So Ji Sub’s New Movie “A Company Man” Released Poster and Trailer

On his new movie, So Ji Sub transforms into a cold assassin who wears the monkey suit. As always, So Ji Sub looks so cool even on that poster. “A Company Man” tells about professional assassin organization that masquerades as a metal trading company. The employers who are actually the heartless assassins run their job (killing) as if they are the white collar workers, look professional by wearing the neat suit and the tie.

So Ji Sub plays as the best employer in this company, Hyung Do. He has got really good record as an assassin. One day he gives up the important job because of the woman, Soo Yeon (played by Lee Mi Yeon), his dearest woman on his past life. Then suddenly from the best prodigy on the company, Hyung Do turns into the betrayer. His life and others that he loves in danger since the company decides to hunt him for killed.

On this movie, after the thriller drama “Ghost”, once again So Ji Sub spares his acting skill alongside with Kwak Byeong Gyu.

“A Company Man” is planned to be released on autumn, around October.


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2 Responses to So Ji Sub’s New Movie “A Company Man” Released Poster and Trailer

  1. slightly this movie resembles to Daisy…But mit exactly…

  2. did so ji sub die in this movie ? b’cause he always die in the end of all of his movies…lol.

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