Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 4-5 Summary

I think episode 4 and 5 can be summarized in one article because I think it’s just too long to get to the point: Oh Ha Na becomes the secret agent by being the secretary for Han Do Hoon.

Ha Na agreed to Jin Hyeok’s partner for this drug organization case. The first thing they did was tracking Geun Bae. With the unusual way of finding Geun Bae Ha Na showed Jin Hyeok, they finally managed to locate spots Geun Bae usually showed himself at.

Ha Na and Jin Hyeok finally could spot Geun Bae in a dumped-cars place where he’s about to dumped his boss’ car as he was told. Jin Hyeok and Ha Na messed up, resulting Jin Hyeok beaten by Geun Bae and his buddies. Ha Na, instead of helping Jin Hyeok, she decided to just drive away with the car…which just surprised everyone.

Jin Hyeok got a severe injury on his right hand from this event.

Ha Na, even though she successfully got the important evidence for the NIA: the car, her position in NIA was still no more than “a mere help.” She’s not even officially recognized in that organization. So everyone saw didn’t seem to really acknowledge her. She hated the way she was told to go home instead to let her join the meeting, but of she couldn’t do anything about that.

NIA finally could get information about Joo Soo Yeong (the drug organization’s boss) whereabout. Jin Hyeok went there with Eun So, who’s then became his partner regardless his refusal. Ha Na was sent away from this mission, but it’s not her nature to be put away that easily. She asked Choi Chil Hyeon (the shark loan buddy of Ha Na) to drive her to the port: the Joo Soo Yeong’s whereabout.

Jin Hyeok was unbelievable. How could he didn’t recognized his #1 most wanted man when he accidently ran himself to this guy??? wasn’t he THE special agent?! I couldn’t believe that he is THAT flawed. But he recognized him a few minutes later, anyway.

Jin Hyeok and Eun Seo finally could get face to face with Joo Soo Yeong, but the situation was not good for the NIA team. Thankfully Ha Na was there, but with her own mistake, Soo Yeong could manage to escape. Trembled holding a gun (Gosh, isn’t she a cop??), Jin Hyeok made a quick move and help her pointing the gun to Soo Yeong. They successfully shot him on the leg.

The NIA celebrated their success and Jin Hyeok and Eun Seo apologized as well as thank Ha Na for everything. The NIA boss finally found out about Ha Na’s involvement in the case, but no one really get any punishment for that.

Jin Hyeok and Eun Seo talked about their matters for the first time, but Eun So still acted so cold.

As everyone thought the case was over, it was not. The NIA failed to charged Joo Soo Yeong for what he was supposed to be charged. So they had to find the right evidence for his dirty bussiness. The NIA then spotted Han Do Hoon as the subject of surveillence. They had to spy on him from the inside. There had to be someone sent to get as close as it possible to that man. They decided Ha Na would do it, even though it’s controversial at the beginning.

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