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“Allure” Shows Up Ten of Korean Actresses with Shocking Transformation

I bet Allure magazine for August issue will become so alluring, since for its 10th anniversary, Allure puts Ten Korean Top Actresses in one photo project, they are: Lee Mi Suk, Lee Yo Won, Bae Doo Na, Son Tae Yeong, Kim Hyo Jin, Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jung Eun, Lee Som, Oh Yeon Soo, and […]


The Graceful Lee Yo Won for Marie Claire

Lee Yo Won, the hot mama, becomes so beauty and elegant on Marie Claire  for April issue. This time she’s a little bit different with those make up, make her looks bold and sexy. And those graceful gowns and the luxury accessories  keeps her pride as a classy lady. The colour of the gown is so […]

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The Fashion Report from 2011 SBS Drama Award

The 2011 SBS drama Award was held on December 31st. Feels incomplete if I do not write a review about the red carpet event. Well, actually this is not my favorite red carpet, even though i like almost the  actors and actresses who came to that event like Lee Dong Wook, Choi Kang Hee, Lee […]

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The Winners From 2011 SBS Drama Awards

I know that i’m late posting this article, but please forgive me, actually it’s still holiday for me. Like other giant broadcasters, MBC and KBS, SBS, in the same time with KBS, on December 31th also held the 2011 Drama  Awards. So, to be fair, I decided to make a report of that event, too. […]

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Bae Soo Bin-The Cutie Puppy

Do you still remember with these photos? and now Bae Soo Bin doing the same thing, this time with Lee Yo Won…hohoho…Bae Soo Bin looks so cute, his expression looks like a puppy when he’s leaning on  Lee Yo Won and when he’s teasing her. Actually he’s just a mischievous kid… That’s why I can’t […]

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A Sweet-Tragic-Couple from “49 Days”

I think it’s not a spoiler (this is scene from episode 12) , Song Yi Soo and Song Yi Kyung looks so sweet together. They’re loving each other since they were so young, they grew up together. But unfortunately their love had a tragic ending, at least temporally, since “49 Days” is still running on […]

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Jung Il Woo Went to Picnic with His Noona

Yay!..this is my first article after we have a new skin, I hope you enjoy with our shocking-pink-therapy. From “49 Days” picnic scene on episode 10, I found a photo of the two leading actors, Lee Yo Won and Jung Il Woo who were enjoying their picnic. At this scene, Jung Il Woo wasn’t the […]

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49 Days Episode 4 Summary

Ji Hyun made it to the balcony before Min Ho entered her room. She hung on the edge and eventually leaped until her feet twisted. Inside, Min Ho was busy looking for the seal. But Ji Hyun’s mother arrived before he managed to find the seal. Ji Hyun’s mother sent him to immediately go back […]

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Lee Yo Won’s Birthday Party on 49 Days Location

On April 9th (4/9), at “49 Days” location, Lee Yo Won (as Song Yi Kyung and also Sin Ji Hyun) celebrated her birthday with all the crew include her co-worker, Jo Hyun Jae. A simple birthday party on the coffee shop where Yi Kyung work at midnight. That day, she already 32 years old… wow!!! […]

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