“Secret Agent Miss Oh” maybe interesting

I was giving it a try since it replaced “Birth of a Rich” airing time on KBS. All the faces in the poster are not familiar for me except for Ryu Jin. He impressed me in Capital Scandal with his expressionless and mysterious character. He surprises me in this drama by performing a very different character from what he usually had. Mm…that may be interesting.

So here we are. Meet the shameless heroin of this drama, Oh Ha Na (Lee Su Kyeong). She’s a low-ranking police woman who is characteristically disturbed. As a police woman, money comes before duty for her. She makes friend with loan shark in order to get some payment from him. She even said, “my uniform is my business card.”

Meet Go Jin Hyeok (Kim Sang Kyung), the strict, perfect and top-ranking National Intelligent Service (NIS) {or the drama named it NIA} agent who, in personal life, is not perfect at all.

They both met in a very inconvenient situation that ended up by Jin Hyeok interrogated Ha Na for the possibility of her being a mole of a criminal organization.

The two really dislike each other. Ha Na kept calling him “the NISA jerk” while Jin Hyeok couldn’t stop wonder why this weird police woman always showed up when he’s about to get drug dealers and thanks to her everything just messed up.

But you know, this is drama…so, destiny brought them to end up working together for this drug criminals matters. Ha Na then became the secret agent as a disguise secretary of Han Do Hoon. And the two men eventually conflicted by falling for Ha Na…

But before we go there,

Meet Han Do Hoon (Ryu Jin), a son of a wealthy man who announced that he was going to donate all his fortune away. Han Do Hoon, as the heir, didn’t accept that and turn his life into some sort of mob. He always boasts for the good look, but actually he’s no brainy at all. Despite the fact that his secretary, Ha Na, always brings him troubles, he secretly falls in love with her…

And below are the spoiler images by which you can guess where the story goes from here…

In Hangeul, the title is written “국가가 부른다“, which literary means “Call of the Country”. It airs on KBS every Monday-Tuesday at 21.55.

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  1. really sweet and comlicated drama ;)
    i really liked it :lol:
    and dhemistery b/t oh hana and agent ko is amazinng :D

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