Tae Hee’s Singing on Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 46

The cute couple of Ojakgyo Brothers, Hwang Tae Hee and Baek Ja Eun have been much cuter these days. Ever since he embraces love with Ja Eun, the stern third son of Hwang family has become a new personality that surprises many people. Tae Hee has become softer, lovelier, and with his daredevil character, he dares to do anything for Ja Eun.

On last episode 46, Tae Hee surprised viewers by willing to perform a kids’ song on public when Ja Eun asked him to do it.

Baek Ja Eun had a meeting with Tae Hee’s father. The conversation was not very pleasant because the father said he couldn’t give a blessing to their relationship for several reasons. He asked Ja Eun to break up with Tae Hee.

Then Ja Eun came to the police station where Tae Hee and his juniors were about to go out having lunch. She called Tae Hee from across the street. She asked Tae Hee to sing for her. Tae Hee said okay, so let’s go to the karaoke place. Ja Eun said she wanted him to sing a particular kid song right there. “Here?” Tae Hee hesitated. Ja Eun insisted and to everyone’s surprise, he really did it.

Firstly Tae Hee learned the song and the moves from the internet. He looked very serious. The juniors started to get worry. “Hyeong,  not really here,right ?” But Tae Hee kept on his business.

And when he was ready…he started to sing and dance the requested song. He suddenly drew people’s attention. His juniors were in dilemma, whether they had to leave from the embarrassing situation or they had to bear it in the name of loyalty. Well, they had no choice didn’t they? :D

After a round of song had finished and Tae Hee was ready to start replay the song, Ja Eun came running towards Tae Hee and hugged him tight. Tae Hee’s juniors made an initiative of making a line in front of them to protect their privacy from the curious public.

How can Ja Eun let go of this sweet and handsome man who’s willing to sing and dance a kid song on the street under her request? Of course she can’t. And she won’t. Later that night she decided to tell Tae Hee’s father that she would do her best to make the father accepted her as Tae Hee’s future wife.

I’m so thankful that someone posted the cut on Youtube. You can see how funny yet romantic and touching the scene is:

And I think that one was much better than the “You Raise Me Up” song Tae Hee sang for Ja Eun under the tent when he was comforting Ja Eun. It was on episode 44 when Ja Eun was sad the she thought she could find her father on the subway station after she thought she saw someone looked like her father on a TV news. At first Tae Hee said he couldn’t sing, but watch yourself…he sings really well.

Well, as I said before, Joo Won was once well known for “the actor who sings better than acting”. And now with his progressive improvement, Joo Won has become an actor who acts and sings well. ;)  His English pronunciation was perfect, except one small part of the word ‘mountain’, but English spoken by non-native speaker is always alright…

I was suppose to post this on Sunday night. But who knew when sickness would come to you right? I was in agony having this article in mind while my body had to have a total rest for a few days. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, too. Take care of your health guys!

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