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7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 20 Summary (Final)

Kim Mi Rae lived. She called Woo Jin, telling him to flee and live. She also said she’s actually scared. Feeling hopeless, Mi Rae reached out for the parapet. She’s thinking of throwing herself down the building. But thankfully Phil Hoon came right in time.  He rushed her to the ambulance. Seo Won was taking […]

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7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 19 Summary

It turned out to be Kim Mi Rae they found in the hotel room. They were alert, but they tried to talk to Mi RAe. Seo Won asked about whether it’s true that NIS mission caused her family and the Choi to be sacrificed. Mi Rae said she could get the story from the coming […]

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7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 18 Quick Summary

The assassination mission failed. J came to a false ward, even Mr.Oh had no idea about it when Mi Rae complained him. Kim Won Seok did wake up and even spoke to Seo Won and Phil Hoon. But he just said few words before he went back to sleep. Mi Rae picking up J and they got […]

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7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 17 Summary

After the shooting incident, Phil Hoon and Seo Won rushed the unconscious Trainer Kim to the hospital. Meanwhile J came to Mi Rae to report that he had shot Kim Won Seok several times but didn’t seem enough to kill that man. Phil Hoon and Seo Won were waiting for the update from the emergency. […]

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7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 16 Summary

7th Grade Civil Servant this episode started where Phil Hoon was crying in Seo Won’s arms in the car right out side his parents’ house. And then the scene jump to the interrogation room where J was still sitting alone.An officer suddenly came and released his handcuff. He was officially released. Phil Hoon and Seo […]

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7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 15 Quick Summary

This episode of 7th Grade Civil Servant started when they made out on the snow, and then they went back to Seoul together. Phil Hoon tried to hold Seo Won’s hand while other two passengers were sleeping. Seo Won refused to give her hands, but they argued and then ended up the car was moving […]

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Joo Won Joins the Casts of Up-Coming Movie Project “Only You” (온리유)

On March 8th, through his agency, Joo Won gives statement that he’s already signed up as lead character on up-coming movie project “Only You”. So far, since his debut, Joo Won only has two movie project, he acted so brilliant and tense through thriller “Special Investigation Unit” alongside Uhm Tae Woong and horror movie “Don’t […]

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7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 14 Summary

We’re back to the situation where Phil Hoon was running to the peak of the mountain. And then J who refrained meeting the man, reported to Mi Rae that he saw Kim Jeong Won there but not see Phil Hoon. They were still not sure if Jeong Won was NIS or not,but J was pulled […]

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7th Grade Civil Servant Episode 13 Quick Summary

Seo Won left early in the morning, meanwhile Phil Hoon was actually not yet leaving te camping area. He’s still in his car and saw Seo Won was leaving with her car. Phil Hoon went out of his car and tried to run after Seo Won’s car. Seo Won saw from rear mirror, but just […]

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