Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 12 Summary

Oh my God! This episode was awesome! You’ll probably give a cheerful applause to Han Do Hoon at the end of this episode. Dying to find out what i’m talking about? Well, I won’t waste anymore time here. Let’s get to the story.   B)

Han Do Hoon was getting information about the beautiful woman he met with Ha Na and Jin Hyeok. Eun Seo was introduced as Woo Seung Yeon, Kim Ji Hye’s friend since in US. Do Hoon seemed to have an interest in Eun Seo. After sending Ha Na away from the table, he even asked Jin Hyeok to ask Eun Seo to have dinner with him.

Ha Na was upset about Eun Seo’s war flag. But Han Do Hoon thought she was upset because Jin Hyeok told her about the date. It’s always funny everytime this boss and secretary caught up in the misunderstanding state. Han Do Hoon was always sure that Ha Na really liked him. and Ha Na herself never made it clear.

Do Hoon and Eun Seo went out for dinner in a very fancy restaurant. They both equal in character level. Choi Eun Seo played her part pretty well. Everything went smooth, but Do Hoon kept mentioning Ji Hye in every topic of their conversation. Haha, this man really couldn’t get his secretary out of his mind even when there’s a very sexy lady in front of him.

Meanwhile, the other couple was paying attention on the situation. Jin Hyeok and Ha Na ended up arguing after comparing one another that led each of them into jealousy.

After the date, Jin Hyeok walked with Eun Seo in front of the apartment. Eun Seo was getting pretty damn serious with her war. She’s more open to Jin Hyeok. And I wasn’t really happy hearing Jin Hyeok said a promise to Eun Seo that he would never leave Eun Seo alone, no matter what. Oh, c’mon…dude, you shouldn’t ever say that to a hopeful-ex-girlfriend. Well, it’s good that Jin Hyeok at the end made it clear that he would always stand by her side as a co-worker. And I think that’s just a wise word.

But Eun Seo didn’t care. She grabbed Jin Hyeok and hugged him from the back. But unfortunately, the real girlfriend saw this scene. X|

Ha Na was sitting alone, being upset when Do Hoon called her. And again, the misunderstanding continued. Do Hoon thought Ha Na was upset because of the date. But what i like the most from this scene was when both of them had a heart to heart talk and ended it by saying:

Do Hoon: “Secretary Kim, I’m a very bad person.”

Ha Na: “I’m a very bad person too.”

I think at that state, both of them were very honest to each other.

Ha Na wasn’t the type of girl who kept her burden all by herself melodramatically. Failed to avoid having conversation with Jin Hyeok, she spit out her weary. She asked Jin Hyeok about the hug and the man said it was nothing. He persuaded Ha Na by giving her a beautiful necklace. And the smart Ha Na was getting more suspicious. Jin Hyeok assured her that he’s not cheating on her. He once again asked Ha Na to wait for him until he’s ready to tell her all the truth. Arrgh, that’s a very bad idea! And I really like the way Ha Na made an analogy for the inconvinient state of waiting for such a thing.

Do Hoon was having an interview. It ran alright until the interviewer asked about Isong Foundation donated wholly to the public next year.  The charismatic Do Hoon calmly answered the question, but as soon as that guest went out, he burst out his anger. Having his good mood ruined, Do Hoon asked Ha Na to go out with him.

The two was just having a joy ride for the rest of the day. And they ended up in front of Ha Na’s apartment and saw another “couple” was having a night walk together: Jin Hyeok and Eun Seo. Do Hoon was always a person with a surprising instant idea. He said that four of them should have drinks together.

During the moment, we then knew that it’s not only the women who declared war to each other, but also the men in their own way. And do you know what song was for the background music? It’s Justin Bieber everyone! singing “Baby baby baby ooohhh” :lol:

The day of the Isong Art Fair finally came. The mole agents were busy and the rest of the team as well. Agent Choi was going to break into Do Hoon’s house, together with Agent Na. Agent Park Se Mi was in the control room van for their back up. And all that leaving the old agents to deal with advance gadgets in the main control room at the apartment.

Everybody, please meet the Secret Agent Na Jun Min  ;)

At the Isong foundation, Ha Na stood by her boss all the time until the arrival of this mysterious girl who asked for a private conversation with Do Hoon. Ha Na tailed them.

The freak out old folks calling the Chairman for a back up. They were so lame handling the advance technology.  The Chairman, who was suppose to be a back up, made all the cctv output went black out. So the team could’t see where Ha Na was going.

There’s a thrilling hide-n-seek situation when Do Hoon sensed some one was spying on him. Ha Na was in a very dangerous situation, but Jin Hyeok came just in the right time.

On the other side of the city, the field operation team found nothing but an empty briefcase at Do Hoon’s house. And unexpectedly, Do Hoon suddenly went back home while the two agents were still in there. Then they had Ha Na as a back up plan. Ha Na called Do Hoon asking him to meet somewhere because she had something to tell. The back up plan worked well.

Do Hoon thought Ha Na would reveal her feeling to him, a bit pushy the beginning, but at the end they just had a very honest conversation. Yes there’s a chemistry there and I think I have to vote for Do Hoon. Even though he’s a villain in this drama, I think he had a better character as a man in comparison with Jin Hyeok. This guy was lonely and he realized that there’s a dark side within him that slowly but sure creeping out to show its real face. His evilness then met a balance in Ha Na’s presence.

Jin Hyeok witnessed all of these with uncomfortable feeling. He was there with Eun Seo, watching the other couple from afar. Eun Seo was trying to provoke Jin Hyeok and ended up revealing her own feeling to him. At first you might think that Eun Seo was such a selfish ex-gf, but if you put yourself in her shoes, you’d probably did the same.

“After all i’ve done for you, this’s what you give to me?” she pursued Jin Hyeok. “I’ve been living in hell for the last  three years.”

“So you want me to go back to you just because i’m in debt to you? Do you think you’ll happy? You cannot make me do what I don’t want to do. It won’t work.”

Ha Na just arrived home when her seniors called her for interogation. They asked Ha Na for her feeling to Do Hoon. The upset Ha Na defended her boss in front of them as always. She kept saying that Han Do Hoon was a good person. And what she said just made Jin Hyeok pissed off.

In the next morning, Jin Hyeok’s bad mood was worsen by Do Hoon who said that he thought he had a feeling for Ha Na. He asked Jin Hyeok what Ha Na like and how she liked to be treated. Jin Hyeok of course gave him the false information. It’s a real war alert for Jin Hyeok.

Jin Hyeok tried to fix everything with Ha Na, but he failed to make a right move. Ha Na was so disappointed. And I really like her closing statement before leaving Jin Hyeok on that bridge.

“I’ve been so stupid waiting for you this whole time.”

Jin Hyeok was beaten badly by the coming bitter scenes. His wrong action to Ha Na had to be paid by seeing Ha Na went out with Do Hoon. It’s worsen by the fact that he knew what Do Hoon was really up to.

Do Hoon acted very gentleman this time. He’s the one who drove from then on, that’s what he said to Ha Na. They went somewhere and the guilty Jin Hyeok ran after them.

Do Hoon brought Ha Na to the same cafe where she got dumped by Man Soo on episode 1. Ha Na refused to go in, but the loving boss insisted.

Ha Na’s effort to avoid someone at the cafe recognized her didn’t work. The waiter did recognize her and almost spit out the word “police woman” before Ha Na cut him with a fake cry. The panic Do Hoon brought Ha Na out of the cafe. There he then revealed his true feeling to Ha Na.

“I won’t let you be mistreated again. I will care for you very well. I won’t hurt you like the man who dumped you,” pleaded Han Do Hoon.

“Why do you care, Director?”

“Because I like you.”

And Jin Hyeok was actually there, hiding…hearing all the bold love declaration by Han Do Hoon to Ha Na. I bet his feeling was like hell that moment.

It’s then official. Han Do Hoon-Go Jin Hyeok’s real war just began!

Personally, I like bad guy more than good-but-complicated one. I don’t care if Do Hoon’s involved in drug dealings. He had a very strong and acceptable reason to get stuck in that kind of black hole. But on the other side, I also like seeing Jin Hyeok’s strict personality turned to be more relax and natural whenever he’s with Ha Na.

Well, the next episode will probably give us more clues about whom Ha Na will anchor her heart at. Just remember that she’s not a melodramatic character. She’s very rational and materialistic, yet sincere about her feelings. So there’s still an open door for Han Do Hoon I guess. :rolleyes:

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  1. thanks Rizz dearie, for your effort to summarize episode 12….
    in Malaysia, this episode will be aired tonite (27/7/2007)…..
    i like the war between Han Do Hoon-Go Jin Hyeok & Ha Na – Eun Seo :lol:
    the plot become interesting… n i like a “jealousy thingy” between them….
    it makes Jin Hyeok will treasure Ha Na and treat her like a lovers…. and i hope for the kiss scene between them smoochy2 one (but pls dont do a typical korean kiss scene, when they just put their lips n close their eyes i hate them :p )…. btw, i like Do Hoon even more, he is so charming… if jin hyeok just play Ha Na’s heart, never mind she still have Do Hoon to lend his shoulder to cry on for her :lol: :lol:

  2. (27/7/2007)….. *typo* it suppose today 27/07/2010…… :-P

  3. now waht will happen next i m really very much curious about it :!: :oops: :-|

  4. hahahha, i’m so into do hoon rite now. he’s just the perfect one for ha na . he made her insanely funny and clumsy. Jin hyeok as the real boyfriend didn’t take it sriously by kept making ha na wait.ahhhh…its getting more exciting !!!!
    cant wait to read ur next summary !
    go ha na and do hoon!!!!!

  5. the “next summary” button has been on…

    the love quadrangle is getting more interesting! and you’ll also find one more love story in the drama: between Chief Shin and Lee Soo Jaa. ;)

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