick line from Ha Na. Since it all came in a sudden, it made Ha Na wonder what’s wrong with him…or her? She was so confused by Jin Hyeok’s sudden change. At work then Ha Na switched off her hidden camera and microphone for awhile and asked for some personal advices from Do Hoon. Feeling suspicious about the matter, Do Hoon shot Ha Na with a question “Are you having a crush on someone?” Ha Na denied instantly by saying that the person she’s talking about was not her. Do Hoon didn’t really buy it, but instead having a thought crossed his mind, “Could that (person she like) be me?”

Ha Na’s mom finally could make Chief Shin take an action of his own words to help them with the house renovation. So in the weekend he and Jin Hyeok worked on it. After days of avoiding Ha Na, Jin Hyeok met this girl in an awkward situation. But Ha Na was not a girl who let everything went off just like that, so she stood there in front of Jin Hyeok and talked about the matter to him face to face. “Why are you avoiding me? What was it I said wrong?” Dissapointingly, Jin Hyeok just wanted to keep their situation that way and seemed to refuse to talk about it in the right sense. He just simply left.

Do Hoon used the key Geun Bae gave him. And eventually, it lead us to something…bad. A gun.

Having not a pleasant weekend, Ha Na decided to go to the office. Surprisingly, Do Hoon was there as well. When Ha Na said she was about heading home, Do Hoon offered her a ride, with of course her drive. In the mean time, Jin Hyeok realized that Ha Na wasn’t home. He was a real fool trying not to care for Ha Na in the past few days. He just kept worrying her obviously. But this time, when he tried to talk to Ha Na, she was the one who acted so cold. Jin Hyeok was upset. (Dude, you’re the one who’d been avoiding her, remember?)

On his way driving, Do Hoon, found Ha Na’s phone on the driver seat. Having a very strong reason to turn back there, he just did it without any hesitation. When he finally came back to Ha Na’s place, she was in the middle of a “lover-like-fighting” with Jin Hyeok.

Everyone was just so shock.

There came the trouble…

Jin Hyeok was introduced to Do Hoon as Ji Hye’s younger cousin. (younger cousin?? sach’on dongsaeng). and troubles just continued to flow when Do Hoon asked Ha Na to let him came by her home and got to know her family a little more. Jin Hyeok was trying to warn everyone upstair, but seemed to fail. So the acting had to start before everyone was ready and there began the hillarious scenes…

Senior Agent Kim as Ji Hye’s uncle..Go Jin Sang (Jin Hyeok)’s father.

Before this sudden event happened, the team actually had planned Agent Na to be his son, despite Agent Na’s protest for having not a single point of similarities about their physical appearance. But their “disguise-family-show” had to start earlier then their plan, so it’s Jin Hyeok who got the “crown-prince” character.

Agent Park as Ji Sang’s step mother. Whatthe..?  :rolleyes:  This scene brought me alot of laughs because of Agent Kim’s crazy idea of having Agent Park as “his wife” and the funny face of the shocking Agent Park. This “fact” then brought an awe to Do Hoon.

And poor agent Na as the dog…thanks to his whistling habit.

Agent Kim was a man with an unbelievable spontanious idea. After dead-shooting Agent Park as his wife, he just spit it out that the whistling was coming from…a DOG? Why didn’t he say that Jin Sang had a younger brother? Poor Agent Na… However, Jin Hyeok spontanious idea was a lot worse. When Do Hoon asked, “a dog? but i thought it was a whistling?” Jin Hyeok then tried to convinced him with the unconvincing answer, “no, the dog is whining.”

All of theses obviously showed Han Do Hoon’s intellectual quality. I mean…how could he buy those craps?? :?

And while all agents were still in shock and tried their best to perform a convincing acting, there came another trouble and yet…BIGGER. Mr. NIA Chairman made a sudden visit and met Do Hoon there. What a great timing…

Despite the thrills, i think in the next episode we’ll see some significant progress in Jin Hyeok-Ha Na relationship…They really need to clear their personal issue soon. Well, let’s see ;)

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