Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 9 Summary

I call this episode 9 as “the jaw dropping episode” because there’re so many “jaw dropping” lines and scenes in it. And If previously i told you, you wouldn’t want to miss episode 7, you definitely shouldn’t ever miss this episode. I know i made so many stills for this summary…but maybe that’s just because i really like this episode.

We begin with the sudden visit of Mr. NIA Chief while Han Do Hoon was in the house. In an instant, thanks to Agent Kim’s crazy spontaneous idea once again, he became Agent Park’s father.

So, let me refresh here about the instant scheme of Kim Ji Hye’s family members. Oh Ha Na was Kim Ji Hye. Kim Ji Hye lived with her uncle, Agent Kim, and his family. Agent Go as Kim Ji Hye’s younger cousin, Go Jin Sang. Agent Park as Agent Kim’s wife. Agent Na as the dog. Mr. NIA Chief as Agent Park’s father.

Those agents’ acting was so lame actually. They played as a religious family. I wondered how Han Do Hoon seemed to buy this crap. He’s no brainy, but i don’t think he’s that idiotic.

So everyone didn’t want to miss this rare opportunity to play at the cool Agent Go. Ha Na ruffled his hair and Agent Park smacked his head. When Jin Hyeok was about to discipline his junior after this, the smart Agent Park made a fake fatigue related to her pregnant condition.

And to make the scheme more convincing, right after Do Hoon left the house, the NIA team started to get serious with this. They even took some family pictures.

Jin Hyeok-Ha Na personal issue continued and that meant Ha Na’s new driver was again Agent Na. I like their friendship. The atmosphere was more cheerful, youth-life, and crispy :D .

I have to go back awhile to the moment Jin Hyeok and Ha Na had a fight in front of the apartment the other night. Before Do Hoon came, Ha Na was protesting Jin Hyeok for making her confused about their (personal-relationship) situation. Jin Hyeok was about to spit his feeling out, but then Do Hoon’s sudden presence made everyone freezed. So Jin Hyeok’s words were hanging on the air.

His last words were: “Ne ga Oh Ha Na-ssi rul…” Actually it’s literary translated as: “I … (to) Oh Ha Na.” But in a simpler meaning it was just translated “Because I…”

Ha Na was so curious about it. Jin Hyeok refused to explain more when Ha Na demanded him to do so late that same night after Do Hoon left. So in the morning, Ha Na asked Agent Na what’s the last word of the “Ne ga Oh Ha Na-ssi rul…” could have been. Agent Na guessed that the person Ha Na was referring was Agent Go. But instead of taking Ha Na seriously, Agent Na was making fun of this thing. And that just brought Ha Na to another desperation.

Han Do Hoon was not as dumb head as I accused him so. I’m so relieved for that. He smelled the fishy situation about Ha Na’s being in his office. He hired some pro to search for some spying camera or any hidden wire might be placed around his office. He even checked on Ha Na’s pc and belongings.

But NIA agents were of course a lot way smarter than him. They had anticipated the situation so they had  made a quick and smooth move before Han Do Hoon even realize it.

At lunch, Do Hoon made a dirty move by tricking Ha Na to get drunk. He thought by doing this he could get the real information came out of Ha Na’s own mouth. But thankfully it was in bad timing for Ha Na’s mood. The whole day she’s been in a deep contemplation, thinking about her issue with Jin Hyeok and the unfinished sentence.

She was so drunk, but Do Hoon got nothing he wanted from her. So he just drove her home and Jin Hyeok confronted him in front of the apartment.

Right after Jin Hyeok and Ha Na were alone in the lift, Ha Na stopped acting drunk and cornered Jin Hyeok. She still demanded for the last word of his unfinished sentence. Jin Hyeok was once again trying to get away and made it.

Since Agent Na had known about the unfinished sentence matter, late that night this funny young man made his shot to his cold senior.

Sonbaenim (Senior), ‘Ne ga Oh Ha Na-ssi rul…’” Then he made a funny face to Jin Hyeok that made him did this:

Well, Jin Hyeok might not be as cold as the other day to Ha Na. But still he drew a thick line between them. And Ha Na was a very curious girl who wouldn’t let the unfinished sentence was dropped just like that. There had to be an answer…the last word.

In a very amusing way, in the late night when they both left alone in the apartment Ha Na played as a ghost haunting Jin Hyeok and demanded the last word. But again, Jin Hyeok managed to pushed Ha Na out of his room and finally showed us that he’s such a bad hypocrite by making that smile on his face.

Surprisingly, the suspicious Do Hoon asked Ha Na to summon her cousin to work for him as well in the foundation. Ha Na tried to make some excuses to make Do Hoon dropped this idea, but Do Hoon’s words were final. He asked her how old the dongsaeng was. Within an instant Ha Na said that Jin Sang was 29.

So the team had to make the mature-look Jin Hyeok to look younger. Agent Kim then handed him a set of young men clothes. And looking at Jin Hyeok wearing that outfit was another jaw dropping.

After running a “job-interview” to Jin Hyeok, Do Hoon proceed to another place, changing into taxi in the middle of the way. The NIA team had smelled this Do Hoon’s secret meeting, so they tailed him to the meeting place. Ha Na asked Jin Hyeok to be included in this operation, telling him the convincing reason why she could be useful, and that time Jin Hyeok did’t refuse.

Someone made a distraction that led Agent Choi and Agent Go tailing the wrong person. Ha Na, who left in the spot to keep her eyes on Do Hoon then found out about this.

The person Do Hoon was meeting actually came later. It was not the man on the roller blade, but actually this one:

The brave Oh Ha Na decided to tail the transvestite and when the person turned around, Ha Na was right, it was none other than Geun Bae. Look at him, isn’t he pretty? Heheh.

Knowing Ha Na facing Geun Bae by herself and being unable to reach her her phone, Jin Hyeok turned anxious. He was crazily worried, trying to find Ha Na here and there. Eun Seo was trying to stop him and yelled at him that he’s action might caused their operation to be discovered by Do Hoon.

But the next line was another jaw dropping: “For me now, Oh Ha Na comes first out of everything else.” Honestly, I almost thought that I heard it the wrong way, but when i replay this particular scene, he did say that surprising line. Even Eun Seo made the expression.

Ha! The cold Go Jin Hyeok was expressing his feeling? That’s really something…

Ha Na fought Geun Bae with all her effort. I hated the skirt, so i think she hated it a lot more. Geun Bae beat her in the fight, even though he really didn’t want to do it, but just right in time…there our hero came.

After defeating Geun Bae, Jin Hyeok burst out his frustration to Ha Na for not able to reach her phone. Ha Na protested back to him and again lifting the issue of Jin Hyeok’s unfinished sentence. And right at that moment, suddenly Jin Hyeok grabbed Ha Na and hugged her!! :o

He hugged her, everyone! Hohohoho…I knew something good was coming, but this was a really good surprise. My jaw dropped a lot lower that time.

He even phrasing his unfinished sentence with a beautiful last word. “Ne ga Oh Ha Na-ssi rul…choahamnida.

It’s clear then that the whole sentence meant, “Because I like you, Ha Na.”

Well, the last word “like you” was not really surprising since we had all been sensing the love atmosphere since long ago. But still, it made me giggle hearig the strict and cold Jin Hyeok saying that word wholeheartedly to Ha Na.

And the scene even touched the handcuffed Geun Bae… :lol:

So it’s then official between Jin Hyeok and Ha Na. They both had crossed the line, but who cared. The smiles were back and the mood was definitely lovely. Jin Hyeok then didn’t have to hide his feeling anymore. Ha Na didn’t leave in confusion anymore.

I like this scene before the two departing for work. They hugged again. And i like the way Ha Na hold Jin Hyeok back. Hehehe, maybe she still felt a little awkward about the situation.

Ha Na was back to the office, facing Han Do Hoon who questioning her inappropriate attitude within office hour. Ha Na apologized and was back to work. I really like the way Do Hoon made the hand gesture every time he summoned Ha Na.

Back to her desk and knowing that Jin Hyeok was alone on the other side of the microphone, Ha Na then phrasing her feeling to Jin Hyeok. She was closing her eyes and then finally let out the words, “Actually, from the beginning, I like you too.” And right after saying that, sensing there’s someone in front of her, she opened her eyes and…voilla! it’s her boss standing right in front of her face.

“You…like me?” asked Do Hoon.

I think the story line goes pretty well so far. It made a good development in every episode that it doesn’t let the angst last long. I’m really looking forward for another surprise in the next episode.

One thing i really love about this drama, it’s very constant in making us laugh…there’s always a scene or a line to laugh for. :)

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  1. Hi Rizz…thanks for the review…:-)
    It’s true that this drama always make us laugh…even when I read your review I still can laugh…so I can imagine when I watch the show next week, my house will be full of laugh… :lol:
    The progress of the drama is good. Actually, I did not like this drama at the beginning. But then, after I watch the episode 4 this drama is getting more interesting to follow. Well, thanks again for the review and I’m waiting for the next episode… :-D

  2. what happen to last episode they get married or not?

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