Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 14 Summary

Be ready to embrace Han Do Hoon all ladies… ;) This episode is gonna be pretty hard for him. Meanwhile, Ha Na’s getting more confused about her own situation and was about to give up….heck yeah, it’s tiring. Well, let’s just have a look.

Do Hoon was awake and thankfully Ha Na saw it from the mirror reflection. To cover up she took out a blanket, covered Do Hoon and then left quietly. Do Hoon secretly made a smile.

Eun Seo and Jin Hyeok was still arguing when Ha Na showed up out side the car. I hate the way Eun Seo doubting Ha Na’s feeling, even though I had to admit she had a right to do so. But i like that Jin Hyeok didn’t buy it. Yeahh, this man really needed to start doing the right thing for his girlfriend and we’re talking about the basic thing here, which is trust. The three then ended up having dinner together, but Agent Choi ruined everyone’s mood just very quickly. Did she really need to bring up the “Ha Na might be swayed to Do Hoon” issue on the dining table??

Jin Hyeok was showing progress. He said he wanted to be a good man for his woman and he kept his words. He surprised Ha Na in the morning by making her a quite-elaborate breakfast. This man had been very lousy in romaticism, but this time I had to give him a good credit. ;) Eun Seo accidently witnessed this scene and I thought she knew pretty well that she wouldn’t have any place between them.

However, the morning’s cheer up between the couple was ruined as soon as they stepped out side the apartment. Han Do Hoon was playing romantic to Ha Na by picking her up to the office. I felt so sorry for Do Hoon when he looked so happy having the sleeping Ha Na leaned on his shoulder. Ohh, why should he be that innocent?? That was a cute heartbreaking smile he made… T_T

In the office, Han Do Hoon surprisingly asked Ha Na to…paint. Yeah Oh Ha Na’s painting everyone. Do Hoon said that since his favourite painting was already gone, he needed another painting that could soothe him. Do Hoon got this witty idea from Kim Ji Hye’s own resume…it said that Ji Hye took an art class in US. Ha Na was of course left with no options. She made a good effort to paint and the result was not too far from what I had thought it would be. It’s no way a soothing painting. It’s an entertaining one.  :lol:  Do you think it represented Han Do Hoon? Well, Ha Na was actually not a lame painter anyway…

What came next from Ha Na was pretty shocking for Do Hoon: a love rejection. This time Ha Na confirmed Do Hoon that she’s not in love with him as he always had thought and he should accepted it. Ha Na fled after saying those words but Do Hoon found out her hiding. He insisted that she had to be acting, but Ha Na once again confirmed her feeling was true. Ouugh.

Do you miss Ha Na-Jun Min’s scene? I do. And I was so happy seeing this one: At the apartment, Jun Min stepped inside the control room and made fun of Ha Na, who’s expecting the man showing up was Jin Hyeok, by saying, “sorry, noona, i’m not Jin Hyeok sunbae.” And look what Jun Min got from Ha Na. Yeahh, this is what I like about this dongsaeng-noona relationship.

But where’s Jin Hyeok? Ahh, he’s having a date with his ex in a fancy restaurant. But you could tell from his face that he didn’t enjoy it. I know that Eun Seo was a good fighter, but I thought she was playing a cheesy game by doing this. Ahh, skipping from work to have a date with your ex-boyfriend after all his rejections? Don’t push yourself too hard, sweety..

Han Do Hoon came to the apartment without any prior notice. He said he had something to show Ha Na, but she refused. Do Hoon insisted that she needed to go with him and saw what he got for her, but Ha Na kept saying no. And just in the right time, another couple saw this scene. The situation was full of tension between Do Hoon and Jin Hyeok. And just a little bit as I had hoped, there’s a physical contact between the two men. Not yet a fight, though. Jin Hyeok gave a hard punch, but Do Hoon didn’t fight back.

I was really touched when I found out what Do Hoon’s real intention. I guessed Ha Na’s chest was hurting too when she saw those shopping bags and heard Do Hoon said, “My mind was so troubled after getting your rejection. I went out for shopping, but ended up buying things for you. So I think I need to give them all to you soon.”

Ha Na couldn’t bear it anymore. It’s all too much for her. She knew Do Hoon’s feeling was sincere and that was the main reason she was about to give up. Eun Seo, in contradiction with the way she thought about Ha Na the other night, pursuaded Ha Na to stay just a little longer. I think she’s such a tricky woman.

Ahh, what about the Lee Soo Ja-Shin Gi Joon romance? Romance…hmm, they already looked like a husband and wife for me. Ha Na’s mom actually found out that the money she got was actually Chief Shin’s.

The NIA team was ready to get things done. After spending days to dechiper codes and finding out clues, they got the exact location to ambush the drug traffic. They were so sure that Do Hoon would smuggle the drugs through the airport. They ambushed the suspicious delivery, but eventually found nothing.

Meanwhile, Ha Na was picked up by the mysterious girl. I couldn’t believe that Ha Na needed more than 10 minutes to recognized her! This girls then had a fight, but Ha Na finally managed to flee.

Do Hoon thought the mysterious girl would hit-run Ha Na, but funnily he made himself flew and bumped to the ground instead of helping Ha Na. He had been acting very cold to Ha Na that whole day, but eventually couldn’t resist his feeling to save her.

Do Hoon’s tail bone injury was not recovered yet, but then he had to suffered from another accident. Ha Na helped him to go back to his house. Do Hoon asked Ha Na to stay, but she refused. She was in a rush going out from Do Hoon’s place when suddenly she raninto someone just out side Han Do Hoon’s house gate.

Just look who’s there….Joo Soo Yeong. He’s free. He’s visiting Han Do Hoon. And he’d definitely recognize Ha Na and messed up the NIA operation if he did see her. Oooohhh NO!  X|

Ha Na was in a really critical situation.

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  1. ohh god !!!
    WHAT HAPPENED to hana ???
    i cnt wait to see it !!

  2. well, thanks for the review Rizz…I’m so sad that Do Hoon’s love is rejected by Hana…I really hope they can be together…but, it will not come true, right??? :-(

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