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Jo In Sung’s New Movie “Kwon Bob” Planned to Filming on April-May

It’s already confirm that Jo In Sung will likely to appear in a new movie, “Kwon Bob” directed by Park Kwang Hyeon. This CJ E&M movie has as high investment as 18 million dollar. The contract matter is almost done, but they can’t make sure yet about the exact time of the production start. They […]

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Lee Yeon Hee Join on Jo In Sung’s New Movie

Good news! Soon, Lee Yeon Hee will come back on big screen after three years recess from drama or movie project. and the news is better since she will play alongside with Jo In Sung on “Kwonbup” (권법). With the setting on the future, Lee Yeon Hee will play as a mysterious girl, Rei, whose […]

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Jo In Seong be Discharged on May and His Waiting List Project

Actually, the most anticipated thing I’m waiting for on this May is Jo In Sung’s discharge from military service. He started his duties on April 2009 and was planed to be discharged from Air Force on May 4th…yay! I’m counting few more days. After discharging from the Army, Jo In Seong has had an awaited […]