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7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 3 Summary

Seo Won was still on that chair connected to the lie-detector machine. She told Gil Ro that her father was a diplomat, her mother works in a gallery and brothers in high school, all complete information as well as address and ID number. And everything was detected as truth. Gil Ro was surprised. Kim Won […]

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7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 2 Summary

Seo Won and Gil Ro noticed each other and Seo Won fled back to the interview room when Gil Ro tried to approach her. Seo Won sat back in front of interviewees. And she really had to go out because the next person, Gong Do Ha, was called already, she had to use that handsome […]

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7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 1 Quick Summary

The first episode of 7th Grade Civil Servant starts tonight. The story starts with somewhere in Seoul, a clumsy young woman was in a rush to her class. In the same area, a young man walked very confidently to his class. They’re going to the civil servant test preparation class. Their first encounter was not […]

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7th Grade Civil Servant: The Poster and More Teaser

Choi Kang Hee and Joo Won are ready for the action. On January 21st, MBC’s most anticipated drama “7th Grade Civil Servant” or “Level 7 Civil Servant” or “My Girlfriend is An Agent” held the press conference. Besides that, the poster and tons of teasers are already revealed. On the main poster, the main couple, […]

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