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Gumiho: A Tale of the Fox’s Child Episode 3 Summary

What a weekend! I had to struggle with a really bad flu. Anyway, I think i need to reconsider whether or not i’m following this drama. I found there were too many cliches and inappropriate romance for kids. I just don’t find it fun. I thought the master would beheaded Yeon in that rainy night. […]

Gumiho: A Tale of the Fox’s Child Episode 1-2 Summary

At first I hesitated, thinking whether or not I should watch this drama. Then I gave it a try and found it quite interesting. The little girl’s acting, Yeon’s character, really caught my attention. Han Eun Jeong’s acting also quite stunning for me. She’s willing to let her beautiful face changed into a face of […]

“Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child” after “Secret Agent Miss Oh”

What would you do if you were as young as 10 years old and found out that you’re a beast? When I said a beast, it was almost physically in literate meaning: paws, pointy ears, yellowish fox-like eyes…and even fangs! And your beautiful mom is actually the one passed you over the monster gen? Well, […]