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City Hunter Episode 1 Summary

I know i’m waaaay too late to make the summary for this drama. But better be late than never, right? This drama is too sexy to be left behind, but I hate how everything was started in bitter preface. October 1983, a baby boy was born to a mother who labored without the husband. In […]

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Goo Ha Ra’s One Love Sided Affair on “City Hunter”

The aggressive daddy’s daughter, Da Hye (played by Goo Ha Ra), has a crush on our hero on “City Hunter”, Lee Min Ho, at the first sight. (Well, who doesn’t?   ) In this drama, Goo Ha Ra will fall for Lee Min Ho’s character, the private detective who is also her tutor. Da Hye […]

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Goo Ha Ra : A Lollipop Girl on “City Hunter”

The role as the youngest daughter of the President makes her look like a spoiled girl. But on her new stills form “City Hunter” location, she looks cute with lollipop. For killing the boring time there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the lollipop, right? She plays as Da Hye, a lovely bright girl who just entered […]

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Goo Ha Ra as Party Girl on “City Hunter”

Before we start the article, I just wanna say i’m thankful for KARA’s frenzy lawsuits already reached agreement. KARA will continue the formation as before, Seungyeon, Nicole, Gyuri, Jiyeong, and Hara. Regardless of her group, Ha Ra, as I said before, will act in drama “City Hunter”. After a couple stills from Park Min Yeong […]

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Lee Min Ho in Thailand for “City Hunter”

After Park Min Yeong released her photox while she were filming “City Hunter”, now  it’s our leading man turn, Lee Min Ho. “City Hunter” had started their cross-border shooting, Lee Min Ho was in Thailand for the their first shooting. And these are his photos from filming location. It seemed that he really enjoyed Thailand’s […]

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Park Min Yeong with Uniform on “City Hunter”

“City Hunter” filming has been started long ago. Park Yeong Min as Kim Na Na published a photo of her when the shooting took place via her twitter account on April 13th. She wore a high school uniform. Apparently she is undergoing a shooting for the scene when her role in the past because as […]

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“City Hunter” Reading Session

As a planed this drama will be aired on May (on SBS), “City Hunter” has started the production, then on April 14th they held a first script reading session. All the casts were present to read their script, including Goo Ha Ra, KARA’s member . “City Hunter” is her first drama in Korea, in Japan […]