Secret Garden Episode 6 Summary

I couldn’t stop laughing watching this episode. Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin really stir crazy. Before starting this summary, to make it easier for all of us, I want to explain the rules. I will call Gil Ra Im in Kim Joo Won’s body as Gil Joo Won and I will still regard her as a woman (she). I will call Kim Joo Won in Gil Ra Im’s body as Kim Ra Im and I would still regard him as a man (he). But when they’re alone, I’ll keep calling them like usual, Gil Ra Im and Kim Joo Won. Hopefully you guys understand and are not confused.
They started the morning with a screaming as they just realized they were in the wrong place. Kim Ra Im confused why he was in the sauna with the ajeommas. He was panic and said this (pointing to his chest) wasn’t his. :lol:   When he looked in the mirror he saw Gil Ra Im “I have become Gil Ra Im?”

At another place, Gil Joo Won  was panic. When Oska awoke, she directly went to the bathroom. It made Oska confused. When she looked in the mirror, she saw Kim Joo Won. Oska wondered her weird attitude. Oska went into the bathroom and asked her what happened, but Gil Joo Won just ran out with a towel.

Finally Ra Im and Joo Won met. They stared at each other’s bodies. Soon Joo Won blamed Ra Im for this situation (as usual). Ra Im also confused why they became like this. They decided to discuss the problem at the lobby. They took separate roads since it would look odd if they were walking together.

Gil Joo Won was the first to reach the lobby. She saw Yoon Seul was there wondering how could her be a director at thatyoung age. But soon Kim Ra Im shocked her. Then Jong Soo’s presence was another surprise for both of them.

Jong Soo was surprised by their weird attitude. Gil Joo Won gave him a bow, Kim Ra Im not even care and just say “hey!”. Gil Joo Won said, “I said a few harsh things to her earlier, and I guess she is a bit unstable”  :lol: Gil Joo Won had to remind Kim Ra Im several times: “You are Gil Ra Im-ssi! ”

Jong Soo dragged Kim Ra Im and Gil Joo Won instantly avoided it.  Jong Soo was almost angry but Kim Ra Im asked Gil Joo Won: “You are not going to stop him? you’re letting me go with him? “.

Jong Soo and also Yoon Seul, who  saw the scene from a far, were confused by their attitude. Kim Ra Im could finally give Jong Soo an understanding by saying “I will be responsible and send her to the filming area later”. Before she said goodbye, she forced (pushing the head) Kim Ra Im to make a bow to Jong Soo.

Joo Won got angry at Ra Im because of the bow. He said so far he only made a bow to his grandfather, “our president”. He then forbid Ra Im to give a bow because it is his head. :lol: Gil Ra Im then felt of about peeing. And it’s not fun because then her body was a male body. Ra Im was freaking out while doing the pee. :lol:

When they talked in the restaurant, Ra Im was still in trauma by the peeing tragedy. Joo Won warned her not to cry on his face. When they were talking, Joo Won was disturbed because the bra strap down. Ra Im said that he must tightened the rope. He tried it but it was difficult for him. Ra Im helped him, and she put her hand into shirt, but they forgot that they were in public place. So it’s definitely not a normal scene. All eyes were wide open looking at them. :lol: Finally they decided to move on..

They thought of the ways to get out of this situation. If they went to the hospital, they might end in asylum. If they went to a fortune-teller, It wouldn’t be good for Joo Won’s reputation. Even the churh and temple couldn’t help them. Jumping from a building would only result a great pain.

Then Ra Im shot an idea. “Let us kiss?” Ra Im told some fairy tales such as Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, and Frog Prince where a kiss always led to a happy ending.

Joo Won asked Ra Im “A light peck or something heavier?” Ra Im answered they will see when it happened. Ra Im ordered Joo Won to close his eyes, and then kissed him. It was a brief kiss, and then… nothing happened. Joo Won said probably because it was too short, he then pulled Ra Im and kissed her…passionately. :D

Back to the “Mystic Garden” the old women suddenly turned into Ra Im’s father. He said “I’m sorry for you (Joo Won), Because this is the only way to save my daughter, I hope you understand.”

Ough .. I smell something bad in here. Saving his daughter? faith? cancer? :?

Back to the kiss, they kissed for a long time until they forgot their main purpose of doing the kissing. Hoho, they really enjoyed the kiss…until Joo Won was back to the ground. They immediately let go of each other. Joo Won teased Ra Im that she just wanted to kiss him.

But as I recalled, Joo Won was the one who had pulled Ra Im, right? :mrgreen:

Then Joo Won thought to accept this situation (at least for a while). Ra Im also said it’s fine because she didn’t lose anything. She would be a wealthy guy anyway and Joo Won would be a poor and alienated neighbor. She jokingly asked Joo Won for pin numbers because she would pull out Joo won’s money from the bank. She said she would buy cars for school action members, make an action movie, buy apartments for Ah Yeong and would marry the woman who made Joo Won shocked. :lol:
Ra Im was ordered to immediately go to the shooting place. Ra Im forced Joo Won to come with her (because it’s her body). Joo Won refused but Ra Im threatened that she would meet Yoon Seul, acting as Kim Joo Won and seduced her. Finally Joo Won gave up but he complained about how short Ra Im’s legs were.
Ra Im and Joo Won took the stuffs in sauna. When Ra Im was paying for the sauna, Joo Won started being a pervert. He stared at a woman (her breast actually) who was beside him. When the sauna’s owner told him to change clothes in the locker room, he was very excited. But Ra Im pulled him away because she didn’t want Joo Won to see her body. Joo Won argued “Okay I will not see your body, I would see another woman’s body ” :lol: Finally Ra Im bought some clothes for Joo Won to wear.

Secretary Kim reported that the TV crew had arrived to cover the romantic holiday together with Oska, and Oska decided Ra Im as a stuntman in his clip. Kim Ra Im got angry and forced secretary Kim to cancel it all, but it’s too late that Oska and the crew were already there behind them.
Oska greeted them and then embraced Kim Ra Im.  Kim Ra Im freaked out and abruptly released the hug. But eventually he realized that he was Gil Ra Im, so he changed his attitude and it didn’t make anything look normal. Oska smelled something fishy between Kim Ra Im and Gil Joo Won. :lol:

Ra Im didn’t want to wear clothes provided by Joo Won. He threatened to take a shower. Ra Im said she would go showering him. Joo Won then said, “So it means you’re going to let us both see your body?” Ra Im finally out of the showering project. :lol:

They decided not to shower that day (because they hoped the next day the situation would be back to normal), so they just washed up their faces. Joo Won helped Ra Im used shaving cream, I was happy to see them getting along. Joo Won had to wear a bra while he must closed his eyes, because Ra Im forbade him to see her body. Of course it is difficult for Joo Won. Ra Im said that Joo Won had to be an expert in taking off women’s bra (once he admitted he’s a player). Joo Won answered that it was easy to take it off, but to use it was another a difficult case (that’s right! ;) ) Then Ra Im gave him examples of how to use it (strange to see Hyun Bin wearing a bra, it turned out that he was quite an expert :lol: )

Oska finally came to the set, trying to look cool. He only wanted to shoot for close-up scenes. Other than that he had a stuntman did his job. So it was Jong Soo who did a hard work, while Oska was just sitting in the car watching Yoon Seul from a far.
Finally, Ra Im and Joo Won came to the shooting location. Kim Ra Im and Jong Soo had a conversation, while Gil Joo Won followed them furtively. Jong Soo presumed that Ra Im acted weirdly because she was disappointed to Jong Soo who had interdicted her joining the shooting. He asked Ra Im for an understanding and wished her a nice holiday with Oska. But Kim Ra Im just put  a smirk on her face. Joo Won felt Jong Soo liked Ra Im. He said “You like me, but it seems you don’t admitted it.” Jong Soo was shocked and  stood up. He prohibited Ra Im coming to the set and then left.

After Jong Soo was gone, Ra Im quickly approached Joo Won. She was curious by what he had talked with Jong Soo, but Joo Won didn’t say anything. He just wanted to go back to the hotel and told Ra Im to stay on site.
Gil Joo Won was so kind on the set. She served the crew well and that just made them wondered why and how could the CEO LOEL do that. Oska even thought that Gil Joo Won got a fever or something. He held her face, Gil Joo Won actually smiled happily and acted like Gil Ra Im (she forgot she was there in Kim Joo Won’s body). :lol:

Oska was upset because the scene to be repeated many times. Yoon Seul disappointed because she thought Oska’s acting wasn’t good. In order to explain to Oska how he should act, Yoon Seul pour out how miserable she was when they broke up (I was confused…who’s actually got dumped by whom? :? ). Oska refused to continue filming and went.
Gil Joo Won talked to Yoon Seul. The woman finally admitted that she once dated Oska, but everything was really over. She hoped Joo Won-Ra Im’s relationship would be over then Joo Won should return to her after that.  After Yoon Seul was gone, Ra Im just stupefied and said “Wow, our lifestyle are totally different”.
Ra Im was back to the hotel. She told Joo Won that Yoon Seul didn’t love him. Joo Won didn’t believe it because he thought all women would love him. Joo Won told Ra Im that Jong Soo liked her, Ra Im didn’t believe it because she thought Jong Soo was nice and kind to all action school members.
Ra Im decided to return to Oska’s room, because she should be there as Kim Joo Won. But  Joo Won blocked her way. Ra Im kicked his legs and said “You don’t even have six packs”. Joo Won concluded that Ra Im had seen his body :lol:

Gil Joo Won entered Oska’s room, and just at the right moment when that man was out of the bathroom with only a towel. It made Gil Joo Won blushed and she quickly turned around. She gave another towel to Oska.

Oska was surprised that his cousin became very friendly and kind. So he said Joo Won should behave like this before the accident occurred. Gil Joo Won asked “accident?” But Oska immidiately changed the conversation. He then told some jokes and began to tickle Gil Joo Won (I was amazed by Hyun Bin’s screaming, he screamed like a real woman) :lol: , but Kim Ra Im came to disturb them.

Kim Ra Im came because of the sreaming. He asked Gil Joo Won if Oska bullied her. Gil Joo Won said that he was a man who had joined the military, so he couldn’t be weak (Joo Won had once told Ra Im that he finished military service). But Oska argued that Kim Joo Won had never entered the military. :D ( Joo Won lied again)

Furthermore, Kim Ra Im became so sweety. He wanted to play with Oska. He even addressed Oska with “Oppa” and tried to seduce him. He wanted to play together with Oska and slept in Oska’s room tonight. Oska who considered Ra Im attractive certainly accepted Kim Ra Im’s offer. Gil Joo Won disgusted with them and decided to drop out from the room. Indeed it was Joo Won’s intention at the first place. He didn’t want Ra Im to be alone with Oska, not only when Ra Im in her own body but also when Ra Im in his body. After Gil Joo Won out, Kim Ra Im also went out and Oska got confused.

Ra Im then sent a message to Jong Soo. She apologized for being weird and hoped for Jong Soo understanding for her conditions. At night, Joo Won was curious to see Ra Im’s body. He said “Just one look” but when he lifted the shirt, he saw scars on stomach and the other parts were not much different. Ra Im’s body was full of scars. Then he realized how hard Ra Im’s life had been.

In the morning, they expected their bodies to be back to normal. But in disappointment, they were still in the same condition as yesterday. It’s a cruel fairy tale :rolleyes:

Joo Won came into Oska’s room, and found only Ra Im was there. Based on notes left by Oska, he was back to Seoul. Joo Won got angry because it meant his plans all failed (holiday prize, tv event , and mv shooting). He should immediately settled this problem, but first had to take a shower and have a breaksfast. Shower? Ra Im still didn’t want to do it, but Joo Won asked how long she could stand it.  He continued saying that there’s not much to see from her body. He then started lifting the shirt to show the scars. Joo Won wondered how a woman  could have many scars as hers. Immediately Ra Im forced Joo Won to put down his shirt, and they grappled together…when suddenly came Yoon Seul. :o

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  1. i didn’t understood why Ra Im’s father said that he is very sorry to kim joo won..for that swapping of body ..because it was important to save RaIm…but what was happen to Miss Gil Ra Im..for what reason he want to save her life …please explain it to me i am very much impressed by these drama…
    waiting for favourable reply…..

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