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Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won on Secret Garden’s Teaser

I love this teaser. It gives me some descriptions about Ra Im and Joo Won’s character. As usual, Ha Ji Won as Ra Im, appear as a tough and independent girl, that’s why I love Ha Ji Won. And I know she never plays a weak or fragile character. For Hyun Bin, when I saw […]

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Leading Roles From “Secret Garden”

“Secret Garden” is airing soon (November 13) and these are the four leading roles, Hyun Bin, Ha Ji Won, Yoon Sang Hyun, and Kim Sa Rang. In this drama, they were fighting each other, Hyun Bin-Yoon Sang Hyun and Ha Ji Won-Kim Sa Rang. Joo Won (played by Hyun Bin) always competes with Oscar (played […]

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Another Male From “Secret Garden”

As we already know, Hyun Bin appeared as a cold and stiff character in “Secret Garden” poster. He looks very mature with his suit and deep eyes, perhaps it’s because of his role as a successful businessman. Besides Hyun Bin, this drama also featuring Yoon Sang Hyun. Apparently, Yoon Sang Hyun will play as Oscar, […]

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Finally, Hyun Bin on “Secret Garden”

My curiosity (after Ha Ji Won’s photos released) seemed to be answered after seeing these photos. This is the Hyun Bin’s appearance in his new drama “Secret Garden”. His face looks cool, maybe in this drama his character will be a little cocky and will often appear with that kind of expression. Hyun Bin will […]

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“Secret Garden” Soon

Planned to begin running next month, after “Life iS Beautiful” ends, Secret Garden, starring Ha Ji Won, Hyeon Bin, and Yoon Sang Hyun will soon settled the production. Ha Ji Won’s latest photos was released. In these photos Ha Ji Won appeared with a la Lara Croft outfit. She looks more convincing as a female […]

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Hyun Bin as the Lead Man on “Secret Garden”: Confirmed

This is the last and no more substitutions…it’s a must! Finally the officials for drama “Secret Garden” announced that Hyun Bin will replace Jang Hyeok. Jang Hyeok failed to participate in this drama because no agreement was reached between his agency, Sidus HQ, with the producer of this drama. In this drama Hyun Bin will […]

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Secret Garden:Jang Hyeok or Hyun Bin?

Jang Hyeok out from “Secret Garden” project? Although it’s just still a rumor, Frankly, i don’t like it. I was expecting a lot with Jang Hyeok-Ha Ji Won collaboration. I hope this is really just a rumor. But actually, if it has to be Hyun bin (who is rumored to be filling the role after […]

Ha Ji Won and Jang Hyeok on “Secret Garden”, Maybe

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Ha Ji Won and Jang Hyeok on “Secret Garden”, Maybe

For me this is a very good news. Ha Ji Won will return to drama production, after her previous drama, Hwang Jin I (2006), she was more preoccupied with the movie production such as “BaBo”(2008), “Haeundae”(2009) and “Closer To Heaven”(2009). What makes it even a much better news is probably Ha Ji Won will be […]


Jang Hyeok after “Chuno”

After the break of “Chuno” production, Jang Hyeok will be back to appear in TV drama soon through “Secret Garden”, a romance drama. Unlike in “Chuno”, in this up coming drama Jang Hyeok will play as a modern man with all his perfection: the look, the brain, the wealth…Hmm, that won’t be difficult for him, […]