Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 6 Summary

I actually really hate the real reason behind NIA agreeing Ha Na’s involvement in the operation. They’re using Ha Na as  the insurance for this very risky bussiness. And I really hate they’re hiding it from her, treating her like a puppet show if not guinea pig. But I love the way Jin Hyeok stood for her and promise to protect her. It sounded sincere. Just hope he’s not backstabbing Ha Na again. I also love the fact that Ha Na’s aware of the condition and was able to speak out her mind to Choi Eun Seo, as the leader of this mission, and the rest of NIA team.

Ha Na pointed out two conditions for NIA to comply and make it legal (so NIA wouldn’t fool her the 2nd time), or else she’d leave. both conditions were including one name: GO JIN HYEOK. 1st condition: after the mission accomplished, she’d have a personal request to Go Jin Hyeok and he had to make sure she’d get whatever she’d ask. I like the way Ha Na stated ‘It’s only between Go Jin Hyeok and I, no third party!’ to Eun Seo. Jin Hyeok was curious to know what’s the request, but Ha Na said “i still need to make up my mind about my request. So, i’ll tell you later when everything’s done.” 2nd condition: Agent Go had to be Ha Na’s partner. Both Choi Eun Seo and Go Jin Hyeok agreed.

So, Ha Na’s life changed from then on. She’s gonna disguise as a high educated girl who came from a wealthy family. So she gotta have the look and the living style. Her new look was not jaw dropping, but it caught the (NIA) team’s attention, including Jin Hyeok. She got credit card from Jin Hyeok. And she lived in a big apartment with the NIA team got one special technical room within it.

Many people would think that she’s gonna be overwhelmed and out of control getting all of these, but Oh Ha Na was a girl with a very good self consciousness. She did spend lots of money in early days, but none for her own benefit. She bought her mom nice dresses.

I like this scene when Jin Hyeok thought she’d been out of control already spending much money just the next day he gave her the credit card. Ha Na was very honest that it made her looked innocent and cute, saying “i didn’t buy anything for myself. I’m still young and i think i look good in everything i wear, but not my mom. And it’s been a long time i haven’t make her happy. So i think it’s fine to make my mom happy now.” It showed us a very strong reason why we should love her character. No matter how bad Oh Ha Na as a police woman is, she’s always been a very devoted daughter who only wants to make her mother happy.

And I think Go Jin Hyeok also got that and it somehow touched him…

Jin Hyeok then brought Ha Na to department store to get her new clothes, which were not really for her. The clothes had to be sent back after the operation done. But then Jin Hyeok bought her one for real, for her to keep, the one she really liked regardless the expensive price. I like the way he looked at Ha Na here.

Ha Na and the rest of the team was so badly nervous on Ha Na’s first day as Kim Ji Hye, the secretary of Han Do Hoon. But Jin Hyeok’s anxious was noticed by the team, especially by Eun Seo, as something unusual. Even the curious Agent Na was very suspicious on Jin Hyeok’s body language toward everything related to Ha Na.

Han Do Hoon was giving Ha Na a very hard day on her debut as his secretary. He kept critisizing her style, her smell, her habit. He also made her did difficult tasks,while he himself just did “unproductive” things. Instead of paying attention to the meeting, he paid attention to everyone’s appearance and wrote down his comments. His personality is a complexion of  Mr. William Darcy of Pride and Prejudice and Mr. Valentino the Italian fashion designer. Ryu Jin succeeded to twist his cool image for this character.

However, Ha Na’s first real high risk task was going back to her work place at night to instal 3 spying cameras inside Han Do Hoon’s  office. Ha Na had only managed to instal one camera when an unpredictable event happened: the drunken Han Do Hoon was back to that place as well!

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