Stills From So Ji Sub’s New Movie “A Company Man” Unveiled

The filming process of So Ji Sub’s new movie “A Company Man” (회사원) had finished. The stills of main character Hyeong Do (So Ji Sub) were revealed to the public. As an assassins, Hyeong Do appears as a cold person, and of course So Ji Sub is an expert in portraying a heartless guy like him. Even though he always becomes a cold-hearted person in dramas or movies, recently through his heartbreaking role on romantic movie “Only You”, this guy is always success to make us cry.

Hyeong Do’s company covers their illegal business as a legal metal trading company, so the assassins of that company look like other ordinary employees, wearing monkey suit and look neat, actually reminds me of Tom Cruise’s movie “Collateral”. But it becomes a dilemma for Hyeong Do when he finds out that his  next target is the husband of his past love, Soo Yeon (Lee Mi Yeon). Since he still loves Soo Yeon and refuses to kill her husband, so consequently he becomes the next target of his own company.

This movie will be full of tense and action scenes. Planned to be released on June 2012.

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