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This episode is not one of my favourites. I think my emotion went up side down here. There’re some progress in the four leading characters’ relationship, some LOL scenes, a pity for Han Do Hoon and a disappointment at the end. If you read all through the summary, you’ll probably get what I mean. Oh, one more thing. You’ll feel jealousy in the air in this episode.

Ha Na was phrasing her feeling to Jin Hyeok who was on the other line. But for Do Hoon, he was the only one there and thus thought that the word “choahaeyo” (I like you) was meant for him. The narcisstic Do Hoon then asked Ha Na, “You like me?”

Do Hoon said to Ha Na that romance was not proper for them to have. Ha Na tried her best to convinced him that it wasn’t like anything he might’ve had in mind, but Do Hoon seemed to like it in anyhow. Just look at Jin Hyeok’s surprise expression of how the way Do Hoon reacted to this misunderstanding. I think he started to get really worry about Do Hoon’s developing a feeling for Ha Na.

Jin Hyeok was back as Ha Na’s driver after being absent for the past few days. It’s very funny when Ha Na had an idea to address Jin Hyeok “Oppa” (literary, it’s the common way for Korean girls to address their older brothers or other men a few years older than them. But between lovers, it means “my dear”). She said it was  just like the way other girls addressed their lovers. But Jin Hyeok is not that kind of man. He refused to be address that way and asked her to just call him the same way as she always did: “Agent Go.” Then Ha Na, in an amusing way, nodded “Yes, My dear Agent Go.”

Jin Hyeok said that he still owed her a dinner, but Ha Na requested to go to somewhere else. Ha Na asked to go to Jin Hyeok’s house. Jin Hyeok wasn’t really sure about this idea, but then Ha Na said that they better went to the office to get things done with Geun Bae.

Geun Bae at first refused to give them any information until Jin Hyeok and Ha Na showed him pictures of his girlfriend having an affair. Ha Na persuaded him nicely and held his hand. And just have a look at Jin Hyeok. That’s definitely another jealous face he made there. The two finally succeed to make Geun Bae spoke, but the information wasn’t that much.

What happend in the interogation room was of course seen by the whole team, including the chief of this operation, Choi Eun Seo. We could see obviously how irritated Eun Seo was by Jin Hyeok-Ha Na performance together in that room and the way Agent Na gave a comment about the two. Eun Seo left the room first. And when Jin Hyeok was about to report something to her, he said, “Are you sick or something?” Well, actually, in the original lines, the literary meaning of Jin Hyeok’s question was “Which part (of your body) that hurts?” Hmmm, even though verbally Eun Seo said she’s okay, I think I could hear deep down there in her heart she’s screaming, “It’s my heart that hurts!” X|

Chief Shin and Ha Na’s mom seemed to develop a better relationship. Not yet a romance, but I’m pretty sure the two are heading there.

Jin Hyeok finally invited Ha Na to his house, but still avoid his mom meeting her. While Ha Na was waiting for Jin Hyeok in his room, she saw this picture. She asked him about the man standing next to Chief Shin. Jin Hyeok said he’s his senior named Park Sun Min. They were close, but something bad happened to him about three years ago. I was having a hunch that this guy had something to do with Jin Hyeok-Eun Seo separation for the past three years.

When Ha Na was back to the apartment, Eun Seo was waiting for her there to talk some sense. She gave the “sake of operation” excuse to interfere Ha Na-Jin Hyeok relationship. Ha Na said that she’s just jealous and acted childish. They argued at first, but then ended up fighting in a “police-vs-NIA agent” kind of fight. Eun Seo definitely outskilled Ha Na. She was locking Ha Na’s hand and neck when both women saw Jin Hyeok was staring at them.

When Jin Hyeok asked, “Are you fighting?” Both girls just covered up their real situation.

I like the scene when they’re finally alone in the lift. Jin Hyeok made a very good progress by being more comfrtable in expressing his feeling to Ha Na.

Ha Na was told to get Do Hoon out of his office because the team was going to break into some of Do Hoon’s files. The situation actually began to thrill, but when Jin Hyeok suddenly paused seeing Ha Na’s screen’s wallpaper, I burst out of laughs. I really couldn’t give Agent Na a good mark for his digital imaging ability. The picture sucked.  :rolleyes:

Meanwhile, Ha Na drove the car to the middle of nowhere and put a show that the car had broken somehow. She offered angry Do Hoon an idea to proceed by scooter. Do Hoon refused the idea at first, but to be left alone in the middle of nowhere was absolutely not a better option for him. It’s  funny that the stylish Do Hoon refused to put on a helmet and it’s even funnier seeing the freaked out Do Hoon on a scooter.

Ha Na told him to hold on her waist instead of her shoulders or her head. On their way, the freaked out Do Hoon asked this, “Just in case we can’t make it (dead), I want to know if you sincerely like me.” The annnoyed Ha Na who was struggling to have a full control of the scooter steering wheel, answered, “It’s not sincere, never!” :mrgreen:

Back to the office, Han Do Hoon’s father was already there. The father and son didn’t seem to get along with each other very well. Ha Na was given a hard time by the old folk, but she handled it confidently.

I was 100% sure that Do Hoon had a sincere feeling to Ha Na. I think he started to realize that Ha Na’s presence had a lot more meaning than he had thought. This man was complimenting Ha Na when Ha Na saw Jin Hyeok had been waiting for her. I could see some longing or jealousy expression in Do Hoon’s face when Ha Na left him just like that.

My hunch seemed to be correct. That Park Sun Min guy in the picture did have something to do with Eun Seo and Jin Hyeok’s past. Eun Seo was looking at the same picture in her office and I guessed the next day would be the memorial day for that guy.

Having no schedule for that day, Ha Na had asked Do Hoon for a day off. It was pretty touching when Do Hoon came into the office and greeted an empty chair, he looked…sad. There was no dialogue within this scene, but I think viewers could easily feel what Han Do Hoon felt that time. He’s alone. He’s longing for Ha Na.

Ha Na’s day off was spent accompanying Jin Hyeok to the temple for Park Sun Min’s memorial day. Everything was going just romantic until Choi Eun Seo came.

She was furious seeing this kind of scene. I thought it was more of a jealousy, but then it was more than that.

Eun Seo was disappointed to Jin Hyeok by bringing Ha Na along to that place. She then told Jin Hyeok the real reason behind her sudden departure three years. Yes, It definitely had alot of things to do with Park Jun Min. Eun Seo said that she knew what happened to that man and that surprised Jin Hyeok. He was even more surprised when Eun Seo said “I gave it up.” “That day i saw…” Jin Hyeok asked, “What was it you gave up?” “What did you see?” [sorry, both sentence sounded pretty similar…abit confused me ;) ] And there she seemed to explain everything that made Jin Hyeok went so shock. Ha Na saw this scene. And when Eun Seo realized Ha Na’s presence, she left. The next scene was the reason I told you I was disappointed to Jin Hyeok.

Jin Hyeok also saw Ha Na was there. But seeing Eun Seo left and it seemed that they hadn’t finished their conversation yet (viewers weren’t told what was it that made Jin Hyeok got so shock), Jin Hyeok went after her…without even looking at Ha Na. No wonder the poor Ha Na made this kind of expression:

Jin Hyeok and Eun Seo was leaving that place. He left Ha Na once again and I hated him for that. Even though he did turn back for awhile, he didn’t say anything at all to Ha Na and just…LEFT!?! Ughh, I was so disappointed. I thought Go Jin Hyeok was not the same character as any other Korean drama’s men, but I was wrong. How could he just left her like that?? I think I need some fresh air now.

So sorry for that. I told you at the beginning of this summary right. :p

Well, now it gets more clear about Han Do Hoon’s feeling to Ha Na and frankly to say, I’m looking forward to seeing a good progress about it. I don’t know, I feel pity for him. I think he’s actually a good man (just like Ha Na have always thought), but he caught up in a very wrong place and in a very unlikely situation. Ryu Jin played this character just very well.

While for Jin Hyeok-Eun Seo situation, I’m pretty sure we’ll get more details of what actually happened three years ago in the next episode. However, I hope truth won’t ruin the blossom romance between Jin Hyeok and Ha Na. Oh, I really don’t like men with a complicated past, especially if it had anything to do with another woman.  :-D v

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  1. LV - Indonesia

    Wow thank u so much for such detailed & thoughts on the drama! I watched the series the first time today and missed the entire eps 1-9. Your summary helped a lot, esp with the screen shots. Will keep track of our site for sure.. Thank u!!!!

    • hey, thanks for visiting here. i’m glad that my summaries help you ;)
      i’ll do my best to publish the next summary soon

      • LV - Indonesia

        B) thanks! will be waiting for the next one, great job!!!!
        I hope Ha Na ends up with Han Do Hoon too!!! I am starting to like him hahaha the character is too good to be true though, so rich yet no girlfriends?
        Starting to dislike JInHyeok for leaving Ha Na like that X|

  2. well this was my faviourt episode from all other :lol:
    it was amazing and oh hana is ouite roking ;)
    i m curious what wil happen next :D

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