Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 11 Summary

I’m not really sure of what I should say about this episode in general. The “Park Sun Min” issue was pretty annoying I guess, but that fragment of story helped viewers understood more about Jin Hyeok-Eun Seo’s past. I think i’m getting tired of Jin Hyeok’s way of handling the matter, so I turned my attention more to Han Do Hoon. This guy was getting more and more interesting. I’ll get you my favourite scenes later in this summary, in which Han Do Hoon made me laugh quite alot.

So, we’re dragged back to 3 years before. Eun Seo said she saw something. She knew something about Park Sun Min’s mysterious death. What she saw that day was Park Sun Min took Jin Hyeok’s gun before he went out of an operation and got killed.

Still wondering what’s wrong with that? me too that time. I thought Agent Park killed himself with that gun or something, but that’s not it. The big problem was Park Sun Min taking Jin Hyeok’s gun meant Jin Hyeok had done an irresponsible action that could cause him lost his job. What everyone, except Eun Seo, knew was Park Sun Min was murdered and the NIA couldn’t dig any deeper to investigate his murder, but Jin Hyeok was so desperate to know. And just in the same moment, Jin Hyeok was told that he’s going to be promoted and that he had to give up on Sun Min’s case. Eun Seo, as the devoted girlfriend thought that she needed to go away for Jin Hyeok’s sake. She thought if she stayed any longer, she’s afraid that she would spit everything out and Jin Hyeok would find out the truth. If that had happened, Jin Hyeok wouldn’t have been promoted, instead he’d have been fired.

So now we know what it was that made Jin Hyeok so shock. The truth was heavy, but the realization that Eun Seo did all this for his sake was alot heavier. Ahh, I think it’s gonna be very complicated…. :?

Well, what happened to Ha Na anyway? She waited, pissed off, but other than that, she ate well.  :wink:

While Jin Hyeok was struggling to face the truth about his past, Do Hoon was struggling to face himself. He went to this elaborate church and sat there in contemplation. I had a really bad feeling about it…

As I had guessed, Ha Na went home by herself. She’s stupid enough to wait quite long for Jin hyeok, but tough enough to find her way home. In front of the apartment, she met Eun Seo and confronted her. She asked for an explanation, but Eun Seo said that there’s something in Jin Hyeok’s past that Ha Na couldn’t and wouldn’t ever be involved. Oh that’s harsh. But the tough Ha Na knew how to express her anger: by stepping on Eun Seo’s foot.

However, she hilariously stopped and fled after Eun Seo gave her this stare:

the drunk Jin Hyeok called Ha Na, saying he missed her (blaahhh). Ha Na, of course, couldn’t resist him. She even helped Jin Hyeok to get to her house. Ha Na asked for an explanation from Jin Hyeok, but this lousy man told her to give him sometime until he’s ready to tell her everything.

If Jin hyeok got Ha Na with him when he’s drunk, the poor Do Hoon drunk by himself in a dark room. Oh man, what kind of evil were you up to? This was one of the things that made me interested in Do Hoon character out of the others. When he’s in public, he could be the charismatic and artistic Isong Foundation’s Director, Han Do Hoon. When he’s with Ha Na, he could be annoyingly funny and lovable. When he’s all by himself, he could be mentally mysterious. He’s struggling with himself and the sad thing is…he’s alone.

The next morning Jin Hyeok was already gone before breakfast. That made two ladies disappointed: Ha Na and her mom. Ha Na was disappointed because Jin Hyeok didn’t even said thank you or goodbye. Lee Su Ja was disappointed for serving delicious breakfast for her future son-in-law but ended up having Chief Shin enjoyed them all.

What everybody didn’t know was…Jin Hyeok was actually having breakfast with Eun Seo. I got very emotional with Jin Hyeok quite often in this episode. but I tried to understand his position and heck yeah, it’s complicated.

Really funny things happened when Ha Na intended to give Jin Hyeok a suplement drink, Han Do Hoon spotted it first and drank about 1/3 of the bottle. He licked the bottle in a very funny way, but what made it alot funnier was when Ha Na continued on giving it to Jin Hyeok. My goodness! How could she did it? Why didn’t she just gave it all to Do Hoon and bought another one for Jin Hyeok?? :lol:

Eun Seo asked for resignation. Jin hyeok and Chief Shin arrived at the Chairman office just in the right time. I thought Chief Shin knew everything as well, but he didn’t. So he was the last to know and that made him furious.

Han Do Hoon was taking Ha Na out: shopping. It wasn’t Do Hoon for Ha Na’s shopping, but all those bags were his! Yeahh, he’s the fashionisto right? I like the way he dressed. It actually amusing, especially the 3/4 lenght light colored pants. If it hadn’t been Ryu Jin’s long legs, it would’ve looked hilariously weird.

After shopping he took Ha Na out of town. And the next is absolutely my favourite scene!

Han Do Hoon seemed to intend on busting Ha Na’s disguise by pretending to receive a misterious phonecall. Expecting Ha Na was after him, he ran into a certain warehouse. What he didn’t expect was Ha Na lost his track and decided to just go with the car, instead of finding him. Unfortunately, the warehouse guard knowing nothing about Do Hoon’s presence in there finally locked the warehouse. Do Hoon got panic.

He’s such a dummy, but he’s trying to be a little smart (I’m saying a little because he didn’t think about taking out his cellphone and call Ha Na in an instance). :lol:  Instead, he used any available tools to get himself out of there. From spoon (SPOON???), scissors and even saw….but he didn’t make it. Of course, what do you expect huh? breaking the iron solidlock with a spoon? :rolleyes:

and when finally he’s back to his sense and phoned Ha Na…just look at his innocently teary happy face when Ha Na got him out of the warehouse. :lol:  What a man…

Eun Seo’s resignation letter was torn by the Chairman, but she insisted on leaving. Chief Shin arrived at the right time and talked some senses with her.

While the chief of operation was struggling with her guilt, the rest of the team was rocking. Ha Na, Jun Min and Se Mi had a hot arguments and that led Jin Hyeok brought everyone to Judo’s arena. He smacked down all his partners, except the pregnant Park Se Mi. The three agents fought him back, but the strong Jin Hyeok beat them all at the end. They finally stopped when Eun Seo suddenly popped out on the arena.

The team had a heart to heart talk. Everyone even made apology to each other, so everything was clear among them.

Eun Seo said that Jin Hyeok was one of the reasons she’s staying. But thankfully, Jin Hyeok made everything clear to her by saying that he’s doing it as partner and he’s not the same person she knew anymore.

While everybody was asleep…

Ha Na knew that there’s still an issue between she and Jin hyeok. But Jin Hyeok was still giving her the same answer, “please wait a little longer.” Ha Na was upset (she had to be!) but Jin hyeok still asked her to understand the situation.

If you think everything has then been clear and smooth, you’re wrong. In the morning, Eun Seo appeared with a war flag. Yeahh, she’s also a tough and determine woman, wasn’t she? She raised the war alert by showing up in a very sexy appearance.

Trang! The war begin… I think you know what would happen if the you-i-and-my-ex situation happened and they had to stuck within as small space as a two-door car. Hah, Jin Hyeok was of course the one with the biggest smile. I didn’t even know this shy guy actually knew how to be smug. B)

And just when everybody was not yet ready  for the show…Han Do Hoon came out of nowhere. He’s there and made everybody freeze for a moment.

Thanks to Han Do Hoon hilarious actions I could say that I like this episode. But not one of my favourites, though. I think the story got more interesting. I’m pretty sure Do Hoon had actually known that Ha Na was just a disguised secretary, but since he had a sincere feeling to her, he just played along.

And what about the love triangle among Eun Seo-Jin Hyeok-Ha Na? I’m not really sure. But I think we’ll find out really soon in the next episode. Well, let’s see… :wink:

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  1. cant hardly wait for next episode…… arrrrgggghhhhh i hate Jin hyeok even more….. eventho deep in my heart i want Ha na n Jin Hyeok end up together so badly T_T

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