Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 3 Summary

The catch-me-if-you-can among Jin Hyeok> Ha Na, Ha Na> Geun Bae , Jin Hyok > Geun Bae still continued in this episode. Jin Hyeok was running a secret surveiliance on Ha Na and always caught her in the right spot at the right moment. But the result was never good for both of them.

During this catch-me-if-you-can scene, we got a hint of there’s a very positive possibility about romance between Jin Hyeok and Ha Na, when the NIA agent saved Ha Na’s life before she got hit by a truck on that busy street during her attempt to catch Geun Bae.

I couldn’t stop laughing in the smart ways Ha Na tried to escape from Jin Hyeok. the bus scene was funny. Jin Hyeok who obviously never stepped on the bus funnily scanned his credit cards to the Upass (a pre-paid smart card for transportation system in Seoul and its suburb)  scanner on the bus. Complained by the queue, he handed the driver cash. 10,000 Won! He’s between bus-riding-zero-experience and too rich to spend that much money for a bus by refusing to take the changes. Ha Na, made a move so quickly that it dealt with amount of money by saying “I’m taking the change, Sir! i’m with this guy. Right, Jin Hyeok-ssi?” Ha Na handed 1000 Won to Jin Hyeok, saying “This is for the next bus.” She finally managed to escape from Jin Hyeok.

Jin Hyeok kept asking about her relation to Geun Bae and the bigger (criminal) organization. Ha Na insisted she didn’t know much, but Jin Hyeok didn’t buy it. He then came up with the idea of involving her in the operation and his boss, Chief Shin Gi Joon, agreed to that.

Jin Hyeok was trying to persuade Ha Na to join the operation by saying the NIA would pay her well if she performed well. Ha Na agreed if they could give her three things: recommendation letter to make her get her job back as a police, the employment assurance to let her get the bank loan, and money for her house renovation. Ha Na demanded the NIA made a contract for that.

Ha Na once asked Jin Hyeok whether he had also been brokenhearted like her since he advised her: “the best way to revenge someone who dumped us is to move on and be happy”, when he accompanied her drinking after the unpleasant scene she had with Man Su. jin Hyeok didn’t answer that time, but actually yeahh…he had a past.

When Agent Kim (i guess that’s his name, the eccentric agent) thought that Ha Na is Jin Hyeok’s girlfriend, Chief Shin said they’re not though yes, it’s time for Jin Hyeok to move on after 3 years. He mentioned a name: Eun Seo.

Later we knew Agent Eun Seo was coming back from Middle east from a special duty and ready to work again with Jin Hyeok in Seoul based NIA.  She treated overwhelmed Jin Hyeok coldly, but if we looked deep into her eyes, we’d know she’s hiding a certain feeling.

Agent Choi Eun Seo played by Ho Ran

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