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Protect The Boss Episode 7 Summary

Cha Moo Won is confessing his love to Eun Seol. That fact just put her in a difficult situation. Her heart was in dilemma, but she’s not giving him the answer right away. When Eun Seol’s heart felt in a burden because of Moo Won’s confession, her mind suddenly recalled memories she had with Ji […]

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Protect The Boss Episode 6 Summary

Ji Heon apologized to Eun Seol and kind of begged her not to hit him because she’s more than ready to throw a punch on him. He let go Eun Seol with the car by saying that she shouldn’t go too  fast nor too slow driving the car home. And then his grandmother caught him […]

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Protect The Boss Episode 5 Summary

The teleconference was Eun Seol’s idea. She got it when her dad video called her early in the morning to ask her about an article published on newspaper that contained her picture protecting her boss from the press. Eun Seol came in a rush to Ji Heon’s room, made him out of bed and brought […]

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Protect The Boss Episode 2 Summary

Moo Won insisted on Ji Heon keeping his secretary, while Ji Heon kept firing her. It turned to be a director wars and Eun Seol tried to stop them by saying that she needed the job and she’d do her best. That night Eun Seol pitty her life together with Myeong Ran. Eun Seol said […]

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