Shin Ha Kyun, Popularity and Being Single

Through his excellent acting in recently ended KBS drama “Brain”, Shin Ha Kyun has gained high popularity. His charisma has charmed many women out there. In the interview with Newsen, Shin Ha Kyun shared his real character that fame doesn’t really change him as a person.

Despite his popularity, Shin Ha Kyun runs his life like most ordinary people and fame doesn’t seem to affect his routine. He said he just went straightly home from the set on the shooting day-off, took some sleep, read and learned his scenario, read some books, or just do some activities he likes.


In the drama “Brain” he’s also known as a very neat Dr. Lee Kang Hoon. Is Shin Ha Kyun in person also a very stylish person? He said he’s not. For everyday life, he said he just liked wearing casual t-shirt and casual shoes. He is not very concern about hair style. Nor he has a very big interest in fashion. He just buys shirts or suits when he thinks he needs ones.

What about his fit body? Once in “Brain” we could see his back muscle which shaped good. Talking about exercise, Shin Ha Kyun doesn’t exercise often while he loves to eat a lot. But his work requires lots of energy. He had to remind lots of difficult lines, and yeah we could see how well he worked it out on the scenes, so all his energy seemed to be used by his brain.

He didn’t really realize that now, because of his popularity, he became one of the role models of many people. He said he had no confident about that and still didn’t think he’s that famous. However, he said thank you for all the support he got through “Brain” and he had tried to give his best till the last scene of the drama.

Alongside his popularity, Shin Ha Kyun’s status as a bachelor started to attract people attention. Many people wondered why he stays single at this age. He was born in 1974, so he’s turning 38 (39 in Korean age) this year. He said that for him marriage is a very serious matter and he didn’t want to take it lightly. He won’t get married until he finds his “the one”. Another reason what makes him seems to be comfortable being single is because he never feels lonely because he has so many friends (boys). He often got so many invitation for going out drinking from one friend to another.

Shin Ha Kyun rarely play on drama. He was more of a movie actor. His 2010 latest movie was the war movie played alongside Go Soo, titled “The Front Line”. I knew him when he started to notice him when I watched 2004 movie “My Brother” alongside Won Bin, where he showed excellent acting as Won Bin’s brother. Gee that’s along time ago. But apparently, Shin Ha Kyun had made a very wise decision to be involved in drama project “Brain.” He was even awarded the highest award in 2011 KBS Daesang Award.

I really hope he could keep up the good work. If he will ever play on drama again, I hope it’s gonna be a good one with challenging character and story line. I also hope he could find the love of his life and started a family soon.

Hope for the best for Shin Ha Kyun :) .

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