Secret Garden Episode 11 Summary

This was episode full of emotion. My emotion went upside-down while watching because the story was getting serious. Joo Won managed to make me crazy, until I wanted to scratched out his face. Actually, I want to hate him, but I can’t. He’s just trying to be him and thinking logically fit reality. This time I just want to focus on Ra Im and Joo Won only.
Joo Won said that he wouldn’t end up marrying Ra Im, so his mother just needed to be patient because their relationship was only temporary. If  later Joo Won tell his mother that he can’t live without Ra Im, her mother has to separate them. Or if later Ra Im supposes to change her mind and wants to marry him, Joo Won will ask his mother to never give blessing and must try hard to separate them.

Madam Moon was confused with Joo Won’s statement, then she asked Ra Im, whether or not Ra Im was on the same page as Joo Won about their relationship. Ra Im told Joo Won was wrong. Joo Won probably thought she was just a temporary girl, but for her  Joo Won had never been anybody to her even for a while. Ra Im said she had been yelling, punching, and throwing at  Joo Won to immediately move away from her, but the harder she tried the more determined he was. Joo Won kept going after her because he thought Ra Im was prettier when she got angry. Ra Im told Madam Moon to have her people keep their eyes on her precious son instead of on her. The point was: don’t  make a fuss with her, Madam Moon just deal with her son.

Joo Won and Madam Moon were surprised Ra Im was saying those things.

Ra Im immediately stood up to leave home. Madam Moon was still discontent of her insult to Ra Im. She threw the fruit basket that Ra Im brought. She said poor people should not need to bring anything when coming to her house and she wouldn’t accept that cheap goods. Ra Im was hurt more badly, and Joo Won couldn’t do anything about it that time, though he knew Ra Im was very hurt.

Madam Moon left them, Ra Im cleaned up the messy fruit basket. Joo Won pulled her. Ra Im beat Joo Won to escape and told Joo Won to immediately get away from her. Ra Im already felt quite humiliated by this family. Ra Im said “Temporary?! Am I really  that pitiful in your eyes?”

She was very disappointed with Joo Won. She hated to be near Joo Won although only a second and prohibited Joo Won to touch her again.

Joo Won forced to drove Ra Im home. She accepted the offer, but insisted on being the one on the driver seat. Joo Won handed the car key, and he’s about to get in the car, Ra Im ran the car a few yards. She did it for several times. Joo Won angrily chased her. Ra Im suddenly stopped and got out of the car. She said that it was like that the feeling of being played by Joo Won. Like the tug game, and it made her tired.

Ra Im said if she thought  about the words ‘temporary girl’, she really wanted to kill Joo Won, but she hated herself more because attracted by him for just a second.

Although she was only a temporary girl for Joo Won, she still had pride. Bringing something when she visit other people’s home was habit for Ra Im. She was very hurt having Madam Moon insulted her like that. Joo Won said that his mother didn’t hate her fruit basket, she only hated Ra Im. He allowed Ra Im to hate his mother, but he begged her to understand his position. Joo Won didn’t stand by her at that moment because  he thought his defense would only make her life like in fairy tales. He didn’t want to look cool by acting like a “prince charming”. What he had done was the most logical way he could do for her. In that way his mother wouldn’t bother her anymore. Ra Im understood his point, understanding the point just made things more painful for her.

Joo Won apologized for making her upset. Ra Im said,”Don’t apologize. You’re not sorry at all.” Ra Im also blamed herself for having allowed herself to get involved in this crazy bastard’s life.

Ra Im stopped by at a café, thinking about what had happened in her life after meeting Joo Won. Her life had been quite complicated and turned upside-down after meeting him. Her feelings was always bittersweet when it came to him. Joo Won suddenly came and drank her cappuccino and he intentionally left the foam on his lips. He did that for Ra Im smiling, but failed. Ra Im was just too hurt to smile.

Joo Won was curious about her words earlier that she said she had a little interest in him. He asked, “You were attracted, but you pretend like it wasn’t true?”

Ra Im just said, “In this world, there are some things that you are happier without knowing.” And for Ra Im, Joo Won was one of those things. Ra Im told Joo Won to look for another woman who fit his mother requirement. Then Ra Im left.

Woah…I was amazed by Ra Im. She didn’t shed a tear in front of Joo Won, though she eventually did later on.

Joo Won returned home with Ra Im’s fruit basket. Oska called him to ask about Ra Im. Oska was very worried about her. He knew his aunt and his cousin. He scolded Joo Won for making Ra Im cry and got hurt. Joo Won said that he thought he wouldn’t fall too far on her, but it all didn’t go as he planned.

Woohoo…apparently Joo Won was completely in love with Ra Im. His first intention was just to play on her, but  eventually he tripped and fell into the inconvinient hole called forbidden love.

His wise hyung said that life was not as simple as vending machines. “…that you could pick a soda to drink just because you want it”. Good advice! I hope Joo Won would understand what he meant.

In the night time, Joo Won and Ra Im were reading the same book: “Alice in Wonderland”. Apparently they got in the same part where Alice met the Cheshire cat. They both took turns reading the dialogue between Alice and the Cheshire Cat.

Kim Joo Won (Alice): “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”

Ra Im (Cheshire Cat): “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”

Joo Won: “I don’t much care where”.

Ra Im: “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”

Joo Won: “As long as I get somewhere.”

Ra Im: “Oh, you’re sure to do that, if you only walk long enough.”

So my advice for you Kim Joo Won-ssi, let’s take this all the way!

While opening her locker, Ra Im saw her picture with her father. She recalled the memories of her father. She remembered when his father gave her a cat doll when she was a teenager. Reading the story of Alice and Cheshire cat made her miss her father.

Ra Im  succeeded on the first step of “Dark Blood” audition. She was very happy and wanted to treat Jong Soo, but Jong Soo refused. He asked her to stop being too friendly and instead behaved professionally only. He told her about his heartache because of her. Ra Im was confused with Jong Soo, but eventually she realized that it had to be Joo Won’s job while he was in her body.

Joo Won put Christmas trees at home and hang the Oska-printed-shock. Joo Won’s doing it not because he fond of Christmas. He hated both Christmas trees and Oska-printed-socks. But he thought Ra Im definitely liked the Christmas tree and (of course) Oska socks. So, Joo Won did the things he hated but which Ra Im loved just so he could remember and imagine Ra Im there on his side.

When Ra Im reflection appeared at his side he told her that Santa Clause wouldn’t give her gifts because she was crying. The reflection replied “But you’re the one who made me cry.” Joo Won said that’s why he hoped for Ra Im not to cry anymore.

Hey you coward, said it directly to the real Ra Im!

While Ra Im’s reflection still looming at his side, Joo Won was not aware when the real Ra Im came and standing beside him. He startled, then touched her cheek and said “Are you really Gil Ra Im?” After seeing her bunny eyes, he was sure  that she was the real Ra Im.

Ra Im was angry because Joo Won fooled Jong Soo. Joo Won admitted when he was in Ra Im’s body, he refused Jong Soo to help her breaking up with that man. A help? Ra Im scolded Joo Won for being too shallow to look at the relationship between men and women. Jong Soo was not only a teacher for Ra Im, but also was a parent. Ra Im really respected him. She was disappointed at Joo Won for ruining her relationship with Jong Soo. Even if Jong Soo liked her as a woman, it’s Ra Im-Jong Soo’s problem. Joo Won had no right to interfere. What  Joo Won had done to Jong Soo was more hurting than what he had done to her.
Joo Won asked whether Ra Im also liked Jong Soo, Ra Im answered “Yes, I like him.” Ra Im said she was grateful because thanks to him she then knew Jong Soo’s real feeling, and she would start seeing Jong Soo as a man.

Joo Won was silent for a moment in surprised, but when Ra Im was about to go Joo Won pulled her and forcibly kissed her. Ra Im was struggling to let go. Ough .. X| I wanted to scratched out his face so badly!!! He didn’t know how to treat the woman he loves. Instead of making her happy, he just keeps hurting her.

After the kiss he warned Ra Im, “Don’t get angry at me of another man. Don’t say that you’re hurting because of another man. And don’t ever come to find me because of another man!” Hohoho..he’s absolutely jealous.

Oska came to interrupt them. Oska realized that the couple had just fought. Oska asked Ra Im, is she okay after yesterday’s meeting with her aunt. Joo Won said to Oska not to discuss about yesterday anymore. But Oska said, “For Ra Im not there yesterday, today or tomorrow, her memory will always return to the Madam Moon’s living room.”

Oska said that it was the feeling of a woman. Joo Won supposed to learn from him. As a player he must know how to handle women’s feeling, but I thought when Oska was with Yoon Seul…it’s an anomaly.
Joo Won wanted to take her home, but Ra Im prefered Oska to take her home.

Oska started the rock climbing training with Ra Im. When they were already on at the top, Ra Im just realized that she had forgotton to carry the chalk for her sweaty hand. Oska told her to use his chalk. Ra Im was trying to reach it (which was located on Oska’s hips) when she accidentally touched Oska’s right butt. Oska was surprised, but he made a joke by saying that he was the type of a person who gave his left cheek after his right cheek slapped. So he offered Ra Im to touch his left butt.. :lol:

Ra Im suddenly remembered the sauna tragedy on the golf course, then said, “It’s okay, I already saw things I shouldn’t have seen.”  Oska misunderstood her by thinking that she might have seen his scandal photos :lol:

After the rock climbing activity they’re having lunch together. Ra Im finally admitted that she had become an Oska’s fan for 13 years, since Oska was still a member of an indie band.  And she was very happy to get to know Oska personally.

Ra Im asked about the bet on Jeju. Oska said at the time he and Joo Won was betting things they love. Joo Won bet Ra Im and he bet his house. Oska said he won it, and then jokingly Oska said Ra Im belonged to him then.

Suddenly Chae Rin came. Oska was surprised how she knew that he was there. Chae Rin said she had met Joo Won and he told her Oska was in that place with a weird woman (Joo Won means Ra Im). Oska guessed Chae Rin meeting Joo Won to sell their scandalous photos, but Chae Rin had no idea of he’s talking about. Then she just said, “Oh that? It was all a joke.” Hahaha .. :lol: So, Joo Won threatened Oska with photos that didn’t exist.

Joo Won really wanted to meet Ra Im. He made a plan of inviting Ah Yeong to dinner with one condition: Ah Yeong had to take her ‘closest bestfriend‘, and Joo Won hoped she would take Ra Im.

But, bang! It turned out that Ah Yeong didn’t take her. She took another best friend. Finally Joo Won said, “It Seems you have a lot friends. I specifically said your best friend.

Ah Yeong said that the girl was her friend too, and she was a bit distant with Ra Im lately. Hohoho… Ah Yeong apparently still didn’t get Joo Won’s real purpose taking her to dinner. Ah Yeong was still assumed that her president had feelings for her. Finally Joo Won changed his plan to be a matchmaker after seeing secretary Kim who was sullen beside him.

He told Secretary Kim about Ah Yeong’s habits which he knew when he became Kim Ra Im, from her sleeping habits, her favorite cafe (the place where Won Bin, Jo In Seong, and Kang Dong Won had been spotted), her bathroom weird habits, until the brand of her face cream.

Before leaving he told Secretary Kim, “I’ll leave Ah Yeong-ssi to you, keep her well”

Ah Yeong and Secretary Kim were shocked that their president could find such details about Ah Yeong.

Joo Won immediately went to Ra Im’s house, but she’s not there and always rejected his call. So he waited in front of her house.

When Ra Im got home, Joo Won immediately confronted her. He was angry about the phone rejection and ignorance. He also blamed Ra Im for dinner failure earlier. She didn’t care, but Joo Won argued that she’s suppose to care because her coldness after the kiss and everything that happened between them. Joo Won blamed her for his misery as the only party who suffered. He then regreted their first meeting where Ra Im should’ve said, “I know Oska, but I’m not Park Chae Rin,” so then there was never a relationship between them. In that way, Joo Won didn’t have to suffer and got out of his mind.

Joo Won said Ra Imhad made his simple life became complicated, while her life remained normal. He thought it was unfair. In order to make them even, Joo Won wanted her to  feel the same thing.

He then declared it: “You have no thoughts of becoming my little mermaid, so I will be your little mermaid.” He continued, “I’ll be right next to you as if I’m not there and I’m the one who will eventually disappear like the seafoam.”

:o What???

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