Secret Garden Episode 5 Summary

Despite the fact that episode 4 was disappointing for me, I continued on watching. The reason is maybe bacause i have fallen in love deeply with this drama. Thankfully this episode is more interesting than before. From now on, I try not to expect too much and just enjoy this drama.  At least this episode didn’t show many fights between Joo Won and Ra Im. This episode revealed a lot of things, and also a lot of screwy things happened. “Secret Garden” is a fantasy melodrama, and in this episode the fantasy began.

Joo Won wouldn’t let Oska having fun with Ra Im in Jeju. Oska was really curious about the relationship between Ra Im and Joo Won. Joo Won said that although there were 230 countries in the world and he could speak 5 different languages, there’s no word could describe their relationship.

Because all the tables are reserved by Joo Won, so  Ra Im and Oska have to lunch together with him. However, Oska and Ra Im seemed to forget Joo Won’s presence. Ra Im was so much different with Oska. She became a very nice and sweet woman. She even addressed him “oppa”.

During their lunch, Han Tae Sun performed a live music (a rookie singer whom Oska envied his talent). While Tae Sun was singing (he sings “That Woman”), Joo Won and Ra Im was drowning in their own minds. Joo Won remembered the night when Ra Im was insulted because a crappy bag, and Ra Im reminded of when she was so excited choosing a several girly clothes when going to meet Joo Won that night. Ra Im looked up when Joo Won staring at her, then they looked at each other … (I’m sad to see this, their gaze contains a lot of meaning, isn’t that love???).  :?

After Oska left the table to chase Tae Sun, Joo Won asked Ra Im why she acted like a 17-years-old dizzy girl when she’s with Oska, but became super cranky with him. Ra Im said, it’s because Oska treated her like a little girl (and she liked it), while Joo Won treated her as a poor and alienated neighbor who needed help. Joo Won said Oska was a player and had many girlfriends. (and what about you?)

Yoon Seul came to disrupt Ra Im and Joo Won. She asked Joo Won who was the woman who’s having lunch with him. Joo Won said, “she is the most difficult woman with whom I had lunch”. Then Yoon Seul asked about her parents, Joo Won told her to leave soon because he didn’t want Ra Im to leave him after that question. Yoon Seul finally forced to say goodbye. When Yoon Seul finally went away, Ra Im just realized she was the bitch whom she met at LOEL VVIP Lounge.

Ra Im chased Yoon Seul immediately,and told her to apologize since she had made hard situations for Ah Yeong. Joo Won saw the incident and immediately cut it, Yoon Seul feigned shortness of breath and acted like a weak woman. Joo Won told Ra Im to apologize because her actions go to the LOEL VVIP Lounge was wrong, only customers who spend 100 million won at LOEL every year who can entered LOEL VVIP Lounge . And that just brought Ra Im to a real shock, both for Joo Won’s not defending her and for the “100 million” he mentioned.

But then Joo Won told  Yoon Seul to apologized to Ra Im. None of these woman gave each other a way.  Ra Im almost beat Yoon Seul but prevented by Joo Won. Oska came to interrupt and asked for Joo Won and Ra Im to leave, he wanted to speak with Yoon Seul in personal.

Outside Ra Im was still in silence. Joo Won thought she was still angry about  Yoon Seul. Ra Im wondered what kind of people who spent 100 million won every year just for shopping. Ra Im just realized how big the difference between Ra Im and Joo Won. Then Joo Won made it clear, how different their worlds. Ra Im asked if Joo Won also like those high class people who cared for nothing but expensive lifestyle. Joo Won only answered “There’s no reason for me not to be like that”. Okay, silver-tongued! I understood what you meant.

Jong Soo showed up and got angry with Ra Im because she’s not following his order to stay in Seoul. Ra Im made an excuse that she came to Jeju just to watch  the carstunt scene. Jong Soo asked where she was staying, Ra Im said there was a sauna nearby (that means she didn’t rent a room). Jong Soo then gave her his room key. Joo Won objected of this idea that Ra Im was sharing a room with Jong Soo and his team . He immidiately looked for any available room for Ra Im, but all rooms were booked by Oska’s fans.

Oska spoke with Yoon Seul. He guessed Yoon Seul was in Jeju because of Joo Won. Yoon Seul said that the marriage matters had already been discussed by the parents, but this time she came to Jeju for Choi Woo Yeong (Oska). Oska was confused by Yoon Seul’s words.

Oska asked if it wasn’t easy for her to meet again and they would become family, after what happened between them. Yoon Seul said flatly that there was never love between them. Then Yoon Seul asked about Ra Im. Oska said that Ra Im was a woman whom he’d been seeing, the woman who was close to him. Yoon Seul doubted it, Oska immediately left her. Just fyi, it turned out that Oska was the one who had been dumped when he proposed  Yoon Seul in the past.

With emotion Oska was looking for Joo Won to Bicycle Mountain Tracking (BMT) challenge and made a bet.  If Joo Won won the battle, Oska would move from EChun house. If Oska won, he wanted Ra Im (I started not to like Oska, it looked like he wanted to use Ra Im to make Yoon Seul jealous). Because the bet involved Ra Im, Joo Won accepted the offer. As they were about ready to go, Ra Im came and begged to participate (Ra Im didn’t know that she is the bet). Joo Won refused for safety reason, but Ra Im insisted and Oska allowed it.

During the race, Ra Im was far behind the men. Then when Joo Won was about to reach the finish line outran everyone, he heard Ra Im was screaming through the walkie-talkie, he immediately stopped his bike and Oska won.

Joo Won not care about Oska victory, he was worried at Ra Im. Joo Won right back into the woods to search for Ra Im, Oska looking around on beach. Cell phone  and walkie-talkie Ra Im could not be contacted. Next Joo Won realize there is something wrong with the street signal, until Ra Im lost.

Joo Won followed the wrong signal to a dead end. He entered into the forest, a bit frightened, but then shocked by Ra Im. He got angry with Ra Im because he’s so worry about her. Ra Im looked calm. She’s unable to continue the race because her bike was broken.

They were both amazed by the fact that there’s a restaurant in the middle of the woods “Mystic Garden”.  In front of the hut were so many colorful bottles. The owner was a quirky old woman. They were forced to go in to eat something. From thee outside, the hut was similar to the scary painting “Dark House” which Joo Won had seen before.

The woman served chicken for dinner and gave more attention to Joo Won. She asked if Joo Won suffered from a disease like cancer or leukemia. Even the old woman knew that Joo Won was wealthy. Joo Won was a little terrified. The old woman also told to Ra Im that she’s very glad could meet Ra Im.

Ra Im asked whether the colorful bottles were medical wine. Making medical wine used to be her father’s hobby. Ra Im asked what the old woman made medical wine for. The woman said to save her daughter. Ra Im continued asking, “Is your daughter sick?” She simply replied “its that her fate” … what she meant? Joo Won, Ra Im, and I frowned. :?

Finally they reached the hotel by taxi. Ra Im  thanked Joo Won  for having to look up into the woods to find her. The old woman gave two bottles medical wine to Ra Im. Ra Im gave one to Joo Won, but he refused. But after Ra Im said she’s giving it to Oska instead, he abruptly grabbed the bottle and said it’s his since he was the one who looked up for Ra Im in the middle of the forest.

Jong  Soo was angry to see Ra Im for returning late to hotel. When Ra Im apologized to Jong Soo, Joo Won came. He told Ra Im to use his room, and he would share with Oska. He would not allow Ra Im sharing a room with men. Jong Soo rejected the idea because of Ra Im was his responsibility. Joo Won said  Ra Im and everything (Oska, romantic holiday, MV shooting) were his responsibility. Jong Soo just realized, Ra Im  managed to Jeju because she won LOEL drawing, and Jong Soo murmured: “I did a foolish thing, didn’t i?”  (foolish?! Oh I know why Ra Im could win the drawing even though she never went shopping at LOEL. Apparently it’s because of the bag that Jong Soo bought for her). :lol:

Ra Im finally accepted the offer, thinking that Joo Won as the one who’s gonna have an uncomfortable night  was better than Joo Soo and team.

In Joo Won’s room, Ra Im asked why Joo Won followed her  down to Jeju. Joo Won said Ra Im had already known the answer. Joo Won wanted to hug Ra Im, he wanted to know what kind of woman she was: The woman who would he marry or just a woman who played around then break up. Ra Im asked what if it turned out that he like her after the hug. Did she become a Cinderella? Joo Won replied “No, the little mermaid, Gil Ra Im-ssi will always be stuck between two different worlds, when I’m done with you, you’ll disappear like foam on the sea”.
Ra Im slapped Joo Won. Before going Joo Won asked Ra Im to think about those words.
Joo Won was cruel! X| He compared Ra Im with the original version of the little mermaid, which eventually became sea foam because she couldn’t live as human or even back into a mermaid.

MV Director asked to meet with Ra Im. She was so excited because she hoped to be involved in the filming. After giving a bow, Ra Im was surprised finding out that the director was Yoon Seul. Actually, Yoon Seul wanted to see Ra Im because she wanted to know what kind of woman whom Oska was seeing (Aaargh X| … this couple-Oska and Yoon Seul-made hard situations for Ra Im).

Oska just found out that Yoon Seul was his music video director. He refused and left the meeting. He immediately contacted Choi Dong Gyu, his manager, and threatened not to shoot.  Oska went back to his room and Joo Won came . Oska still emotion about Yoon Suel and Joo Won thinking about Ra Im (as always). Oska saw a bottle on Joo Won’s bag, he asked “is it alcohol?” Joo Won immediately grabbed and held it tightly. He said it belonged to him.

Joo Won was curious with Yoon Seul-Oska relationship, Oska was still moping about Yoon Seul, so he simply replied “she’s anti-fan” (right answer Oska!) :lol:

Ra Im went to the sauna, and decided to spend night there. She didn’t want to sleep in Joo Won’s room. She recalled what Joo Won said about her “you are little mermaid”. In different place, Joo Won couldn’t sleep either, thinking about Ra Im (as always). They both ended up drinking the medical wine.

In the morning, Joo Won woke up beside Oska, he smiled as he spoke in his mind (with Ra Im’s voice) “Is this a dream? A very nice dream?”
In the sauna, Ra Im  annoyed by the sound of a snoring ajeomma, she spoke in her mind (with Joo Won’s voice) “Ough…that’s a weird dream.”

Finally Joo Won and Ra Im realized there was something strange. Ra Im (with Joo Won’s body) jumped out of bed, and realized her body wasn’t her body anymore. When she looked down, she shouted. Joo Won (with Ra Im’s body) immediately stood up and panic because he found himself in the sauna, and when he held his chest he found bosoms. :lol:

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