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The Winners From 2011 SBS Drama Awards

I know that i’m late posting this article, but please forgive me, actually it’s still holiday for me. Like other giant broadcasters, MBC and KBS, SBS, in the same time with KBS, on December 31th also held the 2011 Drama  Awards. So, to be fair, I decided to make a report of that event, too. […]

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“Wild Romance” Released Comical and Cutie Posters

Before being released on January 4th, on December 27th the KBS’s rom-com drama “Wild Romance” published the posters. In the first poster, the two leading roles, Park Moo Yeol (Lee Dong Wook) and Yoo Eun Jae (Lee Shi Yeong) pose awkwardly and silly, as they’re forced to be together. For their expressions i can predict […]

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SNSD’s Jessica Join on Wild Romance’s Casts

More of SNSD’s member become a drama actress. After Yoona on “Love Rain” and  maybe Yuri on “Fashion King”, now it’s Jessica’s. On December 23th it’s confirmed about her involment on KBS’s most anticipated drama “Wild Romance”. In the middle of production, the official of that drama announced that Jessica will act as Kang Jong […]

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More of Lee Dong Wook’s Expressions on”Wild Romance”

Before airing the first episode on January 4th, “Wild Romance” unveiled more photos of the lead male character, Park Moo Yeol (Lee Dong Wook). As a trouble maker guy, Lee Dong Wook has to appear a little bit rough, and i think he looks hotter than usual. Park Moo Yeol is an infuriating athlete from […]

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Lee Dong Wook Looks Wild on “Wild Romance”

After we are presented by a lot of stills of female lead character, Yoo Eun Jae (Played by Lee Shi Yeong), finally KBS’ most anticipated drama, “Wild Romance”, published more stills of the male lead character Park Moo Yeol (Lee Dong Wook). For this role, as a baseball athlete, Lee Dong Wook lets his mustache […]

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More Stills of Lee Shi Yeong on “Wild Romance”

After these, then these stills of Lee Shi Yeong with her shocking transformation for  “Wild Romance” were released. Lee Shi Yeong  officially throws away her feminine image for Yoo Eun Jae, a former Judo athlete. She becomes boyish and looks so manly, even for her job as a bodyguard to convince others she wears black […]

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Lee Shi Yeong Become The Badass Girl for “Wild Romance”

  First time  I saw these photos above, i thought Lee Shi Yeong looked so…mmmm …so perm.. But frankly i love this girl, she’s always total on her roles. She looks so adorable and annoying on “The Birth of Billionaire”, looks so bitchy on “Playful Kiss”, and became so tough on “Poseidon”, and now for […]

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Wild Romance’s First Script Reading Session

“Wild Romance” has begin the production for airing on January  4th. The pictures from reading session were unveiled, showing the two leading actors, Lee Dong Wook and Lee Shi Yeong. This first script reading session took place at KBS Star Hall on November 18th. the friendly atmosphere created among the whole actors. besBde Lee Shi […]

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Lee Dong Wook-Lee Shi Yeong, Will Be Together on Wild Romance

There’s no rest time for Lee Shi Yeong, after kicking the bad person’s ass on “Poseidon” she straightly goes for another small screen project. this time she will spare her acting ability with pretty guy, Lee Dong Wook, on new romantic-comedy drama “Wild Romance”. Apparently his holiday after “Scent of Woman” already enough to refresh […]

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