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Song Jung Ki Said Goodbye Before Military Service

Finally the D-day has come, today (August 27th) at Chuncheon military base, Song Jung Ki had to say goodbye to us. He officially started the military service. Last week he already held fans meeting, that was the farewell party for him. He become the first celebrity who entered military after the scandal of celebrity soldier […]


Song Jung Ki Is Off to Military This August

Military service is obligation for Korean male citizen, and of course not any exemption either for our gorgeous guy, Song Jung Ki. Today (August 1st) through his agency, Song Jung Ki wrote message for fans that he already received enlistment notice. He will enlist on August 27th. In the letter he also shows his gratitude […]

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Hyun Bin’s Photos Update, D-20 before Military Discharge

The time is ticking faster and i bet Hyun Bin and his fans counting the days so excitedly. Finally just 20 days left before the private Kim Tae Pyung (Hyun Bin’s real name) discharged from military duty on December 6. And with pleasure i just want to share this pleasure, Hyun Bin’s latest photos. These […]

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Hyun Bin, The Dashing Private’s Latest Appearance

Omo!!! actually i’ve been sinking on my works for these days, but suddenly i was distracted when seeing  these pictures of Hyun Bin! I can’t take off my eyes of this dashing private, and i can’t get back concentrate on my works until i post and share this just because i miss him… This morning […]


Kim Nam Gil Is Back From Military

Actually i have a high expectation this years, because in this year there’s a bunch of my long awaited actors that will be discharged from military service, they are Kang Dong Won, Kim Nam Gil, Hyun Bin, and Lee Dung Gun who has already discharged on March. After completing 24 months duty as public service […]

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Lee Jun Hyuk Confirmed to Join Military Duty on June

On May 28th, Lee Jun Hyuk’s agency made official statement that start on June, Lee Jun Hyuk will join on military service..ouch…my favorite villain has to disappear in the next two years. Bad news for all, really really bad news! Actually it’s his second  military notification, he’s requested the postponed for  first notification that he got when […]

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Hyun Bin Enjoying His 10 Days 9 Nights Holidays

Frankly i didn’t like myself when i posted this article, seriously..i felt like a stalker, peeking others’s personal life. Actually i just want to share this information, Hyun Bin (Private Kim Tae Pyung) recieved 10 days and 9 nights vacation due to his corporal promotion on Marine Corps. His holiday started on May 5th, yeah…our […]

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Joo Ji Hoon Back To Screen Through Sageuk Movie “I Am The King”

After he failed to joined on musical “Doctor Zhivago” due to his health, finally Joo Ji Hoon decided to come back on  big screen soon. On January 19th, The Keyeast  (Ji Hoon’ agency) annouced that after taking a rest to recover his health finally on January 18th, Joo Ji Hoon agreed to come back. He […]

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Joo Ji Hoon’s First Fans Meeting after Discharged

As his promise, finally on November 27th Joo Ji Hoon held the fans meeting. The 2000 fans came to see and meet him after almost two years in military. Joo Ji Hoon looked so happy on that event, he felt blessed because he has the loyal fans like them. On military he learned about many […]

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