Secret Garden Episode 18 Summary

May I skipped this episode? Ough .. I really hate this. When I was watching this episode I never stopped grumbling “Is this the best from you (Ms. Writer)?” X| Aaarggh … Okay I’ll be quite brief here .

Whats Oska feared finally happened. Ra Im’s soul now in Joo Won’s body. When she’s already aware about her body, Ra Im cried, but there’s nothing she can do, but to cry and apologize to Oska and Madam Moon.

Ra Im visited Joo Won (who was in her body), he lay weakly. She cried to see her lover. Madam Moon disallowed him, whom she think as his son, to meet Gil Ra Im. Madam Moon asked people to drag Gil Joo Won out of the room.

Madam Moon actually very worried about Joo Won. She placed guards at Joo Won’s house in order to make his son not to return to the hospital to meet Gil Ra Im. Oska, who’s still disappointed with Joo Won’s decision also banned Ra Im to go back to the hospital at least until his auntie (Madam Moon) was calm. Oska hoped this couple also consider the family’s feeling.

However, Ra Im insisted on going to the hospital after easily beating up the guards. Before getting into the car, she got a letter addressed to “Kim Dol Chu”. Actually it was a letter from Joo Won for her. Ra Im went crying after reading the letter. “… I’ll accept the magic (the body swapped) and the accident as a gift from God, laughing happily, laugh with your heart so that I can hear you laugh. Take a good care my appearance, wear expensive clothes that I like, because with that as if we always be together. We will be happy like any other couple … ” T_T

Ra Im was surprised to see there was Jong Soo in front of Joo Won’s room. Jong Soo didn’t want to leave Joo Won alone because he thought if there is someone waiting for him, Joo Won will eventually come out of a coma … oh …ouch…you’re so kind ajeossi

Ra Im saw Joo Won who was still in coma (With if-they-weren’t-swapped scene). Ra Im cried and said “At least one of us has changed to seafoam. So let me, I will change to seafoam and disappear. Don’t be sad, since little mermaid falls in love with the prince her destiny is to turn to be the seafoam.” Ra Im was actually disappointed with Joo Won for what he had done (swapped their body), because it was in his body Ra Im felt so sad every time she took a breath. She planned to make it back to normal again. When rain comes she will returned to her body and then let her be the one who leaned on him.

Ra Im was crying until she fell asleep on the side of Joo Won, and she had a dream, also Joo Won actually.

In their dream, They sat facing a banquet in a garden. Then came a person, Ra Im was surprised. Joo Won felt familiar with that person, he was Ra Im’s father. As he hold a bottle of wine he said “This wine is where the magic starts and where the magic will end to” then he poured the wine into their glass. Ra Im’s father said it’s alright if Joo Won forget his ‘promise’ since Joo Won’s sacrifices for her daughter more than that agreement. He considered that Joo Won had already paid off his “promise”. Promise??? :?

He added to Ra Im, saying that it had enough for Ra Im to suffer, cry a stream of tears and bowg down so much before. From then on he wanted Ra Im to be loved and be happy. Therefore Ra Im’s father told them to drink the wine then He said “My magic is finished, now the real magic begins” Ra Im and Joo Won drank the wine, once it was raining rose petals …so beautiful but this is exactly what happened in Ah Yeong’s dream.

They both woke up in their beds. Ra Im’s body looked confused at the mirror, finally she had returned to her body. But Joo Won looked different, he felt alienated and muzzy woke up on his bedroom.

When he was confused looking at the mirror, Oska arrived (actually) to check on Ra Im in Joo Won’s body. But Joo Won got  more confused. Oska realized that he’s  really Kim Joo Won. Oska was happy when he knew his cousin had returned, but surprisingly, Joo Won asked about the elevator accident 13 years ago. Huh? :?

Apparently after being checked by Ji Hyun, it turned out his memory was back to 13 years ago, when he was 21 years old, after he was trapped in the elevator. With 21 years old’s memories, he didn’t believe that he’s already 34 years old. He thought he still looked young…haha. With Joo Won-arrogant-style he said “How did I take care of my self so well?” :lol:

Regardless he’s 21years old or 34years old in mind, he always my favorite kkadonam. He still looked arrogant, he’s very proud of his amazing house and his position as CEO LOEL, and he doubted Oska be Halyu Star … :lol:

Ra Im who was awaken in the hospital immediately went to Joo Won’s house with a taxi. At Joo Won’s home, seeing Joo Won who was fine, she immediately embraced him. Joo Won was confused. He was not familiar with that woman. He tried to remember Ra Im, but then he said he didn’t know her at all.

Oska and Ji Hyun got a difficulty explaining to Ra Im about Joo Won’s condition. Oska just explained that Joo Won lost some memories. He only had memories when he was 21 years old. While Ra Im was still in confusion Joo Won pushed her and asked Oska “Hyung, Who is Gil Ra Im? When I opened my eyes I thought of that name first”..huh? Everybody was getting puzzled.

Oska and Ji Hyun finally left them. They thought Ra Im would help Joo Won to remember everything. Ra Im was crying. Joo Won finally realized the woman in front of him is Gil Ra Im, but Joo Won didn’t believe her. He thought Gil Ra Im was definitely very meaningful for him because it is the first name he remembered when he opened his eyes. Joo Won asked “What is our relationship?” Ra Im replied “You love me and I love you too” But our-21 years old-Joo Won still didn’t believe that he had fallen in love with a 30 year old stuntwoman.

He even asked if there’s another Ra Im. She told him that the Ra Im he loved was her. She was the only woman whom Joo Won loved. He asked Ra Im to leave a phone number for any time he can call.huh? But for Ra Im, whatever Joo Won would do, she wouldn’t mad at him. She’d be very grateful and love him unconditionally because he was still alive.

Next .. I feel like a déjà vu.

When Joo Won walked in his back yard, he imagined Ra Im walked beside him. The 21 year old Joo Won definitely confused his mind tha he couldn’t stop thinking about Ra Im.

He visited Ra Im with a candle-light-meals for Ra Im at the hospital.. hahaha .. He even still used that method.

Joo Won asked about Ra Im’s life. When he asked about her father, Ra Im just answered that Joo Won had already known her father.

Ra Im said to Joo Won that he wouldn’t be stopped thingking of her. Joo Won asked why it would happen. Ra Im answered that because Joo Won loved her.

Ra Im also revealed about her habit kicking his legs. Ra Im was not surprised anymore with Joo Won’s tactics. She even could guess those tactics. Ra Im told that he would follow her wherever she went and the words “you are puzzling and amazing for me” … they’re all because he loved her, so much. Joo Won still confused. Actually it’s so fun to look at his puzzling and clueless face like that.

The next day Ra Im was allowed to go home. She immediately went to the action school. When she was thanking and hugging Jong Soo, Joo Won came and thought Ra Im was having an affair with him :D . How old he was, he’s still childish.

Ra Im wondered of how Joo Won could get to the action school when he forgot everything in the past 13 years. Apparently Joo Won used a cunning way. He followed Ra Im and that made her upset and kicked his leg, but Joo Won in reflect avoided it. Joo Won also confused, how his legs moved spontaneously. Ra Im said that meant his body still remembered her.

Then Ra Im called him with Kim Ddol Chu (refers to his crazy-sparkling-tracksuit), and once again Joo Won did the silly movements (show the tracksuit brand)

Seeing his silly action Ra Im smiled and immediately hugged him. She was very grateful that the silly and arrogant Joo Won was back. She said “I must be falling in love with the 21 year old Joo Won too.” Joo Won got confused but eventually hugged Ra Im awkwardly … Hohoho … They’re both so cute … :o

Ra Im met Madam Moon and said that she wouldn’t let Joo Won go. They had passed the death together. No one could separate them again. Although Joo Won lost his memory about her, Ra Im was sure one day Joo Won would recall them and loved her again. She asked Madam Moon to let go of Joo Won for her. That’s our eonnie!!! :o

Joo Won asked Ra Im to come into his house. He told Ra Im to live with him (déjà vu again). Ra Im just laughed. Ra Im said Joo Won was already too often to say that, about living together and sharing the bed and the bathroom.

Joo Won didn’t think their relationship was as close as that. Joo Won went closer to Ra Im and asked “Were we close enough to be kissing like this?” he approached his face to Ra Im…would they kiss??? Ow..ow..ow…

Only with a dream all of the problems can solved?..ough… I know this is fantasy melodrama, but as I know there is no fairy tale that happens which has a dream solution. I hope in the next episode (just two episodes left), we will have some miracles that can pay off my disappointment.

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