Secret Garden Episode 15 Summary

Oska feel that person in front of him wasn’t Kim Joo Won, his cousin. Kim Joo  Won should know Ji Hyun, his bestfriend and also his therapist.  Joo Won even put Ji Hyun’s phone number into his speed dial number one on the  phone. Oska intended to call Ji Hyun and ask her to go back meeting Joo Won. But Gil Joo Won immediately cut him and say “Oppa, wait a minute!” Oska shocked “Oppa?!”. Gil Joo Won said she was not Kim Joo Wonm but Gil Ra Im. Oska didn’t believe it and thought that his cousin had gone mad.

Meanwhile Jong Soo thought Ra Im was acting strange because of her injury from the filming. Finally, Kim Ra Im also admitted that he wasn’t  Gil Ra Im, but Kim Joo Won. When Jong Soo was still digesting his explanation, Ra Im called Joo Won.

And there the four of them all sat together at Oska’s place.

At first Jong Soo and Oska didn’t believe Joo Won-Ra Im’s wacky-lunatic-body-swapped. But Joo Won and Ra Im convinced them that their souls were exchanged. To convinced Oska, Joo Won said a particular phrase he always said to him: “Hyung, I was really very confident that I wouldn’t fall for that woman, but nothing is going as planned”. While as for Ra im, she explained about Jong Soo’s concern for his action school members life that he had said to Ra Im when they were hiking.

Jong Soo finally knew who forbade him to express  his feeling to Ra Im, and the worse was, Oska finally knew who was with him when they’re at sauna the other day. So who saw him naked was actually Gil Ra Im. :lol:

Oska and Jong Soo observed the couple. Oska believed the man was not Kim Joo Won, his cousin. Oska asked Jong Soo whether he believed the soul-exchange story. Jong-Soo said that could happen. He preferred to believe this crazy story than to consider Ra Im-Joo Won had gone lunatic (referred to their crazy behavior).

Oska got a visit from his mother. She hoped Oska stop his profession as a singer and began to meddle in family business. Her mother was tired to see him humiliated and scolded by people. Oska didn’t respond and asked her mother to leave. After her mother left he realized that he had made so many mistakes and hurt many people. Suddenly he wanted to apologize to them all. He asked Jong  Hyeon (his assistent) to make a list of people he had harmed, and the result was a loooong list (which includes Chae Rin, Manager Choi, and also Jong Hyeon) :lol:

Tae Sun refused to sign a contract with Seul. But they both had a plan to help Oska out from the plagiarism issue. Tae Sun asked Seul why she wanted to help Oska.  Seul said that she was the only person who had a right to hurt Oska. Huh?

Ra Im got a message from Hwang-sunbae that her demo tape passed and she’s eligible for “Dark Blood” next step audition. Ra Im was very happy, but Joo Won refused to audition because he was practicing just for Ra Im to be happy. He didn’t think that Ra Im was going to pass the demo tape audition. Ra Im really wanted that audition. If later turned out she didn’t pass, its didn’t matter, because she had wanted to go for this audition for a long time. She promised to accompany Joo Won when audition took place. She begged Joo Won, Joo Won still refused,  he said he wasn’t sure about the auditioning, because he couldn’t even ride on an elevator. Ra Im confused “elevator?” Joo Won had no time to explain it because Jong Soo called Ra Im for a meeting to discuss about the audition.

At the office, Jong Soo seemed to be uncomfortable  with the soul-exchanged matter. He  refused to see Kim Joo Won’s face when talking to Ra Im. So he spoke with Gil Joo Won but his faced Kim Ra Im….and that was difficult indeed.

Jong Soo worried about Ra Im auditioning if her soul had not returned to her body yet by that time. He hoped Ra Im to reconsidered it. Ra Im insisted to go for the audition, and Joo Won finally gave up and said he would audition for her, but with some conditions.

The conditions are: (with the if-they-weren’t-swapped scene) Joo Won carried his belongings (actually Ra Im belongins) and moved to EChun house to live with her. Ra Im refused but he threatened not going to the audition. Joo Won said they had to share beds and shared bathrooms. He also had ordered secretary Kim to move the LOEL meeting into EChun house, so he could be with Ra Im for 24 hours a day. He was very happy and regreted in the same time why he didn’t think of it from the begining….living together with Ra Im. She was forced to accept Joo Won for the sake of  “Dark Blood” audition.

Still with the if-they-weren’t-swapped scene, when they’re going to sleep, Ra Im asked Joo Won about the medical bottle in the bathroom. Joo Won finally told her that he suffered from claustrophobia. He will be hard to breathe when he’s in an enclosed place such as elevators. The most fatal effect was a heart attack and death, so he never used the elevator. Joo Won said it was a secret  and only Ra Im who knew it (you forgot Ji Hyun). Ra Im just realized why everyone confused when she (with Joo Won’s body) used the elevator at the LOEL.

In the morning they start practicing, then LOEL meeting also be moved to EChun house, and Kim Ra Im was also able to give instruction to Gil Joo Won during the meeting.

When they finished practicing, they discussed about the incident in Jeju when Ra Im got lost. Ra Im still insisted that she didn’t scream at that time. Ra Im asked about the medical wine (should) given to Oska. Joo Won initially evasive but eventually admitted that he was the one who drank that wine. That meant the night before their soul exchanged, they both were drinking the wine.

Immediately they went to Jeju to investigate, but then the “Mystic Garden” was very different from the time they visited it the first time. This time the hut wasn’t bleak and there was no single wine bottles, even  with different  ajeomma owner. They were confused, but the restaurant owner said that the place had been that way since few years ago and there was never any change.

After finding a dead end, they immediately returned to Seoul. Arriving at home, Madam Moon already packed their things and kicked them both out from there.

And these two seek for refugee to our fairy god mother, Oska. Oska who was busy with his apologizing-projects was surprised by their coming. Joo Won forced to stay there or at least allowed Ra Im to stay at his place. Oska eventually accepted them.

Chae Ri (a character in “On Air” , another Kim Eun Suk’s drama) is one of the victims of the song writer who plunges Oska in plagiarism issue. Seul and Tae Sun managed to meet her and convince her to help Oska out of the trouble. Oska arrived late at the meeting, but everything’s all right, Chae Ri agreed to help Oska. Chae Ri paid attention to Tae Sun and asked if he was already has a girlfriend. Oska was about to say that Tae Sun is gay, but Tae Sun hastily interrupted him by saying “I have someone I like.” huh?

After the meeting Oska told Tae Sun to go first because he needed to speak with Seul. Oska thanked Seul, but Seul said he did it to repay his debt because she had leaked his song. In addition to gratitude, Oska also said that he had already known why Seul leave him. He apologized for doing something stupid (insulting Seul in front of Jin Hyuk), he apologized for hurting Seul. Seul just said she thought she was strong and cruel but that was wrong.

At the office, Tae Sun started asking Seul about the ‘after meeting’. Tae Sun realized that all this time Seul used him to hurt Oska. Tae Sun finally showed his true feelings, he was jealous. Hohoho .. there will be a war here ..  Seul vs. Sun. :o

When Ra Im and Joo Won was waiting for the audition, secretary Kim sent a message that grandfather came to LOEL and looked for Joo Won. Ra Im finally decided to return to LOEL. She promised to be back in an hour to accompany Joo Won.

At the LOEL, Director Park began to show his horns by saying Mister Moon that his grandson rarely came to the office. He should also be sitting in that chair, but Madam Park, his noona, said Director Park was not in the right place to say that thing and told him to stop dreaming. Yups that’s right Madam Park!

Gil Joo Won came and said that she was late because she had to attend the meeting. After the grandfather gone, she was puzzled to see Director Park who looked miserable. She asked Secretary Kim what had happened. Secretary Kim said that Director Park was playing dirty game as usual but managed to be stopped by Madam Park.

Ra Im who was hasty returned to the audition and decided to use the elevator. Director Park was confused. Gil Joo Won said to him that all these times he never used the elevators to save electricity, but because she was then in a hurry she decided to use the elevator. Director Park was still suspicious of Joo Won’s claustrophobia. He immediately went to the elevator control room, and ordered all personnel out.

He then noticed Gil Joo Won entered the elevator and looked normal, but he’s began to sly and stopped the elevator. Ra Im was confused in the elevator. She looked at the surveillance camera and realized that Director Park was behind it. She spoke towards the camera and told Director Park that she knew it’s his job. Instead of running the elevator again, Director Park left the control room, and elevator was still stopped.

Joo Won who was at the audition confused because Ra Im hadn’t yet come while the audition was about to begin. And suddenly the rain came. A moment later came the blue veils and….Zup! They return to their respective bodies.

Ra Im delighted to return to her body just before the audition. And the tragic fate for Joo Won where his body was still trapped in the elevator. The claustrophobia he had was very severe. He was very difficult breathing. He cried for a help, but had no  searched for

Ra Im who is still happy immediately called Joo Won, and once she realized that Joo Won in danger, Joo Won almost collapsed when Ra Im called him. He just said haltingly and weak “I’ve said that I can’t ride the elevator” Ra Im hysterical calling Joo Won’s name but no answer anymore.

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