Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 16 Summary (Final)

It’s final episode everyone!

The ending of the previous episode really gave us all a thrill. Han Do Hoon had actually known Ha Na’s real name…and not only her real name he knew, it’s almost everything. So, he knew she’s a secret agent, but yet he chose to let it be. He knew the truth from Joo Soo Yeong. When we thought the man didn’t recognize Ha Na when they ran into each other the other day, we were wrong. And he told Do Hoon the other day when they met on the river bank.

Ha Na and Do Hoon sat to talk about it and Ha Na was the one who felt very guilty. I felt really sorry for these people. Both of them were hurt.

After revealing everything to Do Hoon and asking for forgiveness, Ha Na went to Jin Hyeok who’d been waiting for her in front of the Foundation. Do Hoon saw this scene from afar. :cry:

Ha Na sent the gun image she captured to Agent Na. And it ended up Choi Eun Seo finding out that the gun was actually Jin Hyeok’s gun that had lost three years ago, the one late Agent Park took away with. Eun Seo told Jin Hyeok when the three met in the apartment for the last time. Finding out the truth Jin Hyeok couldn’t hold his emotion and accused Do Hoon for being the murderer of his sunbae. Ha Na, as usual, defended Do Hoon in front of Jin Hyeok and that idea was never good.

Meanwhile, the operation date was coming pretty soon for Joo Soo Young and Han Do Hoon. The old man had set everything up and that idea just made Do Hoon felt more depress.

After giving a resignation letter to Deputy Lee, Chief Agent Shin ran his life like any old man…I think this scene was romantic. You know, it looks like a typical picture of a husband and wife getting old together and ran their life happily and peacefully ;)

The team was officially dismissed. But since they found another clue related to the “legendary” gun, the team decided to proceed their operation secretly. Agent Park and Agent Na were already sent to other departments, so the three chiefs needed to persuaded them to join them once again. Unlike Agent Park, Agent Na refused to get into another problem.

Since the apartment basecamp had been closed, the team moved their office to Chief Shin’s place, which meant Ha Na’s home.

When the three NIA agents were explaining the matters to the landladies, Senior agent Kim burst in without any invitation and handed a big water melon to Ha Na’s mom by saying, “Please take it Soo Ja Sister in-law.” And that just made Ha Na curious about her mom…

Agent Na was in his detention at another department. He was told to do an easy job and did it dully at first until he saw a very familiar face: the mysterious girl!

The team set everything up at their new office. Ha Na insisted on joining the team once again, despite Jin Hyeok’s disapproval.

Good news that Agent Na fianlly decided to get back to his old team…

The team started their action. Ha Na and Jin Hyeok visited Joo Soo Young’s former right hand man in prison. They’re collecting useful clues. Ha Na met Do Hoon to ask him to leave everything behind before it’s too very late. But for Do Hoon, it had been too late.

Weapon is what the team didn’t posses. The tried to sneak up the NIA office to take out some weapon with them, but they’re caught by the inspection Agent. Thankfully Agent Kim came in the right time and altered his attention.

Do Hoon was ready for the big show. His face told us that he’s so stressful. His heart had to be in a full dilemma. What he didn’t know was that he actually didn’t kill Agent Park. Joo Soo Young had sent him an incomplete video showing he knocked Agent Park’s head to a car three years ago. He blackmailed Han Do Hoon ever since and used him for his drug smuggling bussiness. However, Ha Na found out about the real fact of what really caused Agent Park’s death. And It wasn’t Han Do Hoon. Ha Na had to set this man free from the wrong guilt.

The whole NIA agents were in the crime scene to ambush Joo Soo Young and Han Do Hoon. They excluded Ha Na in this operation. But it’s not Ha Na’s nature to just sit calmly when she knew people were out for a mission. Also with the truth she just found out, she definitely couldn’t just stay still….even if that meant she had to pay $40 for the taxi.  :D

What the team didn’t have was weapon. They were all bare handed, except for two fighting sticks Agent Park could afford buying. So the team split for the ambush strategy. The fighters, Choi Eun Seo and Jin Hyeok, on their own…while the senior, the pregnant and the cute agents went together.

We never saw Na Jun Min fight before right? And here we found out the reason why… :mrgreen:  In this fighting scenes, I really like Park Sae Mi. This pregnant woman really got the guts! And I think that’s cool.

And only the young agents, the old ones also showed their fighting skill… B)

While the bodyguards were fighting the NIA agents, Joo Soo Young and his lady fled. But they’re stopped by the bare handed Ha Na, which was a really bad idea. The last time she fought the mysterious girl she didn’t make it…and the same thing happen in this moment.

If all these times, Jin Hyeok was the one who always be Ha Na’s hero, this time it’s Do Hoon. He pointed his gun to Joo Soo Young and told them to set Ha Na free.

However, the next scene was jaw dropping. Do Hoon said it was over and he handed Ha Na the gun. Then he stood in Joo Soo Young’s side, placing himself as one of the bad guys.

Joo Soo Young definitely went to jail again and this time he’d stay there for a much longer time. Jin Hyeok finally knew that Park Sun Min’s murderer was that drug smuggler. But what he wasn’t ready to hear was the truth about Park Sun Min.

Joo Soo Young revealed the truth that Park Sun Min was involved in drug smuggling bussiness. He was indeed a dirty agent. The night he was murdered, Joo Soo Young just felt very annoyed by him because he kept asking for a bigger bribe.

Jin Hyeok had to digest the bitter truth…the truth that had turned his life up side down all the past three years.

Ha Na was trying to comfort Do Hoon by telling him to leave everything behind. Let bygones be bygones…and all he needed to do was to forgive himself and started a new life. Director Han Tae Shik was visiting his son in full of shame and anger. I really hate that man. He didn’t realize that part of the blame was actually on him. He was about to give all his wealth to public and leave his son pennyless! But Do Hoon was such a very good son. He took all the blame on him, just him.

Before Ha Na leaving the room, he asked her: “If we hadn’t met in this kind of situation, would’ve you ever liked me?” Ha Na didn’t say anything and just left.

Three months had passed…

Everyone was having a normal life. Ha Na got the franchise of Jin Hyeok’s family bussiness. Chief Shin and Ha Na’s mom was definitely an item then. These two old folks just showed everything obviously.

Go Jin Hyeok was changing style…haha, didn’t fit him at all. He’s not planning on going back  to the NIA, despite Ha Na’s nagging him to do so. He really look like a real unemployment! And thankfully, it wasn’t only me who dislike his new style, Ha Na herself felt weird and uncomfy seeing her boyfriend in that shabby outfit.

just for intermezzo…the loan shark buddy had then found a woman. That was thanks to Ha Na who set up a blind date for the two. Ha Na was not going back to the police department. Not because she didn’t get her reinstatement, but because she refused it. However, she’s still the same Oh Ha Na’s character we’ve always known..

Choi Eun Seo, Park Sae Mi and Na Jun Min decided to be a team again. And what they need was their sunbae, Jin Hyeok. They tried to persuade Jin Hyeok, but this guy refuse to go back to that job again. Eun Seo then played a smart trick by offering a role to Ha Na. At first she refused too, but right after Eun Seo mentioned about an apartment as the bonus…she straightly fell for it.

So it was a happy ending for everyone. Though people must be wondering where the heck was the kissing scene?? Well, unfortunately, this drama has none. I think it was forgiven since it’s not a romantic drama anyway, it’s not a typical Korean drama at all.

But overall, I like the way they ended the drama. It’s smooth and didn’t feel like cheesy. It just the right way to end everything. And talking about the ending, what about Han Do Hoon?

You need to watch this episode till the very end. You’ll find out that Han Do Hoon was in the same cell with Geun Bae. Do Hoon was planning to run one of Jin Hyeok’s fried chicken franchise. This man kept calling him “Jin Sang”. He’d stay there for five more months and he’d planned his future from then on. Han Do Hoon had always been a positive person and that’s just one of the things i like about his character.

And don’t miss the very end of this ending. You’ll see an LOL scene when Do Hoon and Geun Bae exercising inside their cell. ;)

Ahhhh…it felt really good that we’ve finally reached the ending of this drama. I wanna say thank you so much for the readers that’ve been following this summary. I really hope you enjoy reading my writing.

My team and I keep improving our writing skill, our site content and our web appearance. So, i’ll see you guys really soon in the next drama summary.  :)  ;)

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  1. Very2 good summary for this drama..good job, i love to read it until the end..:D

  2. Hay guys wat an end ;)
    I just luv it :lol:
    very funny and amazing drama i must say :-o
    and above summery is really very good :D
    AND one more thing don’t you think Jin sang was looking cool in that outfit :lol:
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  4. i really love this drama esp the character of Oh Ha Na and Han Doo Hoon, they really suits each other…so cute!that’s why i’m a little bit frustrated with the ending. is it possible to have part 2? only this time Oh Ha Na will be with Han Doo Hoon!

  5. Thanks a ton for the reviews. I went over seas and missed the final episode. Bummer. Although, I know the ending now, I still would like to see the final. Why is it that Korean dramas have developed characters and a little bit of depth, while the US dramas are flat at best. Once again THANKS A TON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anyone now the background music at the end of ep.16 when they decided to be team again?

  7. I would love if the ending Oh Hana is with Do Hoon because they were like funny when we were together. Do Hoon likes to tease Hana. Oh, and this, Do Hoon always mention that Hana likes him :) Aaaa, so cute!

  8. aww! It totally agree with sue and clement in having to pair up Oh Hana with Han Do Hoon! they’re really a good couple if that happens!I hope there’s like a part 2 of this drama :) its soo entertaing and just really gives the shocking stuff that you literally didn’t think would be like because its not like other drama’s :) Its a really good and uniquely filled drama for me! :)

  9. I loveeeeeeeeee HAN DOHUN veryyyyyyy Muchhhhhhh!He’s so sweeeeeet!I really think Hana was stupid for not falling for him!And the things that happende for Han Dohun weren’t fair!He wasn’t a bad person at all.He was so sweet and innocent!I love his character so much!

  10. i love this story so much..evethought the hero(agent ko jinhyeok) is much old but i like him..his style is very suits for his character to be an agent,and i also like oh ha na to be like a child..:)keep it up for the good job soon..

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